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Random Wednesday

Maybe you should just stop smelling like something.

I thought “hacks” were supposed to save time.

It’s tiny Twix season!!

Holy shit, this is in Grand Rapids? Man. This house is amazing. Except for that hot tub.

I wouldn’t really want to live there though.

This Mindhunter show is pretty good.

That seems like an awfully easy way to get strangled.

“Somebody needs to slap the Ghram cracker taste out of his mouth!”

What does that even mean??

Why does my mouth taste like blood?

Most people don’t live their lives making sure they always have an alibi.

The DNA test to find out about your ancestry seems cool and tempting and all. But I bet it’s really a super secret government conspiracy to collect a vast DANA registry of American citizens.

I’m not really a joiner.

It all depends on how you’re defining the terms.

Old Goat for lunch, Old Dog for dinner. I feel like tomorrow might be trying to tell me something.

I would go see ZZ Top live. That’d be a good show.

Dude. Just get a mug from the kitchen. Stop opening your thermos to pour your stupid beverage into the tiny cup that doubles as a lid. You’re obnoxious.

Gah. I’m just torturing myself with this. I need to stop looking.

I’m going to have to plug in the ear buds or this day is going to irritate me to the point of rage.

It’s official. I just don’t love the new The National album. Sadness.

I was just sitting here thinking “Oh no! Doom! I’ve forgotten my lunch!” Then I remembered that my wonderful student staff got me food gift cards for boss’ day so I’m totally covered! Yay!

I think you might be the most beta of all the beta males I have ever encountered.



Why does my back hurt? It’s not even like normal back pain. It’s like side back pain.

Eh. We get that question all the time.

I like the theme song for Mindhunter.

I need someone like Jason Hill or Nick Cave and Warren Ellis or Buffy era Christophe Beck or Mark Snow to compose a soundtrack for my life. That’d be the coolest thing ever.

Instead, this is the soundtrack of my life right now.

Excuse me while I quietly sob in my cube.


That was such a great conversation!

That’s the problem with being hydrated.

Sorry, Quantico. I was hooked for a minute. But beating me over the head with your SJW evil rethuglicans strike again! conspiracy nonsense was just annoying.

Underwear ain’t cheap, pal.

The internet is an awful place.

The internet is a wonderful place.

I think I need a break from the world.

This is really interesting. Also I had completely forgotten about that film and now I kinda want to watch it again.


“It’s hard to be a Spock in a world full of McCoys.” Story. Of. My. Life. Now that’s a tee that I need in my wardrobe. For real.

I should thin out my tee collection. Again.



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