25 degrees is just too damn cold.

They sure do use a lot of sports analogies.

I think Bowe Bergdahl should have received prison time. His actions were directly responsible for the deaths of others. And I don’t care how much you dislike the president, letting Bergdahl off to send a message to him is inexcusable.

Yes, I would like some salmonella with my coffee, thanks.

I joke, but I eat my eggs sunny side up, so. There’s that.

Not a photo of people in blackface, yet somehow making a joke about giving blue people a free meal is the wrong response. Fucking ridiculous.

another damn staff meeting

But I took that picture before my pants were wet.

I can’t make people respond to my requests. I can only make the requests.


Stop making me share what I’m grateful for at a staff meeting. It’s not a therapy session and it’s not appropriate.

I’m trying not to cry. Just so you know.

Think I’ll take a break and knit some shit and watch some Suits and try to move on with my day.

Or I’ll just go ahead and sit here continuing to torture myself. Cos that’s what I do.

But once again, I don’t have any goals, and this will be a waste of time.

Let’s start over. What’s for lunch? I hope it comes with donuts.

Maybe I should get a cider.

Three things that make me happy: yarn, bats, hot apple cider.

I should put a picture in this locket.

In first grade I was morally outraged at a banner declaring Merry X-Mas! in my classroom and told my teacher it was sacrilegious. To this day I am astonished at her ability to refrain from laughing her ass off in front of her students.


I for real used to completely love Kevin Spacey. Man.

I definitely need a Biggby. It will make me less sad. I hate being sad.

See? I don’t have to wash my tea mug every day!

I feel like I need to continue this tomorrow. When I’ll possibly be in a better frame of mind.

Gah. My hair feels gross.

Blatant misuse of quotation marks.

I just think Dean looks awfully tired this season. And I’m still really hating Sam’s hair this season.

Well that gives me a way to use those two hanks of Malabrigo.

Man. I’m glad I don’t work in the entertainment industry.

Back pay??? Bergdahl is entitled to back pay?????

Where can I get one of these chainsaw bayonets? It’ll be handy for the zombie apocalypse.

Oh good! Exactly what I needed! Another lanyard!

Sometimes I wonder if you can really picture my face as clearly as you need to when you read these posts.

I am totally Donna.

What do you think, should I go red for the winter?

I really needed to read this this week. Thanks, lady.

Gosh, I regret that I am not president too, Joey, but that’s worth about as much as my old VCR.


I am not a fan of snow or Christmas, but Christmas just isn’t right without snow.

Stormageddon and I happened across this little guy on Instagram last night and fell in love.

But they can still open the drawers …

Why can’t I see comments on posts on FB any more??

I’m not sure that’s actually successful adulating

Crap. I completely forgot about this massive waste of time called an hour and a half long meeting in another building.

Well damn. Suits is done for now. Go back and start Supernatural over again?

I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld is funny.

Whelp. Nothing’s gonna happen now.

I should prolly wash my hair.

At least the meeting gave me an excuse to swing by Biggby for a caramel apple cider.

No, really.

I need to swatch this cowl.

Stay out of the toothpaste!

I’ve never much cared for that guy anyway.

Yarn cakes for everyone!