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Random Wednesday

Well, yes. It is rather a bright sweater.

Who steals spoons? And how are there that many people stealing spoons? Maybe they’re not stealing them, but throwing them away? I don’t understand.

I typed deadling instead of deadline. I’m OK with that.

I just realized that the guy who plays the vampire Eli is the guy who plays the vampire Benny later.

I always think it’s interesting when shows do that. Like Nicholas Lea on the X Files. That’s the only other example I can think of right now.  I never much cared for him.

Wow, my mousepad is filthy.

I really don’t like the actress that plays Meg in season 1. At all.

Guess I better find my winter boots.

The camera work in this episode of Supernatural is killing me.

I am already over this whole Jack storyline. Sheesh.

Wow. That was super un-Dean-like. They should kill Mary off already. Man.

I’m probably about to fall asleep right now.

I’m so glad we don’t do a Secret Santa thing here.

That sounds awful.

No one wants to hear me talk.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw them.

I don’t know where you’re going to put this person.

Is it a statement? Is it a question? I don’t understand your message!

A pay cut is not a deal breaker at this point.

This is because to the left, conservative women aren’t women at all.

I think you balance the professional boss-like relationship with friendship and support, and it works really well.

Thanks, Psych the Movie. Now I just miss the show all over again. Good job.

the h o r r o r

OK, seriously, that might be the worst episode of Supernatural I have ever seen. WTF, guys?

So, what. They’re like stuck in Dinotopia now? Come on, son.

Damn. I thought that said 3:19. It did not.

Also I hate Dinotopia.

I could go for a brownie.

Everybody’s running around the office giving each other presents. It’s weird.

I hope his absence this last two weeks means he’s no longer with the radio station. I can’t stand that guy.

I’ve never seen Elf. I’m OK with that.

Well. That might have bought us some time.

I just do not care about Star Wars and you can’t make me.

I think she needs a shawl.

Fuck! I was really hoping they’d forgotten about that.

OMG Enough. Enough with your fantasy memes about the disaster of life without Net Neutrality. It’s foolishness. Let it die.

I just really don’t want to be anyone’s executive assistant anymore. I never really wanted to be anyone’s executive assistant in the first place.

I don’t think we’re winning any hearts and minds with this one.

Stupid clothes with no pockets.

Come to think of it, I’m not super fond of the actress who plays Meg later, either. I don’t like the way she talks all smarmy and nasally. She talks like that in everything I’ve ever seen her in.  That’s mean. I’m only going based on the assumption that she always puts on this weird acting voice. I have no idea what she sounds like out in the world.

I typed worlds. I wonder what she sounds like out in the worlds.

I like oranges. Oranges are a lovely gift. Thank you.

Are David Tenant’s feet really that big?

Yawn. Boring. Blah blah. Gonna apply.

I really only follow her for the occasional glimpses of Neil or baby Ash.

I don’t like retirement party cake. Retirement parties should all come with brownies. That icing has too much sugar.

I think I probably just don’t like parties.

Or maybe I would like them if I were invited to them.

Why does the weather always wait til I’m about to have to drive in it to turn to shit?

Send shoes.

They should make waste pipes extra large in anticipation of your 3.5 year old flushing wool beanies down the toilet.

Uff da.


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  1. ScottO

    “‘Worlds’? She’s onto us!” [pulls up in unmarked van and jumps out with a hood]

    So what if they are? Oh. Oh!

    Best of luck!

    My “retirement” party will have burritos. You’re invited!

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