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Random Wednesday

How is 2017 the first time we’ve ever heard of this Jolabokaflod?

Huh. I thought I withdrew from that program.

I need to wash my hair.

I’m such an ogre. Clearly.

I don’t think I want to work in the president’s office, thanks.

I only don’t know how to do it because I haven’t done it yet.

I don’t know. I guess it’s sort of like “goth cowgirl” or something.


I don’t really want to listen to you all eating.

Well, that was a surprise.

Not everything needs your “witty” commentary attached to it.

It’s a wonderful life, Dean Winchester.

I’ve never actually made a formal request for five grand before.

mmmmmmm Mexicanish mmmmmmmm

Couldn’t we just skip the whole buffet breakfast that you’ll have ordered too much of and will make me clean up? No one wants it.

I think your agenda fetish is weird.

Apply for all the jobs!

The potatoes were good though.

Wow that’s … generic.

Ack! More weird new Instagram updates.

Hey, you should check out Patriot on Amazon. Brilliant.

I didn’t talk much. I bet that will be demerits or something in my next one on one. grr

OK. I guess. I don’t know.

Bikinis fine I don’t care
again he’s fine I don’t care
but Kenny is fine I don’t care

I feel like I should finish Lonesome Dove, but man.

I actually love all of these ideas. (Although I think the charity one could be tricky.)

Oops. I guess that’s not the correct answer.

I don’t miss the Expedition, but I do sometimes miss the roominess.

Yeah, that sounds awful. What a monster.

That might be kind of cool.

I’ve been neglectful.

I wish I had a cider. Maybe I can make a Biggby run.

Probably not. SIGH.

I still have a couple of hours.


It’s professional development or something.

I dunno. I like wolves.

That’s five now.

This is kind of awesome.

It’s like time just STOPS. Of course time never stops when you want it to.


I’m not sure that this book will actually help me be a better supervisor.

I just think if you’re going to buy someone a meal, you don’t make them clean it up afterward. That’s just weird.

That’s a good one for the calendar.

Are you wearing extra of your stinky awful perfume today? I should not be able to smell you in my cube. I should not be able to taste your perfume, period. God. It’s so awful.

So. Awful.

That might be a cool job.

The smoke pooling out of the boot was a nice touch.

Maybe I should watch The Ref.

Can I watch The Ref anymore? With all the Kevin Spacey grossness can I even watch that movie?


Why does my hand hurt?

How far is it to Peoria?

This is the first I’m hearing about a Bronco trophy.

We should move to a haunted mansion and make it a tourist attraction. “Come sleep in the haunted mansion!”

I’m totally gonna be a ghost and haunt people after I die.

It’d be a little weird if I did it before I died.



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  1. ScottO

    Sorry, I’ll try to restrain myself. PSYCH!

    I have been. Wish me luck!

    Cider does sound good. Mulled, please.

    The awesomeness of Dennis Leary trumps the grossness of Kevin Spacey.

    Maybe Jesus would like to be invited to dinner?

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