I guess Random wasn’t a very good episode last week.

This weather is actually killing me.

I don’t want to smell like sausages.

Fruit fly trap! I should get a couple of those for the office. Probably. Because people.

Griselda. What a fantastic name.

Rhubarb is disgusting.

“So, Jennifer, what kind of political activity are you involved in these days?”
“Well, the most political I’m getting right now is to serve as the advisor for the NRA student organization here on campus.”

Thanks for the gift card.

Leave the Sharpies at home, kid.

That just made me gag. Because ew. Jesus. That is disgusting.


Don’t forget about me while you’re off gallivanting around Gay Pairee!

‘The problem with an event that causes us to ask “how could this have happened?” is that it’s so easy to shift to “this couldn’t have happened.” It could, it did and people need to know it.

Whoa now. Let’s not be hasty. I’m pretty sure that I do not need layers.

I’m probably dying.

I just cannot care.

I might have been too honest? But that might work in my favor. Who knows?

It can be super short and sweet, right?


Please don’t leave me here alone.

Need some new hiking boots. Or shoes. Can’t decide.

May or may not have just reported a Goop ad in my insta feed as a scam. I’ll never tell.

‘Ello! He’s adorable!

I might have almost successfully purged my news feed of politics. Now it’s nothing but murder and knitting. MWah-ha-ha-ha-ha

Don’t say that. Just say have a great day. You don’t have to qualify it with the portion of the day that is remaining.

UGH Chicken dust.

Tenured faculty, keepin’ it classy.

It wasn’t us!


So much for that nap.

Don’t come in here and chew at me.

I’m so tired of winter.

I’m so tire of coughing.

They will eat your face!

Stupid space heater. The new one was supposed to be here today.

Oh. Maybe I won’t. Huh.

I don’t buy it.

When did it start raining again?

My hair is going to be a disaster tomorrow.

A disaster, Keving.