Slow and steady wins the

I forgot to get donuts for national donut day. I guess I suck. My waistline thanks me.

Took this Buzzfeed quiz and of all the famous graves in the world it could have given me, it picked one I’ve actually already been to: Edgar Allan Poe. Figures.

Sometimes I comment on a friend’s post on FB cos it seems like a conversation I’d like to join and eeeeeeeeveryone there just ignores me and then I feel like a loser idiot and delete it and leave. So yeah, I’d love to take part in your Outlander conversation, and I can tell you “Je suis prest” means, but I won’t. I’ll just keep myself to myself.

My next house, should it have paintable sides, and should I have a next house, should be Norwegian red, like my Grandma Ingeborg’s cabin, or that wonderful slate gray that the new house down the road is.

Man. I need to hook that DVD player back up so I can have a Buffy marathon. It’s been too long.

Aw man.

This is among the more vile things I have ever eaten.

Um. I need this skull. (No I don’t. I don’t need more stuff. I don’t.)

I need a road trip with my camera.

Man. Someone needs to make some way less depressing Kalamazoo postcards, like right now.

That all sounds revolting.

you know what musta

All I want is pizza.

I am afraid to comment on threads in Ravelry to correct someone because I don’t want them to be offended or think I’m being bitchy. But it’s frustrating, because that lady is wrong.

It’s like the Elizabeth Warren style family tree.

Well that was completely unnecessary.

I will wear Doc Martens until the day I die.

I got kind of busy and completely forgot it was Wednesday.

I feel like making chocolate chip scones.

I need to join the Pixel family. I’m pretty sure.

I stood too long yesterday. I paid the price.

OK, that dude is a piece of shit, but also? Just stay the fuck off Tinder.

More pieces of shit. What Persky did was almost as bad as the actual rape.

God I hate Sammy Hagar.

Wow, I sound like a lunatic. Awesome.

Really? Who’s gonna read that?

Jesus. How do I get on these mailing lists??

Sometimes when people share stories about their kids on social media I find myself going “Yeah, no. That never happened.” And then I wonder if people do the same thing to me.

Well. I like those kinds of concoctions.

I should get donuts tomorrow.

I definitely should not get donuts tomorrow.

Oh! I could get a Den Pop tomorrow. Haven’t had a Den Pop in ages.

My poor jaw.

woe unto