This is so fantastic.

But. Why wouldn’t you remember how old you were in 1979 if you were alive then?

Bleah. Bring back the cool temps. I beg of you.

OMFG could you NOT talk with your mouth full of food? Is that possible? Do you really need to get those words out RIGHT FUCKING NOW??

WHAT is with this mohair trend? It’s the only natural fiber I can’t wear. Makes me itch like crazy.

People. Apart means the exact opposite of what you’re trying to say. Stop using it.

My dizziness is not from low blood pressure. Stop telling me I need to drink more water to fix it.

I don’t need that many fucking reminders. Jesus.



I have a very difficult time saying modernity. I have no idea why. Rural is easier to say. So weird.

Thanks for the Cheez Its. Much obliged.

This exercise is stupid.

I REALLY need to finish reading this. But Burke. Ugh. The state is not my daddy.

Shortest Random in history. Well, no. One of the first ones was like 5 lines long.

I typed longs.

I’m out of it. Way out of it.

WTF is this. I don’t even know.

Plug your shit in.

Let me count the ways I loathe the cult of the personality test. These days Strengths Quest is all the rage. We have freaking Strengths Quest coaches on campus. No. Let that shit GO.

This shit’s due in two days and I’m the only one in the class who has done it. What the fuck, people?

Why is it so cold in here?

Well. So much for my dream of meeting Neil Gaiman. Time to move on to a new dream. Move on with my life. Move on off of this committee.

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhy though.

I do like that hat. I might have to make it. But not right now. I’m not buying anything at all right now.

Eh. Was it FEMA or was it the mayor? Hard to tell which is more inept.

My income certainly did not hit that particular high.

There’s just nothin’ happening here. Quietest Wednesday in months.

I always switch Remus and Romulus with Castor and Pollux in my brain. It’s so annoying.

I should not have eaten that Tiny Twix. It was just enough sugar to make me feel craptastic.

Here’s my issue with the internet. I mean aside from the rampant assholery. People keep posting shit I want to buy.

I’d completely fail as an ascetic, but I’m a total champ at being a stoic.

And forever a skeptic.



Somebody just buy my damn house.