Never gets old.

I got your interim right here.

Let’s just ask for forgiveness later. Fuck it.

It’s logic.

I miss acupuncture, but I don’t miss spending the money on it.

Sure would be nice if you people ever responded to my texts.

Hell’s bells, it’s a dream house. I’d live there in a heartbeat. If it weren’t in Massachusetts.

I have never put ketchup on a pasty and I never will.

There was a Norwegian butter crisis?

That is not at all an accurate representation of libertarianism. That’s a progressive’s idea of what libertarianism is.

six pernicious influences

I don’t often say this about someone out loud, but that woman is a cunt of staggering proportions.

Will we or won’t we? I guess we’ll find out at

Holy shit has it ever been a day. Y’all are suffering for my absence.

I’m nervous about my presentation. I hope that it’s not a full house.

OMG Ample Pantry brownie. The bessssssssssssst.

This is interesting. I’m torn on it though. On the one hand, what a great way to catch criminals in the act, deter crime, etc. On the other hand, way to take the surveillance state to the next level, Detroit.

I do not know. I just do not know.

Yes, I did know that, in fact. I did indeed. Thank you very much.

Not a good day for a migraine.

It’s not like I have a brand or anything.

Isn’t that the lingo? Branding? I have no branding.

I do have to pee, though.

Oh holy Hell, I was just reminded of Propaganda Magazine.

Stop with the Christmas crap already! I am NOT DONE WITH HALLOWEEN.


The ghooooostieeeeessss!

All the heart eyes for you, cute Halloween dresses. I need you all in my life.

Stupid lottery. Stranding me here in this stupid place. New cute Halloween dress-less.

Can you just close your door because y’all are too gorram loud.

Great. Now the Friends theme is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the damn day.

It’s just. Nuffin.

Hey Firefox? I don’t give a shit about diamonds.

Wait. People actually like green bean casserole?

Sunflowers, in case you were wondering. Sunflowers are my favorite. Once upon a time it was lilies. I’ve moved on.

Now my ear is ringing. Looooovely.

Dammit. Now I want a taco.

This is relevant to your interests.

I’m not really here.

Honestly the timing is a dream.

I wish I had a little pizza.

Ohhhh it’s pronounced CH. Not K.

Who knew?

Probably you.

That’s it. I’m just gonna eat this astonishingly good microwave mac and cheese and move on with my life.