My raven is dusty.

I need to upload some new photos.

No respect.

This feels like a trap.

People make me tired.

No one wants to talk to me.


It’s funny cos it’s true.

Gaaaaaaaaah I can tolerate just about anything except for my feet being hot.

I know. I know. I’ve talked about it before. BUT MY FEET ARE HOT.


I like how people latch on to phrases they heard in the media and then just apply them to everything. One of my current favorites is “false narrative.” I’ve rarely seen it used correctly.

That is the single most inaccurate internet quiz I have ever taken.

There are loads of films that are better than the book. It’s a fact. For example, pretty much anything ever written by Stephen King.

God I hate Stephen King.

But not Roald Dahl. We love Roald Dahl.

Apparently you think you’re too good to check your email.

Leave my evidence bag alone.

I’d never heard of Dan Crenshaw before this SNL foolishness. But thanks, cos he is a damn good looking man! Plus, I love his message about moving away from making everyone apologize all the time. He’s right on. So classy. Honestly, what the SNL idiot said really wasn’t that bad, I didn’t think. But what do I know any more.

in between days

I’m not writing what I need to be writing.

I’m trying really hard to care.

Does it feel like someone had put your head in a vise while tiny angry gremlins with 6 inch razor claws tried to scritch their way out from the inside? No? Huh. Well.

I’m not a fucking Mary Kay lady.

Jesus Christ. How many times can one person use “folks” in a single email?

God I hope this is good.

Stop telling me I don’t have the right to worry about my son being falsely accused of sexual assault.

I had completely forgotten about this.

OK, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually a Constitutional Republic. Not a Constitional Republic. I mean. I could be wrong.

I did not have anxiety as a child. Or a teenager. Or a twenty-something. Or a thirty-something. But I sure as fuck have it now.

I might actually delete some of this. Not feeling terribly confident this week.

Great. Guess no one remembers what 8 years of Granholm was like in Michigan. Here we go again.

I hate you and your air freshener. I’m calling it assault. This is now a hostile work environment.

Today is another good day to stay off the interwebs.

I say it all the time. I LOVE gridlock.


That is way too long.

That’s just a round about way of saying that you’re fully in favor of people purposely breaking the law in order to get your bitch elected, and I have no respect for that. If you can’t win legitimately, your party has no legitimacy regarding anything.

Why can’t you just say, has anything changed? and let it go at that.

Stupid pen.

I was on a roll for a minute. Then shit happened.

Wow. Jeff Sessions is out.

Did I already say this? That Jack Ryan show is not bad.



I could use a donut.

I wonder what’s for dinner.