Listen, just because something doesn’t bring me joy today doesn’t mean it won’t bring me joy three weeks from now. I can listen to The Replacements all day long for three days straight then need a three month break. Our affection for things comes and goes. Holding an object to see if it “brings you joy” seems like a stupid way to go about your life.

But what do I know? I definitely have too much stuff. I just think you need to take a more logical approach to minimizing that’s all. Stupid trends.

Nancy and Chuck are totally sleeping together.

Good luck getting that image out of your head now.

But what will they wear in the summer?

Let’s not question the validity of this study, but rather simply enjoy some Bill Knapp’s Celebration Cake every morning, shall we?

I am officially wasting time.

I get very very little sleep, so you know when I tell you I slept like shit that it must be pretty bad. And probably you should keep a safe distance.

If I never hear the phrase “fake news” again, I’ll die a happy woman.




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’ve just made attempt number 347,000. We’ll see if this one ends up like all the others.

OK, but why lick the intercom? And for three hours! What’s appealing about that???

Oh look, yet another person bullied into submission by the internet. Fuck everybody.

Beware the narrative.

And may God have mercy on our souls.

This is just fucking exhausting.

Well. Good luck with that.

Goddammit. I knew this was a mistake.

Good thing the government is shut down, or they might have gotten ticketed for serving food without a permit.

Never apologize. They’ll eat you alive.

There. Another social media account nuked. Excellent.

Cosmik Fries? Really? So dumb.

OMFG enough with the Russia bullshit. Let it goooooooooooooo.

I’m not playing along with your aging nonsense.

“You should not grade on quality of writing.” What kind of foolishness is this? You should absolutely grade on quality of writing. I’d rather a student submit a 5 page paper that is written well and hits the points it needs to hit than a 10 page paper that was clearly agony to write and is agony to read. Sorry. If your students can’t write it’s because you’re not teaching them how to write.

Furthermore, forcing students to add more words to a response simply to meet a minimum length detracts from the quality of the response. It’s ridiculous and a terrible way to teach.

Every single time I type grief, I type it gried the first time and have to fix it.

How bout if you just stop telling everybody else what to do? I feel like I have to say this entirely too much.

OK, but what if this isn’t actually a problem?

I fully support this proposition.

That’s the least mangy looking coyote I’ve ever seen.

And now that I’ve wasted entirely too much time …

I don’t have an Instagram husband, but if I did, his name would be Aaron Eckhart and he would actually be Aaron Eckhart.

We’re all guilty of the occasional ridiculous typo. That’s just a fact.

This is a very poorly written article, but thank all the gods Peace Talks is still in the works. But also, holy shit are people being nasty about it on Facebook. Like they’re entitled to Butcher’s work somehow. Insane.

But I ate cake.

But I’d actually prefer that the brands I buy don’t try to proselytize to me about social shit.


I don’t care which side you’re on, that shit is funny.

Well. That is not good news at all.


If you don’t want me to participate in the conversation, don’t have such a public conversation.

Like I’d miss this.

I wrote that joy comment before the FB conversation. In case you were wondering. I don’t write this all in one day, you know.

Just. I dunno. Gimme some pizza.

That is the hottest priest I’ve ever seen.

Now I’m definitely going to hell.

I am definitely not qualified for that position.

If your job is “Influencer” or “Instagram Influencer” you are just asking for a punch in the neck.

Ha. Tiny garbage fairy.

I feel more outside the knitting community than ever before, and honestly, I’m kind of OK with it right now.

Whelp. No pay bumps for me.

Ooooooh! And also Ooooooh!

I just almost bought a hank of yarn I don’t even need JUST to support this woman. I managed to stop myself.

Wow. I really hate this class.

I have completely lost every last ounce of focus this week. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I need to snap out of it.

My shoulder is killing me.

No this is terrible. I’ve basically wasted two entire days now. Haaaaaaaaaaalp.

I’ve now changed the description eleventy times. It should only need to be changed twelvety seven more and we’ll be good to go.