Look. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good REO Speedwagon song.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I get these crazy ideas in my head and then I talk about them and then I have to actually follow through and it’s like a Super Big Gulp of anxiety.

This is pretty cool.

Now I can’t read stories from the Wall Street Journal either. Whatever.

I really don’t understand what happened with that KAL. Did somebody win something? I’m so confused.

This album came out my senior year and for weeks it was all I listened to.

The irony of Amanda Palmer talking about how Patreon fully funded her music video protesting capitalism as she is driven to the airport in a private car.

People just really do not understand what capitalism is at all.


Hey kid. It’s a repository agreement, not a respiratory agreement.

That season finale was reminiscent of the Angel series finale. I am not disappointed. Also, confirmation that Chuck is, indeed, a dick.

i try to laugh about it

This was legitimately hilarious.

I should clean out my backpack. Damn.

Oh this is gonna be fun.

And when I say fun I mean pure unadulterated hell.

I kind of feel like I owe my advisor an apology for my less than stellar workshop. But I’m just so fucking tired.

I bet you didn’t do it, did you?


There are some patterns I just regret buying.

Grand Rapids is hardly “rural Michigan.” It’s like the second largest city in the state FFS. Maybe third. I can’t remember. Regardless. This is kind of hilarious. Maybe it shouldn’t be. But it is. It’s also likely 100% bullshit. I wonder if that’s even a real person.

I am constantly saying I’m sorry when I’m trying to express empathy or sympathy and very very few people ever get that that is what I mean when I say that I’m sorry. Dude. I know it’s not my fault. That’s not what I meant.

I give credit where it’s due. Even if I don’t like you.

I dunno. If you had exactly one day in NYC, how would you spend it?

I’m going to put this Triscuit in my mouth and immediately, the phone will ring.

Well. But. Why would you go to hospice if you don’t want to sign a DNR? I mean, what’s the point?

Aaaaaaaaaaaand another one.

This is fantastic. Now open it up to all the trades.

People don’t paint like that. That is not how you paint.

We call this ambiguous loss.

Why am I here.

Dammit. Maybe I should be re-vaccinated. That pisses me off.

Pizza insurance just seems a little over the top to me, that’s all.

Goddammit. Now I want some pizza.

Look at his shirt! It has tiny tiny skulls all over it!

It’s true. Rice Krispies treats are basically crack.

I was just invited to submit my resume for Executive Director at Michigan Potato Industry Commission. So there’s that.

I may as well just put this song on repeat.

chewin’ potatas

It’s possible I’ve actually doubled my tea intake rather than reducing it.

I kind of wish Netflix wouldn’t release an entire season of its original programming at once, but only did shows a week at a time, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to watch them all in 3 days and then be at another loss for something to watch.

Of course, their programming has gone WAY downhill lately. But there are still a few things worth watching. Plus the new season of Lucifer is here in a week. Yay!

bleah. food. now. need. pls.

my arms were always

There are too many commercials here.

I just read this headline and I think it broke my brain: “Inside the Cut-Throat World of Toddler Bike Racing”

That was legitimately the worst KAL I’ve ever participated in. Were there winners? Did something get announced? Who even knows???

Reasonably certain that if they were going to pick me, they would have offered me the position by now.

There. Two more As. Grad GPA 4.0.

All my NRA students are starting to follow me on IG. Those poor kids are gonna be so bored.

Damn Hell Bathroom. Sleeping Kid. Damn Hell Bathroom. Sleeping Kid. Damn Hell Bathroom.

Jesus, why does anyone follow me?

No one wants to see the Spin Doctors. Let it go.