the “indian trail”

I can’t believe there isn’t one photo of them actually in the wild in this whole story. So disappointing.

red-hot news in the firefly community

I, for one, miss the character driven action movie for adults.

Jesus, Lord. Just take a piece of candy and go. You don’t need to rifle through the whole damn candy bowl, stand there opening your choice, then make all the mouth noises ever while you consume your sugar.

A damn fine man.

No, really. Stop emailing me, Mitch. I don’t know you.

OMG Beard & Goldfish HA. I could play with that site all day. Legion & Fang is also a good one.

This is hilarious.


This list is fucking appalling. McCarthyism at its finest. Anyone who doesn’t find that list terrifying is the exact kind of person who stood next to Hitler and Stalin and Mao and so may others, and said “this is for the greater good of our people.”

I work with someone who absolutely will not be corrected and her mistakes have actually cost us money. But whatevs. What do I know? I’m just an executive assistant. Nobody has to listen to me.

Sorry, but if burning the American flag is protected by the First Amendment, then burning ANY flag is protected by the First Amendment. And rightly so.

I’ve actually known this was coming up for months, but I love that so many of my people tagged me on it. SOMEDAY!

So many links this week. Sheesh!


God dammit. Now Newt Gingrich is emailing me again. How do I get on these stupid lists?

It’s just me. I’m an asshole.

There’s no reason to hold staff meetings in the summer. And yet.


WTF did you do, dude.

I knew things were leaning this way after hearing about the famous case of Kitty Genovese. The claim was that no one helped, no one called police, etc. because everyone assumed someone else already had. This case is used in training even here on campus to teach people to act. The thing is, people are naturally inclined to act, reflexively. Even in the Genovese case, dozens of people called police after hearing her screams. People tried to find her and were not able to.

While you’re at it, go ahead and read this. Is the president an ass? Yes. Is what he said racist? I don’t believe that it was. But stating that makes me a racist. He shouldn’t have said what he did. Or he should have said it more eloquently and intelligently. But he made a legitimate point.

You shouldn’t have been there.




Wait. I’m from Michigan.

Ope. Things got weird and I forgot what day it was again.

Gotta come up with a Halloween/Death talk with video. I’ve been asked to present. The right vid is tough to find.

But why would you do this though. So much dumb.

I feel like this is the kind of job I should be doing instead of the ridiculous job I am doing.

I would like to be not in the office.

Chris Pratt seems like one of the most genuinely nice guys in the world. This kind of shit is petty and tiresome.

It’s a quibble with the Karen hair, ladies and gentlemen.

Look. Just leave. It’s fine. No one cares.

It’s a death reading list!

We will suspend your social security number posthaste!

I definitely need more headache drugs. Definitely.