I just can’t really explain how this feels, and I’m pretty sure that people don’t believe me when I tell them.

I’m quite sure that the doctors don’t believe I experience these side effects.

I should just quit going to doctors. Except my chiropractor. I like him.

Plus he smells nice.

Nobody wants to hear me complain. What am I even doing here.

I hate Detroit. But hey, y’all have Juggalos, and they already know how to thwart facial recognition software, so maybe you should think about changing your style.

That health assessment makes me irrationally angry. But it saves me 20 bux a pay period, which adds up. Bastards.

So cool!

I’m perpetually torn between wishing I had a lunch date and not wanting to speak to other humans on my lunch.

OK, chanting “send her back” is classless. Cut that shit out.

Man. I have life insurance. Stop emailing me about how I’m gonna die.

Did I say this here, or only in my head? I was talking somewhere about the Trump digs, etc. at the conference. Attending really was a privilege for me, and I do believe it was worth my time. But Heterodox really does have an issue with representation. I said that it was much like the representation at a typical university – a handful of cons in a sea of progs. Trump’s name should never have come up at all. But whatever. I still think it was a valuable use of my time, for the most part.

Except that one panel I sat through. EGO EGO EGO. And all progs. Every one. Waste. Of. Time.

This is clearly not going to be enough coffee.

bless you

Kalamazoo College is not “suburban.” It’s in the middle of the fucking city. It’s two blocks from us. We’re not suburban either.

I think we’re the “someones.”

!!!!! This is probably my favorite ‘Mats album altogether.

It never ends. Interesting side note – Kathy’s family became U.S. citizens after emigrating from China.


I never know which one to use.

Also, I keep being told that only white people can be racist. So how is a Chinese American even capable of racism?

I was telling a friend that the constant progressive correction of all the things reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons (way back when I still watched the Simpsons) where Ned Flanders is lamenting something I can’t recall and he’s questioning his faith and God and says something along the lines of how he always follows what the Bible says, “even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff!” There is no way you can ever be “right” in a progressive world. Not when feelings trump all.

OK, yeah, but. The bear was tranquilized. In the ocean. Dude probably wasn’t likely to get eaten or mauled. Drowned maybe. But whatever. Good on you for saving the bear. That was a good thing. This makes me sound like a bit of a dick maybe.

But stop overinflating things I guess is my point. Loads of people could save a tranquilized bear. Maybe he was the one who tranquilized the bear in the first place. We don’t know.

I should stop talking now.

I gotta stop veering into these moods where I just criticize everything. Maybe if I had a less toxic work environment …

I think Walt’s abrupt killing off in Season 6 is weird. And abrupt. And weird. I really don’t even remember any of this season.

Maybe I’ll just delete all that.

Once again, questioning whether I should even continue Random at all.

Haaaa this is fantastic.

It’s not like it’s a secret that – self censorship engaged

Actually. Re-reading this. It’s not that bad.

I already answered that question.

Hmmm. Unfriended again. I never know who it was. It’s a puzzle.

I think people are getting tired of me.

Maybe I should learn to play an instrument.

Also, Mr. Rogers was talking to children. Not grown ass adults who should be the ones doing the helping.

I say again, I just never felt the same connection to Mr. Rogers that evidently the rest of my generation did.

And those puppets creeped me the fuck out.

I’ve never cared for rhubarb.

I do enjoy zucchini though.

My shoes are stinky. And now you know that about me.

At least these particular shoes anyway.

I would love to see what happens to Detroit under a $20/hr minimum wage. A city that lost more than a quarter of its population in a decade, filed for bankruptcy, and has been struggling for survival. Sure. Go ahead. I bet they’d still re-elect her. Michigan would be OK if we could just give the east side back to Canadia.

Eating should not be this complicated. This is why I need a personal chef. Or something.

Why did Orwell have such weird hair?

Look I tried to read the New Yorker article on Al Franken, but I just couldn’t finish it. Y’all are whining about due process now?

Well. What shall I re-watch now?

I can’t be that goth if I like New Order better than Joy Division.

I don’t think that student was especially impressed with me.

Great, now Karl Rove is emailing me. Listen, Karl. Just because I let you get a picture with me that one time doesn’t make us friends.


I just have a hard time seeing this as anything other than using the law to force a woman to do something against her will – essentially state sanctioned sexual assault. I don’t believe anyone, ever, should be forced to perform any kind of service they’re not comfortable with. This guy is clearly not truly trans. This guy is clearly a predatory monster. This is insane.

These photos are the best thing you’ll see today.

The scariest thing about this house is that it’s in California.


What kind of lunatic turns down an offer of $22K to wipe out children’s debt? This whole thing is insane.

I serve on a University wide committee. I volunteered for every sub-committee entirely because it would get me out of this office regularly. This place is a toxic hell.

You guys. Rutger Hauer.

I’m trying to come up with some of my favorite movies and I can’t think of a single one. Also it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve watched a movie.

My head is really turning the pain level up to 11 this week. I don’t know what’s going on, but JESUS.

This post is probably long enough. Probably.