It’s the Man Who Fell TO Earth, not FROM Earth.

But what if I have angst, ennui, and weltschmerz?

I suppose it’s not the end of the world if I have to live out my days as an over-educated executive assistant. How many people get to do their dream job anyway? Especially now that the government has wholly tanked the economy?

It’s mosquito season. So. You know. There’s still time for us all to contract some exotic virus and die. The year’s only half over.

Dude. It’s debreeeeee. Not debreeze. JESUS.

My most sincere wish for this world is that people would learn the difference between “in lieu of” and “in light of.”

Nope. Schitt’s Creek went right back to being spectacularly unfunny. Shame. Also I super hate Chris Elliott.

Antipathy is the word I’ve been searching for. I hadn’t realized for quite how long. How could I have forgotten it?

Don’t mind me. Just wandered in to virtue signal. Carry on.

Hail to the King, baby.

Maybe I should move to South Dakota. I feel like I’d fit in in South Dakota.

And now Nick Cave is canceled. Fuck absolutely everything.

“It’s vital to resist the temptation to allow our present moment, so rich with the potential for genuine and overdue social change, to deteriorate into a McCarthy-like hunt for wrong-thinkers.”

Does everyone just assume actors actually mean the shit they say in those ridiculous black and white repetitious videos they put out? They’re actors, FFS. They literally make their living convincingly lying to you.

That guy might look better with a beard.

Every family who lost a loved one as a result of Whitmer’s nursing home policy should file a wrongful death suit against her and Dana Nessel.

Liberalism is not just a set of rules. There’s a spirit to it. A spirit that believes that there are whole spheres of human life that lie beyond ideology — friendship, art, love, sex, scholarship, family. A spirit that seeks not to impose orthodoxy but to open up the possibilities of the human mind and soul. A spirit that seeks moral clarity but understands that this is very hard, that life and history are complex, and it is this complexity that a truly liberal society seeks to understand if it wants to advance. It is a spirit that deals with an argument — and not a person — and that counters that argument with logic, not abuse. It’s a spirit that allows for various ideas to clash and evolve, and treats citizens as equal, regardless of their race, rather than insisting on equity for designated racial groups. It’s a spirit that delights sometimes in being wrong because it offers an opportunity to figure out what’s right. And it’s generous, humorous, and graceful in its love of argument and debate. It gives you space to think and reflect and deliberate.”

“He was found in Baja, California. He has already been extradited to the U.S.”

Oops. I did not mean to delete that app.

Yeah, thanks, but absolutely none of my research is on Asia. At all.

Dear God. More thumb drives.

This is my life.

What I want to know is – Is Mercury ever NOT in retrograde?

There are snails crawling on that woman’s face.

Rick Astley’s actually got a great voice, and back in middle school I listened to him quite a bit. I’m not embarrassed. This is a dope cover.

I don’t even know where to send this.

I have no control over this. For. The. Record.

“Be like that tree, in the meridian.”

I clearly need a larger work space. This desk is much too small.

This is absolutely absurd. This is sloppy police work, it’s clearly biased work on the part of the prosecutor. THIS is why technology is dangerous. Stop doing this. STOP.

I can’t remember when I started this. I suppose it’s probably time to stop.  This post I mean. Probably not the whole blog.