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Random Wednesday

Flashing cursor. Exciting.

Expertise vs experience …

I have never actually seen this film. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

There are Johnny Cash socks?? Why don’t I have any Johnny Cash socks???

OK, this is kind of funny.

Wow. You can’t treat people like that and expect them to have any kind of respect for you at all. What a total dick move. Zero class.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure there’s somethin’ in Fitchburg worth killin’.”

These Triscuits might have gotten stale while I was gone.

Man, my spam these days is straight up menacing.

It’s pretty impressive. It also creeps me out. Also the construction of it completely fascinates me.


I had no idea that this would be so complicated.

Is this archive feature on Instagram new? I am intrigued.

And that is why I do not like you.

No, it’s OK. Really. I don’t need to be thanked or anything.

I forgot I was FB friends with you, John Marr. But it’s funny that you popped up in my feed because I was literally just thinking about Murder Can Be Fun yesterday. On account of this Disney book someone just gave me. Ha.

Holy wow do I not want to attend this meeting.

Splitting headache. Boring meeting. Whoo! My afternoon is shaping up to awesome!

How do I keep messing this sleeve up? I just do not understand what the hell I am doing. I just can’t find it. So frustrating.

I think that’s why God invented planes.

Now that book I might read. But probably not really.

Brain not work. Hurt.

No sustainable brewing second bachelor’s for me, thanks. I don’t even really like beer.

18 of 20 books for this year and it’s not even June. I am awesome.

It’s hard to be interesting when you’re bored.

This was such an unexpectedly fantastic surprise in the Twin Peaks premier. So perfectly My Bloody Valentine meets Curve with some Lush thrown in and just a splash of Ivy to toss me right smack into my 1994 shoegazery happy place.

Yep. I think I might really like that band.

OK. That meeting was actually fairly productive.

Thanks, Amazon. Appreciate it.

Ha! You are a secret smoker! I knew it!

It’s a special kind of hell.

Accidentally. Right. They totally did this on purpose. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Oh good. Storm rolling in just in time for me to walk to my car.

This week hates my guts, man.

Grow faster, hair!

Oh yeah. I will attach the syllabus, thank you.

And now I will go out into the stormiest storm and drive home. Wet and cold.


To be yourself is all that you can do.

21.52 be yourself ~ audioslave

(theme – acceptance)


Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.

20.52 macbeth, act i, scene 4

(theme – rise)


Random Wednesday

It’s like he’s got some kind of strange cylindrical skull. It’s creepy.

I dunno. Is anything really “groundbreaking” any more?

Colin Firth, still delicious.

Yak. I am intrigued.

Except no. Not really.

I really just feel like crying right now.

Maybe I need a damn hell hiatus.

I guess I am just not invested enough to be willing to sign on to that with you.

Probably. Maybe.

I think I need a new neurologist.

Why does everything you say sound like a question?

Razor clawed gremlins screeching at the top of their lungs, throwing themselves against the inside of my skull, desperate to escape the increasing pressure that will surely explode both their brains and mine.

Kinda like that.

I don’t know. I want to love the American Gods series. I’m just not sure that I can.

“He has engaged us in subterfuge and red herring, a fish I don’t particularly care for.”

This is kind of a little bit hilarious.

Seems like raining nectar would be sticky.

Where did Donna’s sisters go?

Is that today? That’s today. SIGH.

Why are you always making my life more difficult. It’s like it’s your raison d’etre or something. You need a better raison d’etre.

Is that a euphemism?? I mean you get how that’s kind of weird, right?

I need a snack.

Prodigy? You mean progeny?


It’s like Slytherin. Or something.

Re-watching the original series has made me love it for completely different reasons than when it originally aired.

I don’t really understand Twitter anymore. At all.

OK, you’re kind of going overboard with this and I really need you to dial it back about eleventy right now.

I’ve been trying to read this article ALL DAY.

I really need some caffeine right now.

I don’t see any reason to buy sulfite free wine. Scotch and I get along just fine.

You’re so lucky!

Respond to my text, dad. You’re retired, you have time. (p.s. I love you.)

Really, you’re cutting into my knitting time at this point.

It might be a bit warm for that.

Ooooh, only two more days til Staycation 2.0! And I don’t even have to spend it stripping wallpaper!! Or in my car!!

Well of course you don’t understand the question. It’s full of typos.

Oh go on then.

I think mine might be too.

I don’t believe that I probably wouldn’t let it go.

Me too! (That’s not the theme.)

Sweaters cover a multitude of sins.

It’s months away. I don’t think you need to panic yet.

So you know where I’ll be.

But they’re ickle chickens!

Oh. Right. Grad school application. Shit. Personal statement. “Dear faculty, I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, so I thought I’d try your program out for a while.

So much for developing a coffee habit.


I’ve said it before, I’m gonna be breaking your heart, baby.

19.52 light as a feather ~ afghan whigs

(theme – curve)


Random Wednesday

Sometimes I just

Never never never stamp these documents.

I don’t know how to play chess.

The cops marching out in step all lined up.

The guys lined up at the bar with their cigars.

Drummers all in a line.

Yes, but when is Star Trek Discovery airing??? I’m dying.

bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees bees

Um. That’s not really something I keep in stock …

I am probably working right now. Sure.

I need to visit this place!

I feel lucky to know them.

walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk

But I didn’t post.

It’s so cute!

Now my thoughts have a Scottish accent. It’s kinda nice, eh?

But I almost always vote no.

on repeat.


I don’t feel like Josie deserved that much of a tribute.

Did you get a donut?

I wish I enjoyed running.

Now I have ink all over my hands.


So. Much. Scanning.

I need to take a walk.

I don’t have to government.

I’m partial to #3.

I knew I shouldn’t have caved into that stupid shawl pattern. ARGH.

I never understand this party.

Sorry, but no.

It’s that point of the year when the semester has ended and my brain has slipped into a semi-coma. I have nothing much to say at all.

Just at the noo.

I never watched the final season of Sons of Anarchy. I’m trying to decide if I want to.

I want one of those hairless cats. Because they’re all sinister looking, plus no cat hair all over everything.

But mostly I still don’t like cats. Nope, not even yours.

I’m learning all about keeping the bees.

Maybe the bangs make me look a little younger.

Thus spoke. Thus spake. Potato. Potahto.

I DON’T not love you anymore.

I need to use the next staycation to try and get that wallpaper down. SIGH.

I wish the unicorn still talked.

I really don’t want to do grad school. I really don’t. But I feel like I have to.

I hate it when I can’t tell if someone is actually spam or not.

Also something.

I cannot believe it took me two whole days to realize that this was a gift to me and not part of this pile of Medallion books.

Probably I’ll just eat more eggs.

It’s definitely time to go up north. I hope we get to go to Empire this year.

I’m always vaguely put off by actors who suddenly discover art. Actors who were artists before they acted don’t bother me a’tall.

Wait, who are you?

Man, I went through that thing three times and still missed that line. Dammit!

I need to kick myself in the ass. Because I need to get off my ass. And I need to do these things I’ve been thinking about doing for who even knows how long.


I would have a yard sale if I could stand having yard sales. People who come to our yard sales are bitchy. They’re always telling you “you’re doing this wrong.”

Don’t you roof pig me.

surrender, surrender


This dream will die, die by morning, and this dream will not remember me.

18.52 prison girls ~ neko case

(theme – shadows)


Random Wednesday

I need to start keeping a toothbrush in my drawer at work.

But it was January.

Another day, another interminable staff meeting.

Microscopical is a word? Microscopic just sounds better.

Unlike many libertarians, I don’t have an issue with borders and defending them.

No. No icky vibes, please.


I REALLY want bees.

Maybe he just doesn’t care.

“I don’t wanna talk, I wanna shoot!”

The guys lined up at the bar with their cigars.

I don’t know how to play chess.

That does not sound delicious.

But I don’t even have a DVR.

I can never pronounce Appomattox.

Oops. Sorry Jayne Cobb.

Sheesh. Can I just move to the Shetlands now please? WOW.

I wonder if they buy a new map every time there’s a new investigation. That’s probably a lot of maps.

Why would you ever cap that at 30??

Apple pie!!!

scan scan scan scan scan

That worked even better than I’d hoped.

My Twin Peaks episode notes are feeling like weird little poems.

Oh, well, that works too, I guess.

I’m gonna take myself a break.

Why are we taking Bill Nye seriously??


What? United Airlines is killing bunnies now?

Robocop. Figures.

I’m so boring today.

No one asked me about my kids.

I felt like the least important person in the room, to be honest.

Surely it is time to eat the pie?

Guess I should have known better than to take some initiative. Duh.

I need my chair!

I need a nap.

I need some motivation.

I need a personal trainer.

I’m trying to decide that riding my bike that far back and forth every day sounds like an awesome plan. But my brain just keeps laughing at me.

Oh. Dentist tomorrow. Whee.

I think that may have been a wee bit too much cinnamon.

I think. I think. Yes. It is.



When you see me again, it won’t be me.

17.52 man from another place, twin peaks, episode 29

(theme – outside)


Random Wednesday

I. Am. Miserable.

I would very much like to go see Shooter Jennings in June.

This is some pretty great feedback.


OFFS. I’ll cover it.

It’s that feeling of constantly having to sneeze that kills you.

Yeah, rapidly coming to loathe the phrase “flip the script.”

Holy hell it’s busy today.

Sometimes the Can Do Girls can’t!

I feel like I’m speaking a totally different language than everyone else today.

I keep accidentally setting my phone to silent. Which I suppose is OK for phone calls, because the only people who call me are spammers and the NRA. But I also miss incoming messages that way. Sorry. But you probably aren’t messaging me anyway.

Damn, I wish I was asleep.

Actually, I’m so zoned out right now, I might as well just be asleep.


Allyship??? That’s not even a word!!

I have not even been paying attention.

Oops. We should visit the library more often.

I thought that said Lovercraft.


So glad I decided to read through this one more time.

Is that a fucking fruit fly? GODDAMMIT!

I can just order the router.

Great. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Lady, there is not even a tornado watch. Calm the hell down.

I had a song in mind but I’ve forgotten that too.

Look. I have the mouth of a longshoreman who moonlights as a trucker. But there’s a time and place.

Honestly, if anyone makes an attempt on Trump’s life, it’s likely to be that unhinged moron Shia LaBoeuf.

What is this purple Starbucks weirdness everyone is posting pictures of?

Also it looks like it’s liquid cotton candy, and therefore disgusting.

Stormageddon does not like the bus.

Wow. I. OK.

rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain

Well yeah. Lauren Hutton is gorgeous.

Ok, thanks, but I don’t actually care about Bill O’Reilly.

silver sulfasomething

Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t really want to pay you to send me a postcard.

Really kind of hating Diane Fry. WTH. Get over your damage, chiquita. Cooper’s a good guy.

Damn. That’s a hell of a Riot Fest lineup.

Why is food always so problematic?

The hell with it. I’m posting today. Surprise!

I could have sworn we had some zinc.

I don’t care what anyone thinks, I like the Home soundtrack.

Well, that was lame.

At least I won’t

Holy shit. What a weird coincidence.

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