range day on the Compound

we hosted a family picnic and shoot. much fun was had.

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thursday soundtrack – at every occasion

this tornado loves you – neko case
stillness is the move – dirty projectors
the funeral – band of horses
go walking down there – chris isaak
summerville – pernice brothers
pretty deep – tanya donelly
this is how it works – regina spektor
i’ll take care of you – mark lanegan
set the fire to the third bar – snow patrol
love you til the end – the pogues
all dolled-up in straps – the national
can’t hardly wait – the replacements
spilt needles – the shins
weightless – astaire
american english – idlewild
dreaming – blondie
armchair – grant lee buffalo

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Random Wednesday

ann's lace


This will make you feel warm and fuzzy about stuff probably.

I did not know there was a version of Lightroom for the iPhone. Huh. I might need that.

I’m sorry, I think you thought my name was “Google”.

So far, I approve of this blog. You should visit.

I yam what I yam.


I think the left has somehow come to equate feminism with appropriating masculinity while simultaneously emasculating men.

I wonder if I like Jarlsberg.

This trailer came up on my Pandora station. I will watch it. It’ll prolly choke me up. Plus it has Mandy Patinkin. I like Mandy Patinkin.

good naked vs bad naked

There are weird floating things in my tea.

I am profoundly unlikeable.

And also a unicorn.

A vagina kayak. Well there you go.

Is this Ivy covering the Cure? It is, indeed. Weird.

I dunno. At least I’m not out there making Facebook fan pages for my tits.

I don’t understand kit lens snobs.

I find it ironic that I am not allowed to use the Oxford comma in a paragraph describing a scholarship to Oxford.

The capacity for stupid is staggering.

The whole thing is like a weird, dystopian survival journal. “Day 734: We lost power today …”

This mug weighs 37 pounds. Who designed this idiocy?

I was going to say “Welcome to the Jungle” but realized he probably doesn’t understand my humor on account of he doesn’t actually know me.But now I have Guns N’ Roses stuck in my head.

Once upon a time I hated Bukowski for inconsequential reasons. The older I get, the more I love his work. I also love this line from this letter ” … I am saying that in our time, at this moment when any moment may be the last for many of us, it’s damned galling and impossibly sad that we still have among us the small, bitter people, the witch-hunters and the declaimers against reality.”

Aw. That is seriously cute. I love dogs.

el oh el

I am a huge sock lover, and so I obviously love George H.W.’s socks. Also, I totally dig that couch that Barbara is seated on. That’d look awesome in my geekery at home.

I have a sudden craving for French toast. No, I’m not pregnant.

“It’s because he’s a man. He’s not threatened by your hot genius hotness.”

Put it on your head and take a picture.


Yep. Definitely time for something different with my hair.

It’s the entire left half of my skull and down into my neck, you see. I would like you to understand.

I have no idea who this woman is, but it seems like she could have hired a better photographer.


Cauliflower is never delicious. Never. I want to know who it was that saw cauliflower and said “Hey! I should totally eat that!” Because that person was clearly in need of a mental health expert.

OK, I obviously need to knit that pullover.

bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

Why are people in offices so enamored of the concept of “brainstorming”?

No, the University of Wisconsin is not distributing grades based on race. Calm yourself down.

So I guess I don’t actually like James Franco.

“Non-human person status”?

Jesus. I just accidentally opened Face Time. I got hit with full on Resting Bitch Face. It made me sad.

It’s a shame he didn’t do anything but move his crap in. Had he done any kind of renovation or decorating, this could’ve been really cool. As it is, it just looks like a squatter dumped his crap in this plane.

I am officially adding Telescoping Baton to my Christmas list. Look! Free pepper spray!

Everything about this makes me want to stab my eyes out with a fork.

All I really want right now is a Diet Mt. Dew.

“Government always grows, and government is force. Force is always dangerous.”

i had a secret meeting in the basement of my

Yep. I’m ready for today to be over.

I love Parenthood, but I was thinking about it today, and it seems like there are story lines that they just sort of drop and I have no idea what’s going on. Like what the hell happened with Sarah being a playwright? Did they pick that up again last season? I’m a season behind. But there was nothing at all about it for an entire season. It was all “Sarah is a kick ass playwright and creepy Richard Dreyfus is here to prove it!” and then suddenly she’s dating a cranky Ray Romano photog and nothing.

I think introverts especially are drawn to photography because it gives us the opportunity to be a part of something while being apart from something.

I really love this skirt and I think I need it in black.

I definitely should have just gone to the Den and gotten the gigantor Diet Mt. Dew for 65 whole cents.

Well. That was pretty darn cute.

I need a massage. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that.

I could close my eyes and be asleep in five minutes flat. If that. That is a fact. Jack.

Well. That’s one way to top off a migraine day …

I would have preferred that you had not done that.

“The old weird man sittin’ on a rock, sittin’ on a rock, sittin’ on a rock.”

I love getting drunk texts. I do not get enough drunk texts from people.

OhhH! It’s the little girl from My Girl! I totally didn’t recognize her.

The music in this show is nuts.

Silly baby, go to sleep.

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Stormageddon has some strong opinions … wonder where he gets that from.

IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2796 IMG_2797 IMG_2798 IMG_2799

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thursday soundtrack – like two prisoners

pictures of you – the cure
gone for good – the shins
knock-down drag-out – weezer
compositions for the young and old – bob mould
one, two, three – bill janovitz and crown victoria
karen – the national
sometimes in the fall – phoenix
to go home – m. ward
dream all day – the posies
clear spot – the pernice brothers
baby, we’ll be fine – the national
born in a flea market – stellastarr*
stop your sobbing – the pretenders
one more last kiss – ivy
emblems – matt pond pa
it’s good to be in love – frou frou
tame thoughts – warm in the wake
i am superman – rem

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Random Wednesday


Um yeah, I’d like to go to Iceland now, please and thank you.

I don’t know what that means, Regis.

You can’t have “strike anywhere” matches because people will strike them anywhere!

Reminiscent of early Verve. Not that the Verve stuck around long enough to really get late.

Aw, I like this a lot. I quite often go without makeup, and wear very little when I do wear it.

I like the word ignominious.

This might have choked me up just a little. It is “just so loud.”

I am not a fan of Weird Al, but I really enjoyed this.

“That’s just schizophrenic word soup right there.” You’re damn right. I mean “… high capacity magazine assault weapons …”?

I had tears.

Rolling Stone is now apparently just the Family Feud research department.”

So. Thor’s a woman now. … Okaaaaay.

all of this could’ve been

Bleah. I just feel fat today.

Christmas list!

Jessica Simpson’s wedding dress was really beautiful.


Sorry. I’m never not going to shave my legs. That’s just a fact.

My hair needs a change something fierce.

I don’t really understand harem pants, either.

But that’s a rifle.

I think I may need to plug in the space heater.

It’s cold. It’s making me want to go down and get a chai. mmmmmmmmmmmchaimmmmmmmm

Anita Hill?? What, Tawana Brawley wasn’t available? Sheesh.

I find the non use of the Oxford comma appalling. And you call yourself a university. Hmph.

Um. I just. Well. Raise your hand if the pie chart data is remotely surprising to you, I guess, and we’ll set aside some time for some special discussion in which we beat you over the head with the obvious.

I’m not sure the term “chewy delight” is at all accurate.

Oh GOD I hate this song.

Ugh. Now I feel like I need to brush my teeth.

Sorry, Adam Baldwin. I keep giving the Last Ship a try and it keeps disappointing.

Hell’s bells. How is it 12:30 and I didn’t even know it?? Lunch! I need lunch!

Bread is a vehicle to get food to my mouth

“The Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed, ‘No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.’ What he meant was that by the time you remove your foot from the water and put it back in again, both the river and the person have changed.” Really? Is that what he meant? Thank God you explained that to me because it was so unclear. I really struggled with what Herclitus might have meant by that observation. Whew! Because no, really, what I took away from his observation was that the river was a metaphor for experience, which is constantly changing and subjective to man and his constantly changing state of mind. Thank God I have academics to restate, in slightly dumbed down language, what was said and present it as an explanation on my behalf!

This lunch is not delicious.

Whenever I see the word librarian, I read it as libertarian.

Someday I’ll find the time to chart out that cable and make that sweater. Someday. Probably.

This situation clearly calls for some Diet Mt. Dew.

That dude creeps me the hell out, and I’d be more concerned about it if I didn’t also believe I could take him down in less than 30 seconds. But euch, he makes my skin crawl.

My brain just turns it off.

I have no interest in calling Saul.

I do have much interest in napping.

It’s a conspiracy.

not that either one of us will ever know

It makes me sad. We have so little contact any more.

I just stumbled across this fantastic post about unschooling.

“Citizen compliance is appreciated.”

Can’t he at least die happy??

So … my comment is OK, but not my site. My theory is possibly correct. My site is loathsome and repels other bloggers. Interesting. I’ma have to stop linking to people.

Whyyy would you get pencil shavings all over the cabinet and just leave them there? Jerk face.

Seriously, though, what do you have against my little corner of the internet?

Wait. They’re not sending Jeter back to Kalamazoo are they? We have enough jackasses in this town.

And then deep fry everything. What? Is that not the point?

Maybe the blog needs a new look too.

I’m so scattered today. Verklempt. Insecure. Stuff. Things.

WordPress wants to change verklempt to overslept.

Stupid subspecies.

Maybe I should just change the name of this blog to Random Wednesday. And just post it randomly.

I just had the hardest time typing Wednesday.

It’s weird coming home to a quiet house. Oh, there they are.

I have no idea what to do for dinner. Maybe I can just nap for dinner.

I just don’t have that kind of patience.

Well, look atcha.

I’m still stuck on this Oxford comma news.

Well at least somebody is getting an evening nap.


I’ve posted about this before, but I guess now there is a book available. I would like the book. Of all the shots I’ve seen from the project, my favorite is still the police officer and the girl.

Damn, I still need picture wire.

Honestly, I lose so much hair throughout the day and in the shower it’s a marvel and a wonder that I’m not bald.

I like trying to win stuff. Even if I never win stuff.

I dunno. At least I keep looking for my zen.

Who eats unflavored gelatin?

tryin hard to look like gary cooper – super duper

Stop eating that tree, Walter!

OWWwwwwwW!!! Stormageddon! My thumb is not a chew toy!

Cheese and toast. Cheese and toast.

I will follow whatever your plan is but I will not eat fish. I am sorry.

Seriously, trying to feed you sometimes is like the freaking baby Olympics.


Put a little boogie in it.

That there is a stupid cute Dalek dress.

Go to sleep!

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Random Wednesday

What a ridiculous week.

Why yes. Yes I can tell you the difference between an em dash and an en dash. Thank you so much for asking!

It’s just the tiniest bit terrifying.

I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that my direct line was the main office number, but you are very much mistaken.

What kind of fugue state was I in when I decided white pants were a good idea?

el oh el

Companies should offer training courses on when to Reply All.


Man. That just broke my heart. What a thing to see first thing in the morning.

Great. Now I have Under My Thumb stuck in my head.

Nice piece on conservative culture.

I don’t think I’ve had this many emails all year. It’s a deluge, yo. I can’t keep up.

The interwebs are making me tired this week.

It’s hard to do this particular work from home project with my lap full of Tiny Time Lord. Obviously I do not care.

There seems to be this surge of articles about articles lately. And by lately I mean the last few years. Blah blah summation, quote, blah blah read the whole thing here. It annoys me. It’s like junk mail or something.

I hate car shopping. I hate it. I need someone to just get the basics of what I want and go out and find a car for me.

Quitting FB gets more appealing all the time. But then where would I talk to people? I don’t know.


Oh yes. I’ve done a few of these.

I’m seriously perilously close to falling asleep sitting here. I don’t even care.

ArGh. Why would you take away the Coke machines without immediately replacing them with the Pepsi machines? How am I going to get caffeinated now?

No car. No caffeine. I’m on the edge here, people!

I like that Highlander. I would like it more if they had spelled Highlander correctly.

I can’t even look at that right now.

I might have to just go set up next to my laptop.

especially especially

Life is so much easier with two monitors.

Still not getting the whole Ryan Gosling thing.

why won’t you

I wish we had more than one bat living out there.

Insufficiently caffeinated.

Lacking direction. Lacking purpose. Lacking a plan. What is the what is the what. Frustrating.

I swear that woman already RSVPd. And isn’t she the organizer? Why are people so weird?

Haggling makes me sweat. No sir, I don’t like it.

Those horse head masks creep me the hell out.

I could really use a vacation.

wow I mean, I hate to just say “wow” but damn. If you click through, Child Buried in Sand, Coney Island breaks my heart.

dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit

That Pacifica is awfully nice.

I think I’m hungry.

I don’t like the word capstone.


Ha! Sounds like something I would do.

I like psssst better. Like you’re gonna tell me a secret.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I cannot believe I did that. This week needs to be slaughtered.

This is a pretty spectacular headache.

This Random sucks.

Oops. I guess my battery died.

OK, apparently Pacificas are just awful, not awfully nice.

I’m definitely hungry.

I have to say, I have not been thrilled with this Android phone.

ohhhhhh I forgot about this version! I love this version!

I don’t know what that is, but that hand creeps me out.

Soccer is still going on? Good grief.

Drowning into?

“Glorious” is really not the word I’d use to describe TSA’s Instagram.

Which – how is TSA’s Instagram super big news all of a sudden? I followed them for a while out of curiosity. Then I remembered that I loathe the TSA and want them abolished. Also their feed was boring. Knife knife knife knife knife. Yawn.

Kind of sad in a nostalgic way I suppose.

Touch screen? That’s crazy talk!

I’m so sick of looking for a car. I hate buying a car.

I’m tired of everything.

Miss W has read Fortunately, the Milk 37 times.

Maybe I should go back to writing. None of this “Great American Novel” crap. Pish.

I lack follow through. I have my reasons.

Audra Mae’s version of Forever Young is sticking with me today. So I’m linking again.

Cranky baby. Cranky.

I like the word Galvatorex.

Kirk?! Most unexpected.

Aw this is fun.


I still cannot believe I did that. Dumbass.

I’m kind of cold. I kind of wish I’d worn longer pants.

Boy, people are talkin’ an awful lot about pr0n lately.

What the actual fuck. Sick.

Ha! But why would you do that?

30 days til Outlander!!!!!!! EEeeeeeeEeeeE!!!!


Penny Dreadful. Interesting. A lot more sex than I expected. Hello orgy at Dorian Gray’s house.

I always think it’s A Portrait of Dorian Gray, but it’s a Picture.

I like the theme music quite a lot.

Stop kicking me, Stormageddon.

I think that’s a hallucination. I’m pretty sure. Fairly certain. Almost.


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Random Wednesday

I love you internet. I hate you internet.

High of 70! YES! Dammit, I wish I’d known that before I left the house. I would have worn pants. White pants. Because I can.

I had to start watching Sons of Anarchy again. I had to know what happened to Jax’s son.

I would really like to visit Highgate Cemetery some day.

I hate it when people on TV have coffee shop cups of coffee because you can always tell when they’re actually empty and the people aren’t really drinking anything. How hard is it to just put some water in that thing or something? Give it some weight, give the actor something to swallow. It just bugs me.

Weirdest spam ever.

Yes, I do know that the copier is making a horrible noise. Yes, I do know the copier is showing a system failure. Yes, I have contacted the service people and they have told me someone would be coming. Yes, it is conceivable that as the office manager I am actually aware of what is happening in the office.

How are you just going to change the rules of a game that’s been played for I don’t even know how many hundreds of years?

I want to be her.

I hate it when I forget to grab my knitting before I leave.

you needed to hear this one again today

I don’t really get palazzo pants.

Kids learning chopsticks reads totally differently than Kids’ learning chopsticks. I had a completely different picture in my head than what you intended.

I love a Wednesday that plays the role of a Friday.

Aw yeah.

The University is switching from Coke to Pepsi. How the hell am I supposed to resist the Mt. Dew temptation???

It’s all your fault, white guy.

climb on every rung

Yay Starz! First Outlander, now American Gods.

Man I cannot wait for Outlander.

Everyone keeps going into offices and closing doors to have super secret meetings. It’s starting to get funny. Almost none of them are scheduled. I’m the only one not meeting with anyone.

Construction worker just called me honey in the cafe. OH MY GOD I’M SO OPPRESSED BY THE PATRIARCHY!!!1!

It would never have occurred to me to buy a cat a hammock.

Aw my old dean just stopped by for a quick debate on the Hobby Lobby ruling. I love those chats. Not even being sarcastic. If only I could convince him single payer is bad bad bad bad bad.


Ugh. This is a total mom shirt.

Man, I really need to shave my legs.

I don’t know why I suddenly have the Final Countdown running through my head, but I don’t much appreciate it.

Miss W and the Tiny Time Lord would make a good book title.

Well that was awkward.

Tiny compared to you!

I just can’t wear these contacts any more. I can’t see a damn thing.

I need more knitting money. And time. I need more knitting time.

I wish I could find a jerky I didn’t hate.

Lull everyone into a sugar dazed sense of happy.

What’s the difference between a duck and George Washington?

It’d be nice. But it’s just not possible.

This is not actually a hotel. You can’t just camp out in the library until you leave for Japan.

I like to say that if I didn’t have a goat I’d totally have a garden, but we all know this isn’t true.

Wow, I really need to pay more attention to crap right now. This sleep deprivation is having a much bigger effect than I previously thought.

I really hate Frank Zappa.

Number one reason not to take me on a road trip: If I drive for longer than an hour I’m in imminent danger of falling asleep and killing us all in a fiery wreck.
Number one reason to take me on a road trip: I will convince you to stop at all the out of the way, bizarre, strange, cool, odd, creepy, and just plain weird places that you would never have ever stopped had I not been with you, and you will love every minute of it.

Big game hunting is actually an important aspect of conservation.

Also that girl can do whatever the hell she wants.

Yep, definitely keep thinking tomorrow is Saturday. Hello 4 day weekend, you beautiful thing.

Maybe I can just strip all the dye out of my hair at once so I don’t have to go through the agony of growing it out.

I was reminded of this song today. Weird.

This might be the best site ever.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I, too, have flaws.

geek the ammo can dot org

One has a bill on his face, the other has his face on a bill.

Now I keep thinking tomorrow’s Wednesday. I’m all messed up.

We all had zombie t shirts. It was a thing.

Mission Accomplished.

You know what’s dumb? Yeah. That.

I really ought to know better by now. I really should.

That girl’s name is Dusty Sheets.

I do love Leonard Cohen. This is true.

… huh

Lost, I guess. Just a little lost.

I just noticed this blog just turned 4. Seems like that ought to be a little bit significant some how.

“Occasional objects” So. Sometimes they’re something other than objects? Like Transformers?

The Last Ship. sigh. I’m sorry, Adam Baldwin. I love you but.

I like your starry pajamas, kid.


Oh I thought that was a trilogy. There are five books?

Gruff hero dude #1: “Revenge is best served cold.”
Gruff hero dude #2: “Let’s eat.”
jentober: “grooooooan.”

Time to edit the links I think. Change things. Overhaul. Something. Sleep.

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thursday soundtrack – someone else’s songs for summer part two

zentober wmmaybe tomorrow – stereophonics
this time – jonathan rhys meyers
beautiful girl – william fitzsimmons
the roller – beady eye
southern cross (lp version) – crosby, stills & nash
you were never there – diego garcia
without you – eddie vedder
running on empty – jackson browne
honest face – liam finn & eliza jane
the dolphin’s cry – live
in the dirt – s. carey

I was cleaning something else that really needed cleaning and I found a disc two, ya’ll. Y’all? I think it’s Y’all and I think I always type ya’ll. I think ya’ll must be more Michigander and y’all more southern. Digressing … So I like disc 1 better.

I can’t take a mix seriously that has Crosby, Stills & Nash on it. Especially because they disdain the Oxford comma in their band name. Plus the ampersand. Plus hippies. But whatever.

I both love and hate that Stereophonics song and I could not tell you why either way. I wish I’d never heard it (I heard it long before this mix, just for the record).

Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I didn’t even know he musicianed. I don’t care for him as an actor. His singing style is very James Bluntish. Also too “hipster soul searchy my music video is set in a coffee shop and now I’m totally gonna get into your pants because I’m singing and gazing soulfully at you with my dreamy eyes” for me.

Eddie Vedder. I just can’t.

Live. I really used to love this band. Their first album came out back when I was in high school and I’d listen to it over and over. Their progression over the years has been interesting. Plus Ed Kowalczyk has some serious God issues. I just remembered that I saw them live. How did I forget that? I wonder what happened to that t shirt. I probably bought an XL because I never used to wear clothes that fit because I don’t even know, and later got rid of it. Weird. I can’t remember who opened for them though. Oh wait. Was that the Love Spit Love concert? I believe it was … Yes! Back in ’95. Love Spit Love kicked ass live! Live not so much. Man, I love Richard Butler. I just Googled Ed. Apparently he has a solo career now. I wonder how that’s working out for him. Digressing …

I have used too many ellipses in this post.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for disc two. Maybe Miss W would enjoy it more than I do. I appreciate the effort that went into making it by whoever it was that made it that I can’t remember but suspect was one of two people, one of whom I don’t talk to any more because evil. But again, lay your mixes on me, baby. You know you wanna.

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Random Wednesday

wm3521I just …

Oh yay. More 4H frustration. Wonderful. Why does no one in this organization ever just tell you what you need to know in order to do ANYTHING? Even when you ask questions, it’s like pulling teeth to get the correct information. I am so aggravated right now.


I REALLY don’t like Jason Ritter. I just don’t.

No, I’m sorry, you don’t keep a friendly deposition. Proofread your cover letter? What?

Aw, I love the Totoro and Haku hoodies.

COMMAND v vs. CONTROL v learning curve.

Typing with a keyboard cover is weird and hard to get used to. I can’t tell

There have only been 4 seasons of the Walking Dead? It seems like so much more.


Yes! A win for MI CPL holders.

Ewwwww! Why??

‘”you are so much more interesting than the inside of my head” – neil gaiman over dinner, giving me possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received from any man, while trying to explain why he hasn’t gotten any work done over the past five years.’ Thanks a million, Amanda Palmer. Bitch.

Although. That is an incredibly incredible thing to say to the woman you love. Swoonable for sure. But still.

Nobody reads my Thursday Soundtrack posts. I’m pretty sure people only come here for Random Wednesday.

“Jesus wants you to get it amputated.”

Since when do you need the hard drive to recover the emails?

Spoliated. That’s a new word for me. I like it. It’s like ‘sploded.

I just didn’t think the Lego movie lived up to the ridiculous amount of hype.

“One of my sons wants to be a photographer. I said to him, “Why do you want to rob the bank when it’s already been burgled?” There’s no livelihood there.” YES.

I keep hoping billionairism is like a virus and you can catch it.

I just don’t like Chinese food.

I’m going to have such a headache.

It should rain. It should.

Oh Lord. Battle Creek is a special special place. You think it’s all Raisin Brand and Corn Flakes in the Cereal City, but it’s really just a side show waiting to happen.

Gah. I love them all. Swoonable.

That’s my word of the day, apparently.



Ack! The cute!


I didn’t even bother to try to do anything with my hair today. So. Much. Humidity. I am a ball of frizz. It’s not pretty.

“A True Patriot! Congratulations! You passed the test. You possess a superior knowledge of important historical events in America. If there was a medal for knowing the answers to these questions you would definitely deserve it.”

Scary fucked up hillbilly. Yes. But still totally hot. Sorry. At least he’s not a felon.

I don’t know about you, but I thank all the gods above and below every damn day that we have government to save us, save us brothers and sisters! from the menacing influence of rampant free libraries and the tyrannical demon children who reign over them! Hallelujah!

That is an excellent plan! You are a genius.

What are the odds?

I have no focus today. I used it all up yesterday. I was so focused yesterday I didn’t even take a lunch break.

The glass is there for a reason.

I think you hold a different view on that if you’re not actually a Yooper.

Today’s stuck in my head track: lit up. lit up. lit up. lit up alright. with your bad blood. ARGH. help.


“Common sense is aloof to some. I agree with you 110%.” Common sense. So uppity.

Wait. So – Curses to Political Correctness! Except for when I offend someone??? Sigh. Whatever, Gary Oldman.

The problem with finally deciding that I no longer wish to make a living as a photographer, (unless my ultimate dream job of White House Photographer was offered to me, in which case I’d be on the next flight to the hell pit of DC), is that I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. Or, I do, I want to stay home with the sprogs, but I can’t. So job wise. I don’t have a clue.


I wish I was on a road trip too. I love road trips.

I really don’t like Chinese food.

Ah yeah. There’s the headache. Also I’m starving.

I’m still probably not going to read the Hunger Games books. I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of reading Life of Pi.

Why is my Diet Coke named Bree?

I could really use a nap.

Looking at the monitor for this machine while moving the mouse for the other machine and trying to figure out where the cursor is. Who here needs more sleep? Anyone?

This calls for a bendy straw.

That cat has a death wish. THE SCREEN IS NOT FOR CLIMBING!

Must. Not. Buy. The. Rocker.

I hate putting frames together. The glass. Ugh. I can never get it clean enough.

Maybe that’s a sign. Maybe I should chop off my hair.

Dammit! I always forget picture wire! Always!

People cut grapes in half? That’s a thing?

You are getting verrrrrrrry sleeeeepy.

No really.

What is that beeping?


I love you in the summer, Breathe Right Strips. I just love you.

Neither is the ceiling.

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