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Random Wednesday

6287121059_1e80baf032_oI uploaded the wrong photo last night, so you get one from the archives this week.

Kind of Liz Phair-esque I guess. It was unintentional.

God I hate Outlook. And Office 365. And every single thing about the web platform.

I really wish I hadn’t poked play on that.

I hate doll houses. For real. They wig me the hell out.

I think I need to just go ahead and give up on Flickr.

How is Highlander 30 years old already?

Well evidently that is the type of person you are, because that is what you did.

How am I on episode 12 already?

cheese and crackers. cheese and crackers. cheese and crackers.

I forgot how much I like Nights in White Satin. I don’t know why. I mean I don’t know why I like it so much. I suppose I also don’t know why I forgot. Whatever.

You should check out Henry Lohmeyer on Insta. He makes some beautiful images.

I’m reasonably certain I’ve mentioned my pure and righteous hatred of UPS in the past, but allow me to reiterate. Now they’ve lost my standing desk. How do you lose a flipping desk? How?

“That is horrible. And also awesome.” Exactly.

The 2016 Election is a reality television show.

Did you really just say “Matt Welch and me talked to … “?? oy.

Wow. I’ve been neglecting you today. I’m so sorry. I don’t even know where the time has gone at all.

Uhhhhh. I can’t type a sound of disgust that is accurate enough. Ughhhhh. Would you just stop? Enough, lady.

Crap. Now I have that awful Third Eye Blind song stuck in my head. Quick! To the interwebs for a palate cleanser!

Ah yes. Haven’t listened to this in a while. I kinda dig her. Not my usual thing, but whatevah.

See? No one ever hears me when I say “bless you”.

Man. I have GOT to finish this stupid shawl. I love the finished product but I hate this pattern to knit.

Oh look at that. It’s already in my favorites.

Aw. I liked Empire Records. It was sweet.

And just like that, it’s time to go pick up your tween’s sneakers that she left behind on her camping party to come home barefoot.

Who does that?

Dude. Don’t ask for money in Comic Sans. Just don’t.


Guest post by Stormageddon.

I don’t know why I bother. It’s not like I ever get a response.

“‘How does it feel to sit and talk about boobs, for HOURS?’ Nobody does that. Nobody has the time to just sit and talk about nothing but boobs for hours. I mean the whole thing was just so horrible.”


Thank God we don’t live in the dark ages of cell phones anymore.

I’m going to join the choose your own adventure tee along. By golly. If my yarn doesn’t take 3 years to arrive.

By golly.


The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.

044 wm 9420 044 wm 9427 044 wm 944944.52 (letters to a young contrarian, christopher hitchens)

Random Wednesday

wm9346We can “like” email messages at work now. I don’t even know what planet I am on anymore.

These are fantastic!

They really should have cut that fabric differently. It does not read the racist way they’d like it to read.

I’m not a fan or anything, but what the hell happened to Lil Kim?

I’m sitting here with the caps lock on wondering why none of my passwords are working. I’m having a rough morning, y’all.

I can’t believe they want that much for freakin’ Kansas tickets. Please.

I did not get my walk in this morning. I might be able to squeeze one in in a bit. Maybe.

Can I just get a total do-over on today please? Starting around 9 last night? I’d really appreciate that.

Oh. My. GOD. There are no words to express precisely how much I wholly and completely loathe Office 365. None.

I really don’t think I can be nice to people right now.

I ordered my standing desk on July 1. It is still not here. sigh.

I don’t even know how I ended up there, but I just had the misfortune of perusing Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram feed. Gah.

I totally forgot how much I love Garden Herb Triscuits.

I cannot get Pat Benatar out of my head now. Wonderful.

Smart. Figures. Now that is irony.

I think my feet might be a little bit stinky today. That’s life I guess.

Ha. I was shopping for a new alarm clock.

Sheeeeesh. I’m like a spider magnet. It’s freaking weird.

I’ve never really listened to these guys before.

and your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected

This is kind of hilarious. I might actually play this game.

Rat lookin’ sumbitch” is the best Pokename evah.

I don’t know how to answer your question.

I got on the Spotify thinger. I made a Supernatural playlist. On account of I’m a geek.

Where is my desk, dammit?

There is an unpleasant odor in mah kitchen. Dammit.

OK. I have things to do. Things to knit. Photos to deal with. A lab to find. Prints to puzzle out. blah blah

Yeah, I think I’m gonna wait for my bangs to grow out.

That seems like the smart move.

Let freedom never perish in your hands.

043 wm 927743.52 (joseph addison)

wm9256 wm9259 wm9260 wm9263 wm9264 wm9265 wm9273 wm9274 wm9276 wm9284 wm9285 wm9286 wm9287 wm9290 wm9299

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.

043 wm 21004543.52 (simon pegg) we skipped a week, and that’s OK. also? i shot this on mah phone. and that’s OK too. it’s the only photo i’ve taken of myself in the last 2 weeks i love.

Random Wednesday

wm8859I for serious hate the sound of your keyboard.

The Whiskey Rebellion would be a good band name.

I wish they sold Diet Dr. Pepper in the machines. I’m over the Dew at the moment.

Interesting. That’s actually quite the view from Christ the Redeemer. Walk over to that little curved part of the balustrade …

Oh. My. God. Like these weren’t made just for me.

That might be the first time ever that I remembered my Tumblr password on the first try.

I do not find Tim McGraw attractive. I just don’t get what you ladies see there.

I have no idea what’s going on this building right now.

I wish I could say that I was surprised. But I’m not even a little bit.

Wait, I’m still Facebook friends with Jason Newstead??

Last undergrad class ever starts in t minus … I don’t know. Some minutes.

People act like the Rule of Law wasn’t already broken before the Clintons came along. Please.

Let me tell you this little story so you can get a clear picture of my brain: I have to pee so I go in the bathroom, hike my skirt up and sit down. I look down and only see my underpants. I immediately think, “Where is my skirt? Did I leave it at my desk?? Wait! Did I remember to put a skirt on this morning??? Did I just come to work in my underwear????” And only THEN, after ALL of this has run through my head do I look again and see my skirt hiked up around my waist and say “Oh! There it is!” and get on with my morning. I’m completely serious.

I mean. Why would it even occur to me to wonder if I remembered to dress my lower half in the first place?

Too much information? You’ll get over it. That shit was hi-larious.

This class is going to kill me.

I’m going to have Dust in the Wind stuck in my head all damn day.

I guess I’ll just have to stop sleeping entirely.


Where is the rain? It was supposed to bloody rain! I need it to rain!!! Bastards

I don’t know. I just don’t understand a world where emoticons are now built into my work email.

And by fun I mean the complete and utter opposite of fun.

I wish someone would bring me an iced coffee because they’re nice.

Gretchen Carlson got fired?

OMG just re-send the email! No one knows what they’re supposed to do!

I love cheese danish.

Yep. It’s a semester long interview.

I need to do some thank you cards. I’m so behind on everything. On all the things. All. The. Things.

The struggle is real.

I would completely love a print from this artist. I just adore his work. He’s part of my Instagram zen.

Jesus American Spectator. How many times does a girl have to unsubscribe before you get the message?

I need to review all those links on the right. Some of those people just don’t even post anymore. Maybe I just won’t even link to other people any more. But. You know. In six weeks when this class is over and I have time to breathe.

I cain’t get enough o’ yah love.

It’s a legitimate question.

I think I need to just give in and go with the natural hair for the rest of the summer. Embrace the frizz. It’s too damn humid to try and keep it straight and smooth. Anyway, the floof of the metal hair hides the fact that I need to dye my roots kind of.

I think I may have a solution to your problem.

Random Wednesday

wm9188Wait. That would require me actually going to Costco, which, just thinking about it sort of gives me hives.

“sitting is the new smoking” … but not nearly as stimulating.

I thought that was Graham McTavish! He’s so sexy when he’s not all gross old western grungy.

Ugh. I officially give up on you, Facebook.

Oooh Keep Calm and Gary On! That’s a good one!

That’s interesting … and possibly very very weird.

“I’m gonna assume those people have shitty taste in books.”

If you’re not listening to Lera Lynn, you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

Shit. I’m going to have to take a couple of days off work to get this thesis crap finished.

Look. I can’t make 16 people all available at the same place and the same time. It’s like the Holy freaking Grail.

i will wait i will wait for you

Don’t forget tha Outloooooooks.

What! Yes please!!!

I am typing this sentence on my phone.

I am typing this sentence on my computer.

I love you Dropbox mobile app. You’re so handy when my Google phone doesn’t back up the files I want it to back up.

I have been sitting too long.

I don’t know what to eat. I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EAT.

Argh. Stupid Google. Don’t make me hate you.

I just don’t want to be here.

It’s a little chilly in here. In 15 minutes or so it’ll be too warm in here. I hate this stupid centrally controlled temperature.

If I were an athlete, I would not want to go to Rio. Olympics or no Olympics.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I just took a nap. I’m guessing not so much.

I don’t know a thing about docking stations.

Ooooooh I get to order a stand up desk!!!

I don’t actually care why you chose one over the other, I just need to know which bloody one you want.

Whelp. I’m out of water. Must be Diet Dr. Pepper time.

Yes. Yes, it is.

It’s kind of shocking how quickly and thoroughly B.O. can permeate and linger in a room.

I never want to see another volunteer time log again.

“If it’s not canon, it shouldn’t be in the show.”

Wow. Truth.

Something in here is stinky.

I’ve never liked John Irving.

Also I just don’t think Adele actually is all that.

This is so cool.

Well that escalated quickly.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

042 wm 914242.52 (abraham lincoln) OK, technically I’m not done til August. But they don’t hold a commencement for us summer II kids, so June it is. But check it out. I totally did it. Now to tackle that GRE for grad school …
P.S. My skirt looks hella short in the bronco pix, but it really is not. It had ridden up a bit and I didn’t realize it. We were kind of in a hurry. Everyone wanted their picture taken at the bronco. wm9164 wm9141 wm9142 wm9143 wm9144 wm9165 wm9166

Random Wednesday

wm9112My question is, did people actually used to be nicer and slower to judge others before the internet, or was it really just that they used to keep that shit to themselves? I think it’s the latter, because really, who’s going to walk up to you and tell you to your face what they *really* think about you? Not many people.

i’m so sorry for everything i’m so sorry for everything i’m so sorry for everything i’m so sorry for everything

My mind is suspiciously blank this morning.

I’m kind of loving this gloom.

That was a particularly bad migraine. Damn.

She was sitting there talking about how she wouldn’t wish a migraine on her worst enemy, they’re that bad! Of course I’m sitting there thinking I sure as hell would! What a kick ass weapon that would be.

Moderately amusing.

I still don’t have Barbie Spock. Maybe someone will get him for me as a graduation gift.

On account of I’m graduating. Saturday.

It’s a shame no one’s taking me on a European adventure as a graduation gift. Hey dad, get on that wouldja?

It’s so pretty!

I did not care for the way it fit.

I have a lunch dilemma. I always have a lunch dilemma. My life is nothing but lunch dilemmas.

Ha. My Texas friends are planning my next vacation. They say that as if I get to take vacations. I love you guys. “The Macabre Tour of Texas” We’ll be needing t-shirts.

That whole “I stand behind you in line, smiling” pro gun meme that’s going around? First of all, it’s creepy. You’re creeping ME out and I’m pro gun. Secondly, it’s obnoxiously smug and self righteous. Knock that shit off. You’re not helping. Stop spreading that stupid thing around.

I didn’t do very well on that test. And I don’t really care.

Wendy’s. Maybe I’ll go to Wendy’s.

hello mosquito     buzz buzz

Stop trying so hard, sweetie. You’re not actually the Queen of Fucking Everything.

Felt someone else’s emotions in a room.

I wasn’t trying to start an argument, but sometimes things are less funny and more assy. And this just seemed of the more assy variety.

Great. Now I have Sabotage stuck in my head. I know you planned it.

We should all strive to be lovelier people.

I’ve accomplished basically nothing today.

Don’t let me forget to take my laptop charger home with me. Kthanks.

Yeah, I don’t want any part of that after school special, thank you very much.

Everybody’s closing their doors. I want a door.

I did not go to Wendy’s. Just in case you were wondering.

i just want to feel your pulse again

I think one of the reasons I like Instagram so much is that I miss having the time for a daily photo project like a 365, or a 30 days. Instagram doesn’t really take the place of those “real” projects, but it’s better than nothink, dahlink.

Plus it’s totally my zen.

Plus I’ve found a ton of really phenomenal knitters and knit designers there.

This is probably the worst episode of Supernatural I’ve ever seen. This is the kind of episode that is created to set up a spin off. I have no idea if there was a spin off, but this episode is awful.

Ah ha! It was meant to be a spinoff.

What! How did I forget I brought a shortbread wedge??

Stop liquefying faces!

I don’t know. I think I might have been channeling someone I don’t really want to channel with that last sentence.

I think the key thing to remember here is that sometimes when you think you’re being hilarious, you are, in fact, just being a dick.

Sorry ’bout your troubles.

This seems like a particularly cranky post, and I’m not in a particularly cranky mood. I’m actually in a pretty decent mood.

I typed moof. I’m in a decent moog. See? I can’t type moos. Mood.


Wait. You’re staging a sit in to demand “some kind of vote” but there isn’t actually anything to vote on. So basically it’s totally theatrics and you’re wasting everyone’s time. Good job.

“You are Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful! You are a bad ass chick and know what you want in life. Some may say you’re a rebel, but you are a loyal friend, and often put others before yourself. You are multi talented, independent and know how to take care of yourself!”

I love that movie.

“It’s difficult to threaten Americans with a strike when Americans don’t want you to do your job.” hahahahahahha

I think I need more Fioricet.

Well that was a complete waste of time.

And suddenly I’m just sick and tired of all of it.

All I want is to share my disjointed ramblings, enjoy the company of a few decent people who share my geeky outlook and also like to shoot things, and just be me.

We should all strive to be lovelier people.

I keep typing things and then deleting them. I had sad internet feelings today.

“This all sounds like Sad Times at Bitchmont High.”

But I remembered my charger. So I got that goin’ for me.

And my BFF is going to be here tomorrow.

And I’m graduating Saturday morning.

I posted that and captioned it “monday afternoon sky”. It wasn’t until much later that I realized today is not, in fact, Monday.

Well. There’s that then.

It is a wise father that knows his own child.

IMG_9019IMG_9022IMG_9024041 wm 9021 041 wm 9136IMG_9128 IMG_9130 IMG_913241.52 (merchant of venice, william shakespeare)

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