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Random Wednesday

wm9915Maybe it’s the way she says “bless you” – all urgent and sort of half panicked. As if surely the demons would take imminent possession of your carcass were she not to bless your soul as quickly as her mouth can form the words and her lungs can throw them forth with a burst of desperate air.

But maybe not.

No. Really. Take it to Snapchat. Please.

Maybe it’s because I’m a photographer, not a videographer.

I find this fascinating. I would have thought that “we” care more because it’s a child and there is the natural instinct to protect the children. But it’s fascinating either way.

That was one of the dumber internet quizzes I’ve taken.

Wow. I can’t even comprehend suspending all of my weight from my teeth.

Who puts rosemary in their coffee??

Why do I look at these things? Gah. If a cluttered counter is so anathema to you, lady, why don’t you just come and clean my house for me? You certainly seem to have all the time, ever.

I need some new ankle socks for my constitutionals. All of these are completely shot.

Man. That woman sure prints a lot of stuff.

Signing your work email with “peace” is just as weirdly annoying as signing it “best.”

I feel like you could use a laugh.

My degree has officially posted. I’m officially a grad student. How weird.

Wow, I’ve been so caught up in proofreading this here course content that I’ve completely ignored Random. Holy shit there are a lot of typos and grammatical annoyances to correct.

Holy shit, I’m about to teach my first ever class. It’s a college class. It’s an honors college class. Wow.

Dammit, Jim!

Holy wow. I can see your son comes by his chattiness honestly.

Oh. You’re still here. heh.

Shiny new red pens!

Interestingly, I will not actually be using them for grading.

Gosh they write really nice too.

I feel like there’s something I’m supposed to be doing, but I can’t think of what it is.


I think those panda suits that people wear to go into the panda habitats are the creepiest frigging things I have ever seen. Except for those big plasticky rubber animal head masks like you get from Archie McPhee. Those are way creepier. Maybe they’re equally creepy actually. Cos I just saw another pic of those panda people and my skin just started to crawl right off my bones.

Have I mentioned how much I flipping hate plastic wrap?

Who could it be now?

Ha. It’s totally stuck in your head now, isn’t it?

Boy it sure cooled down quickly in here.

Holy shit it’s after 8 already.

Holy shit I’m saying holy shit a lot today.

I don’t have a lot on my mind since I got that email from the Registrar’s office this morning. I guess I’m just kind of suddenly all “WHEW, that’s done. FINALLY.” A huge weight, yo.

Huh. Tony Hawk just bought a house in Detroit. Weird.

My feed is all kinds of messed up.

And my feet are cold.

And my littlest needs to hit the hay hard.


Random Wednesday

wm9877Someone needs to create a better lotion container.

I have always found it particularly entertaining that Hill so vigorously defended Bill Clinton. I have never believed her story, and it still greatly irritates me that my college not only paid her to come to campus to speak, but sang her praises far and wide.

Interesting. I had never heard of an Rh.D. before.

“Trying to think of a situation in which I’d ask her advice.”
“Don’t hurt yourself.”

This is really really interesting.

There is an important distinction to be made between duck face and a smoochy face. And I have never in my life made a duck face.

I seriously read that name as Dementia.

Dammit! Whyyyy must Tommy Stinson play on a flipping Thursday night? sigh. Yet another show I won’t be attending.

And that is why I do not live on a flood plane.

We’re not really Star Wars people.

Man. I’m so glad I put Dropbox on my phone. Google just will not back up my Instagram photos for some reason.

Is there ever going to be another day in my life when I will not feel like I’m sleepwalking? Bone damn tired.

I’d like this stitch under my ribs to relax now please. I’d like to take a breath, thank you.

dammit dammit dammit. That is not the news any of us were hoping for.

I have no motivation whatsoever. For anything.

It’s not “bare with me.” No one wants to bare with you. Maybe your wife or husband or something. I don’t know. I certainly don’t want to bare with you.

Honestly. It’s just not that hard to set up a course correctly. It just isn’t. There are even step by step instructions available for you. Jesus.

Dammit. Why do parents have to be so dang rude when they call here? I cannot give you information about your student. I really don’t care if you pay the bills or not.

Wait. What? Crystal Pepsi is back? Why the hell would anyone bring Crystal Pepsi back??

Once again, I completely forgot that this is a Wednesday.

Whhhhhhhy do I have Alice in Chains stuck in my head? Ughhhhhhh.

I don’t belong in this show with these people.

Why must you always complicate these things unnecessarily?

doesn’t matter what they say

Oh no. I’m not answering that call. Not a chance.

I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is wearing all those weird shirt dresses lately because she’s pregnant again. (The rumor started here, folks.)

I guess I should have checked the clock …

What? I can’t. What??

This calls for shortbread.

And tea. You can’t have shortbread without tea.

I hate weaving in ends. I hate weaving in ends. I hate weaving in ends.

Oh my goodness. Stop trying to steal Reykjavik cats, Stephen West!

I can’t believe I spelled Reykjavik correctly on the first try. I’m awesome.

But I don’t need a holster.


I suppose shortbread would be good with iced coffee as well.

We shall see.

I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

047 wm 991147.52

Western man had relearned-what the rest of the world had never forgotten-that there was nothing sinful in leisure as long as it did not degenerate into mere sloth.

047 wm 990947.52 (childhoods end, arthur c. clarke)

By your side I’m most quiet and most unquiet, most inhibited and most free.

047 wm 987347.52 (letters to milena, franz kafka)

Random Wednesday

wm9714You’re so much better at the sci-fi than I.

Much wanting.

Writing tip–Use “a” before consonant sounds (e.g., a one-year term).
Use “an” before vowel sounds (e.g., an honor).

Such a basic tip, and yet, clearly necessary.


Look, I’m not a fan of the DNC either, but I am reasonably certain they’re not going around quietly murdering people.

There’s a Duran Duran appreciation day?

OK it’s a given that I’m tired all the time, but today is measurably worse than usual. What the hell.

better shape up

What. I’m not sorry.

Here. Does this make up for it? Of course it does.

Ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I feel like I’m coming down with something. I really really really do not have time to get sick. Must resist. Must. Resist. Sooooo lightheaded. Soooooooooo tired. dammit dammit dammit

I think maybe I’ll go get an iced coffee. Because that will miraculously cure my ailment.

All edits are done. I have no presentation. I’m back in panic mode.

Free book day!

“Feel like Magnus is too common?” Um no. No, I don’t.

I suddenly thought of Rollinghead’s Long Black Feeling, but I can’t share it with you because there’s no Youtube of it.

I really loved Rollinghead.

I’m feeling a little better. Just thought you’d like an update.

I’m so bad at these things.

Well a slideshow of outtakes playing while I talk should work. Sure.

I need an intro. To the book. An intro. Bah.

Hey Gary Johnson? About that Fist Pump for Freedom hashtag? Yeah, no. Just no.

I’m about 37 seconds away from falling asleep.

Could you please stop eating those chips now?

I’d take a walk but holy hell. It’s 89 degrees. But damn, I really want to take a walk.

I can’t help it if I can appreciate Bad Company and you can’t.

Nothing like an hour long system upgrade on mah phone. Whee.

ARGH. See? These Instagram stories are messing up my zen in a big way. Now people are doing these damn stories instead of just posting a nice still from their day. Go do that on Snapchat. Plus the stories won’t even load when I’m at home so it’s pointless to try to watch.

bitch bitch bitch

But come on. I love Instagram. It makes me happy. They are messing with my happy.

I should send out a round of post cards.

Here is something positive … ly stinky. Just kidding. I totally went for a walk in the heat and I don’t even smell bad.

It was legitimate. I’m not just being a PITA.

Unlike many, I do not find oxymorons entertaining in the least.

Roof pig. Most unexpected.

We should bring back 3 people doing stuff. But. You know. 4.

Love Will Tear us Aporter!

Stop trying to smother me!

The elusive chompy cobra.

I need caffeine.

Who tells adoptive parents they aren’t “real” parents? I have never heard this before. What foolishness.

OK I’m maybe not so secretly really ready for fall.

Pretty sure that deadline has passed round these parts.

Every time I remember this wonderful thing exists in the world I have to share it with you again. The song, not Dita Von Whatserface. I remain unimpressed with Whatserface.

Maybe I should do more knitting posts here.

Hey Dave, I really dig that Alewives album. Just so you know.

Quit spamming me Donald Trump. I’ll never vote for you.


I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me. I hope you know that.

IMG_982646.52 (will grayson, will grayson ~ john green)

Miss W with her roaster pen. They’re around 9ish pounds each this year. Maybe just the one was 9 pounds, I don’t have all the weights in my head. But that’s pretty dang good. Also, I feel it’s important to note I’ve never read any John Green and have no plans to, but it was a good quote. It bothers me that all of the quotes about pride are negative. I don’t see anything negative in being proud of your accomplishments as long as you remain rooted in reality. If you can’t be proud of what you’ve done, what’s the point in doing it?

What one in the rout of the fire-born moods has fallen away?

046 wm 980146.52 (the moods, william butler yeats)

three things i know today:
1) we skipped another week somewhere in there and i don’t mind at all.
2) i miss doing a 365 with sarah.
3) this hair is an intelligent and belligerent life form all on its own.

There are times that one treasures for all one’s life, and such times are burned clearly and sharply on the material of total recall. I felt very fortunate that morning.

046 wm 977946.52 (travels with charley and later novels, 1947-1962, john steinbeck)

Random Wednesday

wm9742Amass pie, amigo!

But what if pillaging was the whole reason I wanted to be a Viking in the first place?

It’s funny because whenever I think of that album cover I see sheep and in reality they’re dogs.

What other way would you take to Traverse City?

I thought this was really interesting.

I don’t love To Kill a Mockingbird like other people love it. I don’t actually love it at all. It’s not on my list of favorite books of all time. I thought it was good. But it’s not something I go back to over and over. I only read it the once.

Migraine won this time. I feel like hell.

Hey Instagram? If I wanted to be on Snapchat, I’d be on Snapchat. But I don’t. I want to be on Instagram. Come on.

I’m having a hard time caring about a long list of things right now. I’m really OK with that.

Why is food always so problematic for me? Stupid food.

I can’t remember what I was supposed to do now.

I should just wear my Day of the Dead headband as a normal hair accessory.

Well that was a failed book experiment. Rather disappointing.


Why do I keep doing this?

Well that button works.

I suppose I’m not the type of person that inspires other people to do those kinds of things.

It would help if you provided us with account numbers so that when I send you a check to pay a bill you actually apply the money to the correct debt.

It’s too hot. I need it to be fall. Fall weather. Not fall time-wise. I’m not ready for school to resume. Not at all.

Sorry for the site, but you won’t be sorry you looked. Very cool.

gah. Kinda sick of that Clash song now.

I know it’s not terribly long but

I really like this purple. It’s so dark and mysterious. It will be so pretty when it’s finished.

There’s still time to order this super cool t shirt.


Maybe I’ll just start watching Supernatural all over again from the beginning. Maybe. Shut up.

Look. If you’re just going to leave and not take your Thin Mints with you, I’m going to appropriate them for my own consumption.  You can’t just let perfectly good Thin Mints go to waste. That’s just wrong.

I suppose I could be reading right now.

I think those parents in AZ ought to be shot. But then I get a little cranky when morons leave their baby home alone to go play a stupid game.


Stop spitting on me.

I could have done without Beyonce’s booty jiggle, but hells yeah, Jeff Goldblum. That is a damn good looking man.

Stop running me over with your demolition truck. I brought you into this world, I will take you out of it. As the saying goes.

Why am I still here?

I’m reading The Goldfinch and re-reading American Gods. In case you were wondering. Now that I sort of have time to read for fun again. I should make a book list. Or you could just friend me on Goodreads if you want. I don’t judge your book choices.

Unless you rave about Dave Eggars. Then we can’t be friends. At all.

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