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Random Wednesday

wm0565OK, before you go any further, here’s your soundtrack.

And just like that – Instagram becomes even more like Snapchat. Staaaaaahp.

Sometimes I look at a word I’ve seen and used a million times and suddenly it doesn’t look like a real word anymore. It doesn’t look like a word I have ever seen. It’s a disorienting experience.

I’m just let it go. ~Jenniferbot


This is a really good piece by Glenn Greenwald that says “we told you so” but in a much nicer way.

Gah. I can’t work with your sentence fragments.

I don’t think Esquire actually knows what “eschewing” means …

I don’t know. I’m kinda sorry I did it now. Bah.

Yawn. The Supreme Court has ruled on this TWICE. People need to let it go. Is it disrespectful? Yes. Is it treason? Um no.

No really. It’s like being drugged. I don’t even understand it at all.

Yeah, that’s assuming I’m coming back.

Tomorrow is the first. Tomorrow is the first. Tomorrow is the first.

Only tomorrow is it acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music.

Wow. You. Wow.

I still think this is the neatest project. I wish I could do something like this.

I don’t know what the hell that even is.

I had no idea I’d so quickly come to loathe the word “copy”.

I can’t say I was ever a fan of Marky Mark but I am a fan of Mark Wahlberg the actor, and I like what he has to say in this interview.

Please just stop. This is not my job. This is your job. I am not going to do your job.

You might not like it here very much, but at least you can say you don’t like it here very much and not worry about being thrown in prison for saying it.

Wait. This is Wednesday, isn’t it?

I don’t actually care: a memoir
I don’t actually care: Staff memo
I don’t actually care: the Lifetime movie

Wow. Whole lot of time got away from me there.

I don’t want my lunch.

Also tired of “take action”. Maybe you should just not take any action. Maybe you should just take a damn break from taking action. Not everything requires a frigging movement.

I feel like going out for lunch. But I don’t know where I feel like going out to. Also I’m going out for lunch with my dad tomorrow. I should just eat my stupid lunch.

I can’t believe tomorrow is December already.

I don’t            –    What?

OMFG stop calling everyone Girl.

Jesus. This guy’s name is Colin Crouch and I keep calling him Barty Crouch.

Gah. All these theorists talk in derogatory fashion about our free market, as if that were a thing that actually existed.

I just want a drink of my iced tea, dammit! Is that really so much to ask??

you were all i ever

Shut up, bird!

Yeah, I just did that on spec.

OMG I just remembered I have Combos!!!

Oh. Gee. Thanks for the monkey wrench.

Well, it is only Wednesday.

I love you, Diet Dr. Pepper. I love you even more than Dr. Pepper 10. There. I said it.

You have no idea how Excel works, do you?

Why are you so loud? We’re not hard of hearing. STOP YELLING AT ME.

Shut up. I ate my lunch. I was good.

Well some people think I’m hilarious.

I don’t know why you’re asking me. It’s not like I know anything.

shit shit shit shit shit

Don’t. Worry. About. It.

Kind of a tough decision.

It is time to READ.

Random Wednesday

wm0550I’m really sorry I broke the toaster.

I’m still not convinced it was actually me that broke the toaster.

Facebook wants me to boost my posts. I’m guessing most of the people who read my posts would prefer Facebook mute them.


Man. I don’t even like Eagles. I like eagles. They’re pretty cool. I don’t like Eagles. They’re not “the” Eagles. Everyone always calls them THE Eagles but that’s not correct. I don’t even like them and I’m sitting here with Life in the Fast Lane stuck in my head and I don’t even like that song. What a week.

pleonasm: the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy. As evidenced by every political theorist ever.

It’s like those really long nails that I don’t know what they use them for. 4x4s or something maybe. But those really long nails being driven up into your heel every time you take a step.

I just created my first drop down menu in Excel. I feel kinda awesome right now.

Dude. It really wasn’t necessary to copy my entire 3 inch long email signature. You could have just given them my name and number.

I love a good television theme song full of violin.

Maybe I, too, should deactivate my Facebook.

Stop laughing. It could happen.

Who the hell is Kate McKinnon?

Please stop adding me to groups without my permission.

Can someone explain to me why I thought MORE college was a good idea?

“Let’s reinvest in our system, reinforce the values of the separation of powers, and enforce the strict limitations the constitution places on the presidency. Then, we can all go back to living the lives we want to live. Let freedom reign.”

I said “gals” and suddenly that makes me feel old.

On the contrary, there is nothing particularly heroic about voting at all.

OMG it’s so terrible, but I laughed so hard.

This Triscuit is defective.

Also people actually eat roasted beet slices?

I just realized that I do not actually have 12 500 word thesis excerpts to grade because the due date for that assignment is this Friday at 5, not last Friday at 5. Yay me!

Most unexpected.

I am literally never going to get this reading done. And I’m having a really hard time caring about that.

I’m not sure I want to be on TV, thank you.

I sort of expected people to post their favorite Biden memes in the comments. I’m a little surprised no one has.

But damn they’re funny.


Nope. Still don’t like popcorn.

Look, it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open right now.

Tomorrow and Friday: nearly 70. Saturday and Sunday: rainy and snowy. Pure Michigan.

Doesn’t everybody use the word posse? I mean literally everybody.

I feel tremendous relief over my grad school decision. It’s not the place for me. At least right now.

*whispers* I’m sooooooooooooooooooo tired you guys. *sigh*

I need to brush my teeth.

The Things to Knit list will never be empty.

I totally forgot I left my book there.

I need a serious political theory break. Gotta catch up on my fiction.

Nobody tell Dede, but I still haven’t read the latest Outlander.

Huh. That’s actually not a bad idea.

Random Wednesday

15“For all of my “friends” that voted their conscience, not their fear: I hope your conscience sleeps well tonight …” Well yes, I slept very well last night. The only time you should be able to sleep well is when your conscience is clear, and mine very much is.

Honestly, it must be so exhausting to be so outraged all the time.

And enough with the fear mongering already. This, despite how much you might like it to be, is not actually the end of the world.

No, really. I promise you: The world is not actually ending right now.

I had no idea today would be so busy. Nutty.

Argh! My notebook got wet and now I want to throw it out and start a new one because the pages dried all wrinkly and they don’t lay flat anymore. ARGH!

Honestly, I should have just gone ahead and run for township clerk. If nothing else, at least I could have gotten our area new and more interesting “I voted” stickers.

I don’t know why it irritates me so much when Canadians pipe up about our elections, but it does.

You can’t trust cute people who say feel good stuff.

We’ll build a wall up north too. An ice wall. It’ll be all Game of Thrones and shit.

Who takes notes with a Sharpie??

I bet I’ma sleep right through that one.

Watching the mass hysteria today has been fascinating and bizarre. Truly fascinating and bizarre.

Gah what is even the point in posting this today? Literally no one cares.

You know what musta happened?

I can’t stop yawning. You guys. I’m so tired.

I wish I could make a cup of tea right now.

Man, fuggit. I’ma take a break and get some knitting done. Finally. Stupid week.

I’m not so sure I even want a woman president, but if I’m going to have one, I want one who isn’t a vile, corrupt, hypocritical, power mad fiend. I would have been embarrassed for my sex had Clinton won the election.

But. But. I don’t even really

I think one of the things that kills me is that there are actually “election counselors” that are being made available to people to help them process their feelings.

I think this post is going to make me very unpopular among some people.

Well. Let’s be honest. This post is going to make me more unpopular.

It’s just a stage name. Come on.

milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk

Yes, that whole pizza is still sitting there.


BLTs for dinner? Yes please.

I’m going to stick my head under some really hot water.

Wait. Is it supposed to be cold or spring like tomorrow? This November weather has been so schizophrenic.

Wow. She is unhinged.

I feel like I should have eaten a second BLT. It’s not like we use super thick bread or anything.

Ooh! I should make pumpkin bread this weekend!

Also I should write that bloody paper.

So need a break from all the bloody papers.

I need tea and fioricet. Pretty much now. I’ll settle for fioricet.

Well. Chickens. I don’t know.

Oh damn. I almost forgot to upload a photo. Tell you what. I’ll give you one from the archives.

Oh! It’s dancin’ time.

Except. No.

Random Wednesday

If you look at me like I’m a crazy person for wearing a costume to work on Halloween, I’d better not see you in a holiday sweater come Christmas.

Also, you’re completely lame and have no joy.

Holy wow! I didn’t listen to the audio, but what an amazing thing.

It’s not looking good for having this out to you before Friday. This week is the very definition of insanity.

and i’m gonna

Oh boy. I hope you’re not getting sick.

Way to go, Bill Weld, you asshat.

Oh look at this lovely sandwich!

Today is not the day for tomatoes.

That entire email from Amazon featured my friend Marko. So neat!

There’s no there there.

I might be considered an adult. In some circles.

cos i’ll miss you when you’re gone

I don’t think you’re going to be able to pull up to the back door. They appear to be planting bushes in the dark.


Great. Now I’m getting sick. Because I have time for that foolishness.

If you didn’t ask questions yesterday, you have no business asking questions today.

Yeah, I still don’t really get the whole Hamilton thing.


As a political scientist, I find the number of my liberal friends who report nightmares about Trump winning the election, which is not an inconsiderable figure, juxtaposed with the number of my conservative friends who appear to have no such (reported) nightmares about a Clinton win, endlessly fascinating. I myself never dream about politics at all. You’re all beautiful humans and you worry too much.

I should have gone into political psychology.

I might be the only human who does not actually care about the Cubs winning.

Why do I always want to add an e to hours?

I don’t wanna be sick. *sob*

I just wanted to

It’s astonishing how much time that whole thing has eaten up. And there’s still more to do. le sigh.

I haven’t done this much typing in years.

That’s how we did used to do things, and no one told me we’d stopped.

I’m pretty sure I’m death right now.

Argh. I dismissed you already.

I hate you, Outlook.

I think I forgot to put deodorant on this morning.

Oh look. A delicious donut.

Holy unprofessional move, Batman. What the actual hell.

Space is limited so act now!

I’m sort of hungry. I guess.

I’m reasonably certain that your tone is entirely out of line.

OK I seriously just hit the wall. I don’t even know what I’m even doing right now. Even.

and i’ll miss you when you’re gone

I’ma hit publish before I go home. You’re welcome.

I wish I had had time to work on that paper this week. Now I’ll have to work on it Sunday. I would rather have done it when it was all fresh.

I typed dresh.

WTF truck. W. T. F.

I have no idea what this even means.

but it’s the only

year fourteen – I get glimpses of the horror of normalcy. Each of these innocents on the street is engulfed by a terror of their own ordinariness. They would do anything to be unique.

wm0424Happy Anniversary, Old Manwm0408 wm0423  wm0454 wm0455 wm0462 wm0472 wm0481 wm0482 wm0487 wm0491 wm0496The 14th – and it just gets better every year. Stormageddon is terrified of the Mister since he shaved his beard off to put on the Pagliacci makeup – you can see he’s keeping a close eye on him. Hilarious. Miss W wasn’t home, which is the only reason she’s not making an appearance in our outtakes. (Quote from Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, which is a fantastic book, so check it out if you haven’t read it.)

Random Wednesday

wm0368I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday until about half an hour after I got up this morning.

You have got to be effing kidding me. Straight up nuthouse.

I seriously need to just be a stay at home mom. Pretty much now.

I just want sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Now.

I love this idea. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I also love the typo transforming cremation into creation.

But what if I think you look really cute today?


The geekery perpetually smells like wet wool. I’m mostly OK with that.

Yep. Pretty much. Also I’ll keep right on watching them.

You’ll be needing a picture.

I’ll be needing a picture.

The importance of pictures.

All your talk of sustainability is ironic considering the amount of paper you consume on a daily basis.

all wrong, we were

I don’t think that La Croix stuff is particularly tasty at all.


Yeah I’ve barely touched this. It’s kind of surprising how busy I’ve been today.

God. I’m boring even myself.

I just remembered hamster dance.

do do do da do do doh doh

Had a moment of panic when I thought I missed a meeting. Not that I actually had any desire to attend the meeting at all. But still.

Ha. Gary Johnson robot left me a funny voicemail.

Seems like an odd direction to go, but OK. Sure.

Don’t be sad. I disappoint myself too. We’ll all live.

“Hi, this is Governor Gary Johnson, and this is also a recording. Sorry about that.”

What. No. I am not ready for snow. No no no no no. Nope. Just no.

Well then stop texting me.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to have a glass of iced coffee right now. Else I might drift off.

Oh wait. Tea actually sounds better. A nice hot cuppa.

And waffles. Tea and waffles. Tea and waffles are a perfectly respectable dinner.

What the hell is going on with my rear facing camera on this phone?

All the flies and ticks are coming inside because it’s getting cold. Evidently they didn’t get the memo that I am refusing to turn the heat on in the house.

Sweet zombie Jesus that’s an ear piercer.

Crap. I have no idea which Halloweeny thing to wear tomorrow.

Nope. Guess the tent was a bad idea. Better put it back in hiding for another 6 months.

What in God’s name are we listening to? Dear Lord.

Hey. Get off the macaroni and cheese.

I almost forgot the picture.

That won’t do at all.

I won’t turn the heat on. I won’t turn the heat on. I won’t turn the heat on. I won’t.

Random Wednesday


But I wanted to find the hidden vampires.

I don’t know if I am going to be able to watch that particular season of American Horror Story.

I’m going to be needing some migraine drugs.

Gosh I love him. And if I met him, I don’t even know what I’d say except, “Gosh, I just love you. Let’s go take pictures together.”

I don’t understand people who include their email address in their email signature.

OK, I’d like to do this before I die, please and thank you. WOW.

“I don’t even remember that Canadian bobble head guy.”

Yeah, I don’t think “staycation” means what you think it means.

Well, OK, but I’m not an oral surgeon.

It’s too loud in here today. I can’t focus on a damn thing.

How do I still not have the Spock Barbie?


Yeah, you don’t have to apologize for that. At all.

Scotch. Scotch would work. Or a hard cider maybe. Yeah.


Well. That was not on the agenda for today. Dammit.

Look. I don’t know how you can possibly expect me not to be bitter or resentful. That shit is 100% wrong. There is no other way to see it.

I don’t see any reason for you to be giving me errors every single time I use you, Adobe.

Why does everybody always seem to want to make me do absolutely everything twice?

I should have been an efficiency expert.

I’m rethinking this whole grad school thing. Seriously.

I had no idea David Duchovny was writing novels. Also I’ve been watching him in Aquarius on Netflix and he looks much better than he did in the new X-Files. I’m back to thinking he’s hot. Except that hair cut. That hair cut is not doing him any favors.

Oh good! This must be the part where the new person tells me how to do my job! My favorite!

I’m having border woes. Not that kind. The knitting kind.

Clearly I’m going to be needing this book.

Where does she even get that number?

New plan: Become an oligarch.


You’d think I’d’ve written more having had this thing open for two days. Instead I keep fielding curve balls.

Well. Good luck with that.

You know, you could have just said “on all of the entrances.” You should try to be more economical with your words.

I really should have shared a less embarrassing photo of me in that sweater. In retrospect.

Internet problems. Most unexpected.

Fine. I surrender. Whatever.

I have that stupid Thomas the Tank Engine theme stuck in my head.

Do do do do do do doooo doooooooo. Doodleoodledoo. Doodleoodledoo.

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.

052-wm-036352.52 ~henry wadsworth longfellow.

Stormageddon wasn’t into it. At all. But this blurry chaotic almost hilarity is so perfectly us, I went with it. That’s a wrap, chickens.

wm0338 wm0341 wm0357 wm0360

Random Wednesday

wm 6053 sm

Happy Anniversary, Old Man.

So sorry I’ve been taking up so much rent-free space in your brain. You should work on being less bitter. You’ll live longer.

Shit. I’ve got to get this grading done so I can get midterm grades done. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Whee.

Grades are dumb.

I thought that said “The Touch of Stan”. It wasn’t Stan.

Trying to figure out how Amazon sorted “Holocaust: A History” into the “Engineering books” category …

Hey guys, please stop polishing one fingernail pink. That’d be great.

Duh. Of *course* Elizabeth. Which other Bennett sister could I possibly be??

This is fun. I saw a couple of vintage Halloween dresses in there I’d LOVE to own.

Ha. I love this shirt.

What?! No one told me season 11 of Supernatural was on Netflix already!!!

I thought “Surely that’s Photoshopped and she didn’t actually say that, because English.” But no. She did. And I lolled and lolled.

Which US president are you? Ronald Reagan. You have a demeanor that some find warm and fatherly. But others find you distant. At times it seems you get by on charm alone. You’re no deep thinker, but you understand that common sense is what matters most.

I think I might be a little offended by the “you’re no deep thinker” part of that description.

But that’s hilarious.

My head is killing me today. I’d been having a pretty good run. I’m kind of bummed right now.

This is starting to be a lot harder than I had expected it to be.

Today has been busier than planned.

Why yes, I will take the spring semester off to teach two sections of my class, thank you very much.

Oh look at this cute little flip book thinger. Hopefully this will ease some of our woe.

I love you, Garden Herb Triscuits.

I see the rain is holding off until it’s time for me to walk to my truck. Thanks so much for that.

#1 a nice safe
#2 gold and/or ammo

Right right right right right. No paycheck there. So. You know. You get what you pay for, I guess.

Wait. Is Mike Rowe living on a boat?

update update update update update update update update update

The only real question now is: The bats or the skeleton tomorrow?

Don’t worry. We’re doing a new anniversary pic. We just didn’t have time to get to it last weekend.

I think bats. Yes. Bats.

Thank YOU.

That does not even make sense.

I can’t believe this is the last Hollows book. I’m so sad.

I’ve always wanted to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. The animated series Harley Quinn. Not Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

And when I say “always” I mean since 1993ish when the series came out.

Just let me know what we’re doing so I can prepare.

So. Tired.

Two 15 hour days in a row. Messed me up completely.

“Learn English in your native language.” But.

Oh wait. I can see where that might actually be a good idea for some native English speakers, now that I think about it.

Yep. I generally hate the whole world when I’m that pregnant too.

So. I get to do what I want, basically. Sweet.

OK. I’m sitting here staring at Flat Eartha Kitt. I’m cooked.

Every time I try to type waitlisted I type weightlisted. It’s probably Freudian or something.

I don’t know.

I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.

051-wm-027351.52 (henry david thoreau)

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