Random Wednesday

Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahp with the check your privilege already. Staaaaaaaaaaaaahp.

It’s presumptuous, bigoted, racist, and predicated on assumption. Bite me.

Whhyyyyyyyyyyy are so many people here so early today? Why you gotta ruin my morning quiet time?

Because women don’t generally have hairy asses?

The weather today! It’s going to be the only thing that salvages my mood, I can tell already.

Why would you send that email out to everybody? Why not just send it to the people who responded to your inquiry? That email is just spammy.

although i know you can’t appreciate it

At what point are you going to be forced to release your desperate grasp on that cloak of victimhood? Take some damn responsibility for yourself.

Adding a winky face to your passive aggressive bitchery does not magically make it not passive aggressive bitchery.

Today’s belly shirt looks like it was made out of shredded tissue paper. Sheesh.

Boxing used to be a sport in high school??

Somebody’s feet really stink. It’s so gross.

When did Coldplay get all 90s dance remix synth arena pop??

Bats are louder than you’d think.

Being here just makes me sad.

I don’t know what kind of fugue state I was in when I thought I could handle two classes and a 5 month old. And a full time job. And a 10 year old. And a husband. And a commute. And sleeping.

Wow, I read that as “racist rainstorm”. Ha.

i got sunshine in a bag

“Ballpoint pens will be the ruin of education in our country. Students use these devices and then throw them away. The American values of thrift and frugality are being discarded. Businesses and banks will never allow such expensive luxuries.” ~Federal Teachers, 1950

I unfriended him because he annoyed me.

And the Hoover Dam was never seen again.

It’s cold in here. Physically and metaphorically.

oooh! I just had a really good idea for a class. But I’m not sharing those ideas any more because they don’t take me seriously. Too bad for them. It was a really good idea.

Oh wow. This video.

I need a good hair day so I can get my new ID photo taken. I need some “I’ve been on a boat” hair.

I don’t like working with a counseling psychology doctoral student. I feel like he’s secretly analyzing me. In fact, my brain is quite sure he only took this job, which is wholly unrelated to his field, to write his dissertation on our weird office dynamics. I’m sure that says something about my ego or narcissistic tendencies or something. Is paranoia narcissistic? Seems like it must be.

Now I feel REALLY good about myself. Sheesh.

I don’t know how anyone can not be appalled by this. This isn’t mercy.

Huh. So Benedict Cumberbatch. Kind of a nutball.

This is pretty awesome.

I can’t be the only one who wants to pronounce anions like onions, but with an a. Anyuns. Right?

She keeps saying ecspecially.

Wow. You are actually the poster boy for being a pompous ass. Stop talking. Just stop.

Why do people put spiral bound notebooks in three ring binders?

Just because I have a goat doesn’t mean I’m particularly fond of goats. It means my people have a weakness for stray animals.

Wow. Wil Wheaton. He just doesn’t get any smarter, does he?

Why are these not in my kitchen?

Why am I not carrying my lunch to work in this?

Wow. Sarah Silverman. She just doesn’t get any smarter, does she?

Stop saying like. Stop. Saying. Like.

Your overdose of cologne is like tiny daggers of trying too hard in my brain.

It’s not FASFA! You work in higher ed, you should be pronouncing this acronym correctly. It’s FAFSA. FAFSA FAFSA FAFSA. What is so difficult about this???

Wow. Bill Nye. He just doesn’t get to be any less of an asshat, does he?

It’s not besides the point. It isn’t. It might be beside the point, but it’s never besides the point.

There’s a university rule about eating in class? Huh.

Freedom of speech does not refer to the language you speak, dude. Although, I suppose it protects your right to speak whatever language you want … But that’s not what it means!

There’s some really cool stuff here, guys. Really.

i’m in love

sigh. Paul is still totally dreamy.

Of course, this IS a good hair day, and it’s pouring buckets, so I can’t walk down and get my new damn hell ID photo anyway. Damn. Hell. Dammit.

Where is my food? (Sing it to the tune of “Where is My Mind?” Do it.)

People would probably be more inclined to adopt your rescue animals if it wasn’t so prohibitively expensive to do so.

Remind me to bring that thank you card and my protein bars to work tomorrow.

A Cyberman kisses you passionately while being eaten by the Vashta Nerada.

petrichor. mmmmmmmmmm

Wow. These peanuts are from my trip to Texas. How are these still in my bag?


I think “Constitutional Law Professor” must mean something entirely different in POTUS land than it does in reality.

I can’t believe she thinks it’s too early for Halloween decorations. Pish!

Ketchup and fries.

Curses! I ordered giant knitting needles, not a giant crochet hook! What am I going to do with a giant crochet hook, you fools?

‘”Context” is the mother of prevarication.’

I got a migraine coming on. Oh yay.

I just think there is something kind of awesome about sending someone a surprise book in the mail. It says someone was thinking about you and wanted to share something with you. People should send each other books more often.

Just say NO to white text on your black blog background. nononononononononoooooooooooooooooooo no.

I need a beverage. Yo.

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Random Wednesday

wm5726I think people on Facebook should post in the same voice that they speak.

This is fascinating.

Yeah, procreate is not a hyphenated word. Just FYI.

I was thinking this morning that I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the definition of the word “just”. I don’t mean the “It was a just reward” definition, I mean the “I can’t just throw your arse out on the street, as much as I’d like to, you bastard” definition.  I suppose I’ve never actually seen the definition of most of the words in my vocabulary. It’s fascinating.

Gorgeous work! I like it even more since liberals apparently hate this woman for having 10 children.

I really feel that it is my duty, as a human on this planet, to be the official taste tester.

I’d be happy with Lynda Carter’s hair.

You lose points for the gold chain.

My feet are hot. I hate it when my feet are hot.

Stop pacing. Stop pacing. STOP PACING!!!


Saying “as well, too” is ridiculous.

Oh wow. There’s a window back there.

That girl is wearing the tiniest outfit. When did those skin tight mock turtleneck crop tops come back? Who dresses like that for class? The fly on her tiny shorts is unzipped. I feel it would be too awkward to say anything.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to write with blue ink. It seems so frivolous to me. I’ll probably still like you if you do though. It’s not a deal breaker.

She has Live Strong tattooed on her wrist. A yellow plastic bracelet was clearly not quite commitment enough.

I’ve actually been listening to the radio in the car lately. I can’t plug my iPod into the stereo in Deep Space Nine. Which is what I’ve named my behemoth. So I skip stations a lot, because that’s how I roll. So I think I like this song.

Also, if you wanna send me a mix cd, I’d really love it. For serious.

I don’t care. I want to see the photos from Angelina Jolie’s wedding. Don’t judge me.

I am thoroughly tired of hearing about “Radical Activist Leni Sinclair, Co-Founder of the White Panther Party.”

I really have got to get Nick Gillespie here.

WordPress is killing me this morning.

You should not be allowed to eat at meetings. Ever. I don’t want to hear you talking with your mouth full of food. Just stop. Just stop.

I don’t understand people who put nuts in brownies. Why would you ruin a perfectly good brownie like that?? It’s just mean!

The smell of your coffee is like tiny daggers of bitter enmity in my brain.

Why are you all so loud? All the time. All. The. Time. You’re so loud.

Oh my GOD I’m trapped in this meeting that I am completely irrelevant to. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. I hate this week.


Though I maintain that the animated version is better. Was better. Whatever whatever.

This has been stuck in my head for days. I had forgotten how much I loved this song.

I took a tiny tiny piece of pie, but it still isn’t tiny enough. Too. Much. Sugar.

And these are all the ways in which this room is not actually a FISH BOWL. gah.

… Really?

It’s not a toy.

I heard this on the radio too. I find it oddly mesmerizing. Oddly. I think it’s the chorus.

I can’t believe you spelled Pete Townshend wrong.

I can’t get anything done. Stop emailing me with your nonsense.

what if what if what if

Look. You can’t ask me the same questions over and over while I’m migranous and not expect me to be a little grumpy with you.

Just stop it with this foolishness already.

I’m so done with this week. I can’t even tell you. Make it stop.

Wait. How is it that “black pride” gets to be “righteous”?

I need something. Something that is not in this office.

No. I’d have to go to the store.


WTF is “white girl wasted”?

Huh. Facebook is brokenish. Oh well.

“Smartest dumbfucks in town.”

Ooooh! You can get long sleeved tees in my shop now! Go buy something! Quick! I’ll wait here.

I’m such a good person.


what am i supposed to do

scratch scratch scratch

Nope. Those are not the right keys.

ArGH flies!

It is time to read, if you’re reading.

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Random Wednesday – From an Undisclosed Location Edition


Yarrrrr, matey.

I don’t care what anyone says. I’ll always be true to the Oxford comma.

I like the Washington Crossing the Delaware one.

I kind of love that carnivorous cupcake.

farmy farm farm

I suppose I’m wrong for finding the cover of Spiderwoman #1 kind of hilarious.

Wow, I had no idea this existed. I love it.

Random tweet from the past: I dreamt I gave @adamsbaldwin a hair cut. He looked great, considering I don’t know anything about cutting hair.

Woebegone is all one word, dude.

Oh! I love love love this!

sigh. Words mean things. Just because a word *sounds* like it fits what you’re trying to say, doesn’t make it true.

When I say I want mustard on my sandwich, that does not mean you should squirt half the bottle on it. Mustard has a pretty powerful flavor. You don’t need much. Get me to the napkins.

ITS not it’s. ITS NOT IT’S!!!!!!

“Tim McGraw still has the hots for his wife.” How could he not?

Wow. Weird. And creepy.

I’m liking this site right now.

I’m so glad control z worked there!!!


automaton annihilation

How is “naked dating” even a thing???

Lena Dunham. Why. Ugh. Just stop.

These are beautiful.

They’re raising awareness so that they can continue to raise awareness.

Everything is just so damp. bleah

I could go for a donut.

Instagram appears to be broken. Now what will I stare at?

I just ate a really good chicken, bacon, ranch wrap. I think I need to have them for lunch regularly.

Dear God, what is that smell?

So much dumb.

My battery is dying.

Tractor crossing signs signaling some weird, centaur like hybrid of man and machine.

I do not like the new Lipton tea packaging at all.

Any table is a dining table if you dine at it.

Tiffani Thiessen has the best hair ever in White Collar. I wish it was mine.

See? That is why people don’t like spiders. Because when you hook your fingers over the handle of the lint trap and feel something crunchy they jump out at you. THEY JUMP OUT AT YOU.

I think I have encountered at least 5 different types of spider in this house.

I’m making this shawl so I can be a shawl person. It’s going to be so cozy.

The word “impeach” is becoming sort of meaningless.

That was one of those “I’m not really sorry” sorries. Sorry.

This baby is not happy today. Not. Happy.

“Fiddlers bottle dance sticks in my mind.”

I smell like a campfire and cheap cigars.

Those are surprisingly good cookies.

That blue guy is my favorite.

“As if there’s a fucking difference.”

I’m cooooooold.

I feel like I should have been able to read more on this trip.

one two three four five six

There is youe spider friend who lives on the ceiling. Do you see him smiling? He is waving at you.

Bite his face so he knows you love him.

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Random Wednesday


What? I do not remember Pogo Ball.

I think I need to just decide that I’m a shawl person. I think it’s just something you claim.

would a little more love make it

Dammit! I cannot tell the Sleeping Bear story without getting choked up. It’s so embarrassing. It’s because I’m a mom. It breaks my heart. I was telling it today to the new doc student and he said “It’s OK, it’s not real!”

I can just imagine how unofficially excited you must be.

Oops. I forgot to walk him through WordPress.

How about just NOT RIOTING? How does breaking the law and hurting people – either physically or economically – fix your problems?

I love post cards.

I made a list of all the shit I have to do. And then I lost the list.

Please. Pierce Brosnan was probably the worst Bond of them all.

There needs to be a word between scent and odor. They both seem too extremely romantic or derogatory.

The geosciences building smells like elementary school and reminds me of my grandpa’s house. I like it over there despite all of the overly liberal signage on faculty doors.

I think it’s a Swiss Miss Miracle. I think I actually found a replacement for my beloved Bert’s Bee’s Nutmeg Lip Shimmer.

Of course you know what this means. Revlon will let me get nice and comfortable with my choice and then discontinue it.

Despite what you might believe, it is not actually necessary to ring the chimes immediately upon entering the office. Give a girl a chance to walk to the desk, whydontcha.

Among the songs I have sung to my children – mlk by U2, Walkin’ After Midnight by Patsy Cline, Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks. I never have sung Rockabye Baby.

We are fun. And funny. And good.

The Hall of Cost.


You will never get me to call it the fishbowl. Never.


Well obviously now he needs another t shirt.

Sigh. No. She isn’t. But, you don’t need to even watch the video to make your assessment, so. Whatever.

ACK! I hate these masks. ACK!!

So apparently the only way you can graduate college debt free is if you’re a privileged white kid. OK. Funny. I thought you could graduate college debt free through a variety of means, not least of which is actually working to pay your tuition instead of taking out loans the whole time.


“The United States Congress should make learning a second language mandatory for high school students.” … whaaaaa?

Facebook suggested I might like to join the “Borderline Personality Disorder and Beyond” group. …

Gah. There is SO MUCH STUFF I want to knit all of a sudden. Stupid job. Stupid school.

Ha. I love Rick Perry’s smugshot.

These cracked me up, it’s true. Also I could see that chicken thing happening on the Compound.

Good grief, how is it this late already??

OK, you only get 28 characters, people. Your title does not have to be that wordy.

Well that was a pain in the ass I wasn’t expecting til Friday.

The grad students are always so loud.

I think I’m going to need to make this too.

Oh, so what?

So. What.

“First of all, we don’t even have dinosaurs any more.”

photo’s fading


No. No car trouble again. no no no no no. Not allowed. Dammit. No.

Sheesh. This kid really likes Phineas and Ferb.


Huh. I didn’t know Meg Ryan was even dating John Melloncougarheadcamp in the first place.

Know your rights, yo.

Why? What?? Why?

I. Want. It.

When your doctor tells you you need to lose weight for your health, it’s not “fat shaming.” Good grief.

Huh. Interesting.

grooooooan. That was the cheesiest line EVAR.

Vaccine day is the suck.

I’m over the ice buckets.

“I don’t want any more funerals, Mike.” “I want this show to be better, sir.” ooph.

what have you seen, my darling young one?

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thursday soundtrack – just to hear you say it back

he never mentioned love – kirsty maccoll
silver coin – angus and julia stone
little bird – the weepies
didn’t leave nobody but the baby – emmylou harris, alison krauss, & gillian welch
it wasn’t me – jenny lewis with the watson twins
the parting glass – the wailin’ jennys
words are dead – agnes obel
she’s got you – patsy cline
dusty boxcar wall – eilen jewell
south tacoma way – neko case
crazy faith – alison krauss and union station
doors and windows – bearfoot
cold as it gets – patty griffin
she always takes it black – gregory alan isakov
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Random Wednesday


This book description is hilarious. So over the top.

When the place where you live has more than 3,000 miles of coastline and you work in a photo lab for 10 years you print a lot of lighthouse photos. A LOT. I grew to loathe lighthouses over the years. Had I been printing lighthouse photos that looked like these, I might not have hated them so much.

How can you not remember that? It’s like not remembering that the sky is blue or that ice is cold.


Kind of a nice read.

I don’t think there’s anything cuter than baby hedgehogs. Not even otters. Plus otters are actually evil.

Bitch! You totally snuck that Happy song into my mix.

” … the cost associated with travel and living experiences.”

Well that was weird.

This might just be the most confusing sentence I have ever read: “The Uncertainty series was organized by a group of faculty who participated in a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning faculty learning community with the Office of Faculty Development.”

No, I still don’t want to chat with Ted Cruz.

I’m not going anywhere. Unless J.J. Abrams calls and says he desperately needs me in the next Star Trek film. Then I am so Audi 5000.

Ridiculous. Now I feel compelled to purchase body armor.

Yeah, I’m in.

Sometimes being treated like a nameless, faceless automaton gets a little old.

What a weird statement: “We are fortunate that our nation’s experiment in democratic government prevails, because individuals run for office and we vote.”

I think it’s less about courage and more about strength. And sometimes, you just don’t have any strength left.

What are you talking about? My home doesn’t have any equity. Thanks big government.

I just don’t think it’s necessary for us to know the details of Williams’ suicide.

Stormageddon is getting a Danzig onesie for Christmas. Or his birthday. I don’t know which. But it has to happen.

Dammit! There’s no egg on my McMuffin! Bastards!

I definitely need a Guns N’ Roses t shirt.

Oh Dear Lord. They were serious about bringing Anita Hill here.

Argh. My neck has been so stiff for the last several days.

Google Analytics confirms it. Y’all only come here for Random. Maybe I should change the name of the blog.

Fascinating. I suggest you click through and read the photographer’s statement on the project as well.

Amanda Marcotte is a ridiculous human being.

I don’t see what the big deal is here. She knows how to make money, and good for her. You know people will buy this. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

This is hilarious.

False, Maria.

I always thought he was saying “Twiggy.” It was “Twiki”.

I thought you said you weren’t including androids in that list.

Kinda loving the latest Black Keys album. Also Kalamazoo!

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t sure peanut butter m&ms were my thing, but here I am, shoveling them into my maw.”

I still need that chicken drawing.


Somebody take these damn things away from me!

I so can’t even I don’t even know what I am can’t evening.


“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~ C.S. Lewis


No, I do not have a Wikipedia entry.

I have to buy American Constitutional Law for one of my classes this fall. Gosh, maybe I’ll know as much as the POTUS when I’m done!

never wanted to

It’s a pointless argument. Or the wrong argument. Sometimes it’s not so Yay, Internet!

I had my sleep removed!

Yes. This applies to so many many other things in the media.

“Pay attention to science fiction!” should really be my mantra.

I’m tired.

It’s just that I miss all the stuff. Important stuff. Cos I’m stuck here.

I wonder what the correlation is between depression and migraines, if any.

I think there might be more than one foxen. In the woodsen.

I’d probably suck at skeet shooting.

Huh. I thought it was gonna be warmer than that.

It’s a duck. An odd duck.

ARGGghgggGH I hate ants.

Go to sleep, baby.

That coffee cup is empty! That coffee cup is empty!

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Random Wednesday

wm4450The Birth of Suburbia by Rosaleen Ryan. Fantastic.

Evidently, I was totally unprepared for this.

Led and Lead are not interchangeable, people.

I wonder whatever happened to my Highlander t shirt.


I like it.


I hatebeing ignored. If you have an issue with me, tell me. Stop acting like a passive aggressive teenager.

And just like that, my morning is shot.

I need to draw a chicken. Except that I can’t really draw. So there’s that.

It’s not like live tweeting from the fair grounds.

So this is nice.

It’s freezing in here. I think my leg is starting to cramp up.

I could walk down and get a new ID. I could.

Am I the kind of person who can wear a shawl? I just don’t know. It seems like that’s somehow reserved for super skinny people or something.

I just ran out of peanut M&Ms.

I am considering the space heater. It’s tempting. What the hell, I’m going for it.

Wow, dude. I don’t care how much money you make, that is no way to treat people. You, sir, are an ass.

What a lovely thing for Rowling to do.

Oh my GOD. I don’t actually need your life history. It really is just a simple yes or no question. Really.

I’m just really bad at these things.

Don’t you want to buy some chicken?


No, I’d really rather not. Thanks. OK bye now.

When my email inbox exceeds 20 active messages I start to get twitchy. It’s been a stressful week.

if you’re right and we’re nothing at all

I don’t really understand bloggers. I guess that’s all. I guess I don’t really think of myself as a blogger.

I was required to keep a journal for a high school English class that I hated. I don’t journal. I’ve tried to off and on over the years but always fail. And when I go back to reread it, it’s mildly embarrassing. So I’d sit down with the journal on Sunday and write the previous week’s entries. And it was like a long hand version of Random Wednesday. My teacher called them “disjointed ramblings”. And there you have it.

I hate it when people post memes with incorrect grammar.

This is very moving.

I had such high hopes for this Lizzie Borden movie and am pretty disappointed. And what’s with that music?

I don’t think that guy should ever sport a mustache.

Did she do it? She must have done, I suppose.

I would like to visit that house some day.

I’m glad I’m not a lawyer.

This week is crazy, man. Maybe I should just post tomorrow.


He looks like a monchichi.

I don’t really get what we’re supposed to be doing here.

I’m pretty sure this is above my pay grade.

Go to sleep, baby!

It’s turned, not turn. How do you get paid for this crap?

I’ve never actually been to a livestock auction before. I hope Miss W makes some good money today.

Good grief. The amount of email I receive at work throughout a day is insane.

Colloquial. Whatever.

I need a shower. I need to wash the fair off.

Why didn’t I get a funnel cake?

America is

Now that’s ironic.


See? She finally does a new Tandem and I don’t even get Random up on time.

I’m totally getting funnel cake Saturday.

I have to take Miss W to the Allegan Co. Fair some year. That’s the fair I grew up with. It’s 4 or 5 times the size of this fair. I saw all the big country names there too, back in the day.

Massage. Need.

This week is nuts.

Yeah, that’s about right.

I can’t fact check if I don’t know facts.

Now why would you go and ruin perfectly good cinnamon rolls like that?

Man. I’m beat.


I thought my quinoa joke was hilarious.


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Random Wednesday


It’s the strategic planning edition, in which we plan strategically. I don’t know what we’re planning, exactly …

No, I did not do my homework. I am quietly rebelling. Shhhhhhh!

Oooooooh! That was almost a disaster! The Mister saved the day. Again.

No, Pandora, I do not want a boyfriend in Kalamazoo. But thanks so much for asking.

Bill Murray is so cool.

Ha, this is awesome.

These are brilliant and kind of creepy.

This has been on my wish list for a while. Now Phoblographer is calling it one of the best point and shoots for street photography. I would carry this with me everywhere.

I don’t understand the logo guy.

I don’t understand 87% of the things that happen around here.

It’s like someone ransacked Laura Ingalls Wilder’s linen closet.

I need to add this to my Christmas list.

But I don’t want to see your boobs. I’m not actually for topless women. So sorry. I don’t see how this is a thing that can ever be desexualized.

Ugh. Planet Purl. Your emails are NOT formatted correctly. Fix this! Fix it, I say!

Huh. Peanut butter M&Ms are kind of addictive.

I need a couple of these. (On account of prolly I’ll lose one of them.)

It’s going to be a loooooooooooooooooong day.

I never look as good or as bad as I think I do.

I gotta say, I’m shocked. I’m totally shocked. Reason and logic.

I have nothing to contribute but editing skills.

I just realized I have the most seniority in this department of anyone in this room, but make the least amount of money. I’m so depressed right now.

I keep realizing that I’ve stopped listening.

I need a donut. Nobody brought donuts to this damn thing. How can you have a mandatory day long meeting (kill me now) and not bring donuts??

It was a real squish.

Survey says!

Waynard Jennings???

I just tripped over that cat tree and landed on my elbow. This is not my best day ever.

And now I hate cats just a tiny bit more.

“French is such a horror. I’m so weary of French.”
“Isn’t everyone so weary of French?”
“I know I am, fucking surrender monkeys.”


Enough with the diversity and inclusion. No two humans are exactly alike. Diversity happens by default.

Yep. These things are ridiculous. Migraine inducers all on their own.

I don’t care what anyone says, I like the word breadth.

I like strawberry shortcake.

I like pie.

What’s with all the

I’m about to fall asleep. Story of my life, but especially so at these meeting things.

lolly lolly lolly get yer

Quietly plotting to take over the world and leave everybody alone.

Oh Dear Lord. The Superman underoos really kind of pull the whole thing together.

Your sibilant esses are piercing my brain like tiny daggers of snobbery.

It’s hard to do when your work day is taking place in someone’s living room.

I think my leg is asleep.


I think both my legs are asleep.

“I don’t have parties. You need friends for that.”

Deadlines seem sort of meaningless in this environment.



Man, Born to Run is kind of an awful song. Why did you think it was necessary to cram so many lyrics in there, Bruce?

Reeeeallly funny and Reeaaaallly NSFW and certain audiences.

Wow. This is such an important issue in the world today. Bravo, for drawing attention to this situation, Ronan.

I told them if they brought Elizabeth Warren to campus I’d have to look for employment elsewhere. I’m pretty sure they knew I wasn’t kidding.


No, really. Just wanna quit my job and be a mom and knit. And take pictures of things.

What a weird show.

A companionator. Ok.

Now the Doctor Who theme is stuck in my head.

angry pirates

Red Dragon and that episode of Millennium are the reason pigs creep me the hell out. I’ll still eat them though. Because pig.

And then there’s that weird plastic suit.

Every single guest, every time, always just dropping by.

So hello.

Ahhhh, maybe, maybe, he’ll sleep in his own bed tonight. None of this sideways between the ‘rents bidness.

I just still don’t understand how you can eliminate the smoking. That’s just not right.

I’ve only actually had one pedicure in my entire life.

Stupid game, locking up my phone.

Huh. Then why do you teach?

Yes. Yes I will make you call me Doctor Jentober. You’ll be alright.

Probably we need to get a dog again. Probably in September or something. Probably.

I think a German Shepherd. Yeah. But probably that’s not how it will work out.

I just don’t even have any idea what’s going on here. Did Will actually kill Freddie or is it all an elaborate ruse? What happened to setting the hook?

I shouldn’t be staying up this late just because I can.

And yet. Here I am.

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range day on the Compound

we hosted a family picnic and shoot. much fun was had.

wm4634 wm4638 wm4639 wm4645 wm4649 wm4662 wm4664 wm4669 wm4670 wm4671 wm4673 wm4674

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thursday soundtrack – at every occasion

this tornado loves you – neko case
stillness is the move – dirty projectors
the funeral – band of horses
go walking down there – chris isaak
summerville – pernice brothers
pretty deep – tanya donelly
this is how it works – regina spektor
i’ll take care of you – mark lanegan
set the fire to the third bar – snow patrol
love you til the end – the pogues
all dolled-up in straps – the national
can’t hardly wait – the replacements
spilt needles – the shins
weightless – astaire
american english – idlewild
dreaming – blondie
armchair – grant lee buffalo

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