nobody here but us chickens

When it is winter, I am a sound, sometimes less, sometimes perfectly.

45.52 colloquium in snow ~ derek pollard

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Random Wednesday

Well, this wasn’t the plan at all.

Tim McGee is pretty much the only guy in the history of anything to be held captive and tortured by a drug lord for three months and come home having gained weight instead of losing it. And dear Lord who told him that facial hair was a good idea?

Also somebody tell Gibbs to cut his hair.

Also somebody bring back Tony and Ziva and get rid of Bishop and that British GQ guy, and Fez and that doctor chick from ER, and make NCIS great again.

I don’t know. It’s hard to say goodbye to the devil you know.

Bullets, bacon, and booze. A lot of booze.

I feel like he tried too hard not to care and incorporate the “I don’t care” ethos into the very turns of phrase he chose to slap this together. I feel like he pieced this whole thing together out of several first drafts and didn’t care so much that he just left it that way. It’s not that I disagree with what he’s saying, it’s that he could have said it so much better. And I love John Hughes’ films. And I don’t think Cohen really ever got to why.

I wouldn’t want to take a class with you.

Um. It’s a Pink Floyd cover. You’re not breaking any ground here. I could have done without the breastfeeding the politician visual, thanks.

Hard not to feel like a giant loser.

It’s not like

I don’t even know what to say.

I would not mind going to see Dwight Yoakam at all.

I’m really excited about a two day work week next week. And a three day work week the week after.

Turn the space heater on, get too warm. Turn the space heater off, get too cold.

This week sucks.

Let’s just go ahead and top today off with the dentist, shall we?

Yeah, I just can’t with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything, but if I had to be around them 24/7, I might end up institutionalized one way or another.

OK, probably not. And I’d still trade just about anything to be able to stay home instead of working.

Time for some unfrozen lunch I guess.

I don’t understand how I got on that mailing list.

I think he should rethink his pants.


It’s not like anyone listens to me.

I’ll end up being the mysteriousish old lady that runs the office.

God, that’s depressing.

I think we might be a little disensomething or other right now.

I’m really not having a good week, chickens. I’m just not.

It’s a rebuttal. It’s not a rebuttal.

I give up.

On the plus, my mouth is pretty healthy.


I like babies. I’m not a monster.


That was a weird survey and I would like to know why my dentist wants to start offering Botox.

Maybe the press didn’t cover you because they don’t care. Maybe you’re not as big as you think you are. Maybe you aren’t as relevant as you think you are. Maybe your ego just needs to stop feeding itself quite so much. See above re Pink Floyd covers.

We still have those Jones Soda Thanksgiving sets, don’t we?

It’s not wolves.

I guess I was a little unclear.

OMFG I wish more celebrities would remain apolitical.

(Also, I’m pretty sure women everywhere are glad she ditched Tom Hiddleston, because women everywhere were not happy they were a thing to begin with.)

Look. I don’t know what it is about me that rubs people the wrong way. It’s just there. And I can’t change it.

And I just can’t summon the will to even care any more.

I think we should rent a dumpster.

Can someone come and install some bamboo flooring for me? I pay in baked goods, alcohol, and possibly handknits.

Sorry, she went to Costco.

I’ve still never set foot in a Costco. I am determined I never shall.

Why, yes. I should have the admin login.

I probably sealed my own tomb.

Why you so early, bus?

I probably do not need more Diet Dr. Pepper right now.

I am not the cream in your coffee.

It is still too early for Christmas music.

Dennis Quaid plays a very convincing drunk. Is he just drunk all the time in real life?

Well that ER chick is aging well. Weird that two ER chicks have shown up in shows I’m watching lately.

I just think someone should just pay me to sit at home and knit all day.

I’ve said that before.

I’m not sure what I’d use a branded packaging experience for, but thanks.

I think. But maybe no.

And now

and yet

and so



Jennifer you are not the only one to sit awake until the wild feelings leave you.

44.52 fireproof ~ the national

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Random Wednesday

25 degrees is just too damn cold.

They sure do use a lot of sports analogies.

I think Bowe Bergdahl should have received prison time. His actions were directly responsible for the deaths of others. And I don’t care how much you dislike the president, letting Bergdahl off to send a message to him is inexcusable.

Yes, I would like some salmonella with my coffee, thanks.

I joke, but I eat my eggs sunny side up, so. There’s that.

Not a photo of people in blackface, yet somehow making a joke about giving blue people a free meal is the wrong response. Fucking ridiculous.

another damn staff meeting

But I took that picture before my pants were wet.

I can’t make people respond to my requests. I can only make the requests.


Stop making me share what I’m grateful for at a staff meeting. It’s not a therapy session and it’s not appropriate.

I’m trying not to cry. Just so you know.

Think I’ll take a break and knit some shit and watch some Suits and try to move on with my day.

Or I’ll just go ahead and sit here continuing to torture myself. Cos that’s what I do.

But once again, I don’t have any goals, and this will be a waste of time.

Let’s start over. What’s for lunch? I hope it comes with donuts.

Maybe I should get a cider.

Three things that make me happy: yarn, bats, hot apple cider.

I should put a picture in this locket.

In first grade I was morally outraged at a banner declaring Merry X-Mas! in my classroom and told my teacher it was sacrilegious. To this day I am astonished at her ability to refrain from laughing her ass off in front of her students.


I for real used to completely love Kevin Spacey. Man.

I definitely need a Biggby. It will make me less sad. I hate being sad.

See? I don’t have to wash my tea mug every day!

I feel like I need to continue this tomorrow. When I’ll possibly be in a better frame of mind.

Gah. My hair feels gross.

Blatant misuse of quotation marks.

I just think Dean looks awfully tired this season. And I’m still really hating Sam’s hair this season.

Well that gives me a way to use those two hanks of Malabrigo.

Man. I’m glad I don’t work in the entertainment industry.

Back pay??? Bergdahl is entitled to back pay?????

Where can I get one of these chainsaw bayonets? It’ll be handy for the zombie apocalypse.

Oh good! Exactly what I needed! Another lanyard!

Sometimes I wonder if you can really picture my face as clearly as you need to when you read these posts.

I am totally Donna.

What do you think, should I go red for the winter?

I really needed to read this this week. Thanks, lady.

Gosh, I regret that I am not president too, Joey, but that’s worth about as much as my old VCR.


I am not a fan of snow or Christmas, but Christmas just isn’t right without snow.

Stormageddon and I happened across this little guy on Instagram last night and fell in love.

But they can still open the drawers …

Why can’t I see comments on posts on FB any more??

I’m not sure that’s actually successful adulating

Crap. I completely forgot about this massive waste of time called an hour and a half long meeting in another building.

Well damn. Suits is done for now. Go back and start Supernatural over again?

I don’t think Jerry Seinfeld is funny.

Whelp. Nothing’s gonna happen now.

I should prolly wash my hair.

At least the meeting gave me an excuse to swing by Biggby for a caramel apple cider.

No, really.

I need to swatch this cowl.

Stay out of the toothpaste!

I’ve never much cared for that guy anyway.

Yarn cakes for everyone!


Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.

43.52 my sister’s keeper ~ jodi picoult

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Random Wednesday

Halloween is over. Sadness.

I don’t know that I’d ever get a tattoo on my hand. It seems like that’d be pretty painful. I would like a new tattoo though.

Maybe a new tattoo can be my reward to myself for achieving that thing that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

Probably not, though.

Dude. It’s not “Orwellian-like,” it’s just “Orwellian.”

Stop politicizing Halloween. Stop ruining everything.

Man I miss the 70s. And 80s. And some of the 90s.

Man. Now it’ll be nothing but Christmas Christmas Christmas til fricking January. SIGH.

I just read this article and feel like I walked in on the middle of a conversation and then quietly slipped away when I was not invited to join.

Evidently you’re supposed to click through to the original. I hate websites that do that. Very much.

Bleah. My cheeks and nose are wind burned from trick or treating. ouch.

Wow. He was joking about taking half her candy.

I am not a lineman for the county.

It must be exhausting to be so full of hate and rage all the time.

I really do not love Sammy Hagar.

I’m skullking.

Oh Dear God what if –

I wish they’d just call. Or email. Or SOMETHING.

This is driving me crazy.

You don’t actually get high from that. Just so you know.

Oh right. Cos we need yet another microbrew in Michigan. Whatever. Generate some cashflow for the economy.


I just don’t care for beer.

This is just plain awesome. Homeschool FTW.

Well, it’s simple, I’ll give you that.

Wait. What? How am I not in the system as a publisher for this damn thing?


I call bullshit.

One sleeve down, the second in progress. The end is in sight. I might be able to wear this sweater before the end of the year after all!!

Yes. The answer is “yes.” The answer is not “It SHOULD be this way blah blah blah.” The answer is “yes.”

I need to stop looking at the internet right now.

Or you could just ignore me and then shit won’t get done. That works too.

I should read, but I just can’t seem to get into anything lately.


I’m pretty sure that doesn’t qualify as Nazi propaganda. Settle down.


So many phone calls.

I’m in completely the wrong frame of mind.

No, you can’t hang more than one flier in my building.

This is silly.

I am ridiculous.

I make a mean quiche.

Day after day after day after day …


I think I’ll wait to poke the publish button for just a tiny while.

Oh God. The Christmassing has already begun. I can’t take it.

Take the survey. Ok. I guess.

I’m starting to think that she’s not going to publish that pattern.

I really don’t think it matters as long as you’re consistent.

Crap, I forgot about my tea.

Hello treadmill and Netflix.

They all start with W?

That’s not what I said.

363 days, 5 hours, 28 minutes, 17 seconds til halloween.


thursday soundtrack on tuesday – it’s the most wonderful time of the year

dead man’s party – oingo boingo

where the wild roses grow – nick cave & kylie minogue

runnin’ with the devil – van halen

the house of the rising sun – the animals

impaler – spinnerette

werewolves of london – warren zevon

evil woman – electric light orchestra

ghost riders in the sky – johnny cash

welcome to my nightmare – alice cooper

psycho killer – talking heads

baby did a bad, bad thing – chris isaak

i put a spell on you – screamin’ jay hawkins

lil’ red riding hood – sam the sham and the pharaohs

rawhead and bloody bones – siouxsie and the banshees

heavy in your arms – florence and the machine

love song for a vampire – annie lennox

far from any road – the handsome family

haunted – poe

your ghost – kristin hersh featuring michael stipe

once upon a dream – lana del rey

fresh blood – the eels

carmina burana – carl orff

the funeral – band of horses

season of the witch – joan jett

star witness – neko case

pet sematary – the ramones

murder in the red barn – tom waits

psycho – beasts of bourbon

everyday is halloween – ministry

no costume, no candy – the swingin’ neckbreakers


It’s not safe to venture out, as goblins and witches are all about, on Hallowe’en!

42.52 vintage halloween greeting card

(theme – halloween)


Random Wednesday

I get to skip the staff meeting to attend a different meeting. What a glorious day!

No, I’m being serious.

Yeah, pretty much me.

Yeah, thanks. Not especially interested in being fodder for your novel weird wannabe author dude.

On the other hand, I’d love to appear in one of my friend Marko’s novels. Or a Gaiman. Or a Nesbo. Or or or.

So many people with a savior complex lately.

I don’t need to be saved. I’m just not a people person.

I dreamed I was driving and driving. It was so real. And awful. I have no idea where I was going. I was probably dreaming about my commute. How depressing.

That’s incredibly poorly written.

Your email is entirely too long.

Pretty sure that whole “your argument is irrelevant” schtick is dead now. You can let it go.

I just went through the list asking “why am I friends with you?” and poking “unfriend” quite a lot. And it was good.

I am never going to finish reading this article and it’s time to admit defeat.

I have knit the body of this sweater two and a half times. As much as I hate sleeves, I’m dying to get to the sleeves.

I wish the water in this city didn’t taste so bad.

That should say it “reads” not “says.”

“And it seems to me a good way to encourage respect for the culture is to let the kid dress up as the character. When we can imagine ourselves as other people, we gain empathy for them.”

biting my tongue biting my tongue biting my tongue

OMG use regarding. Stop using in regards to. It’s just annoying as hell.

Yes, I am taking notes by hand at the web users group meeting. Unironically.

I typed gingers instead of fingers, which is a very very different thing, indeed. Cross all your gingers for me!

Aaaaaaand now I’ve burned my pinkie on my lunch.

I wish I had some chips.

Well, I guess you won’t have anyone to hold your hand any more.

It’s probably for the best.

a song a song a song

nervous. ugh. ugh.

ugh ugh ugh.

“Why does ever thing have to be about face! Can’t we just all get along?, seriously !, ugggg”

Well? Can’t we?

I really can’t remember the last time I wanted something this much.

Maybe yay?

Just because someone pays you to write for their blog doesn’t magically make you not a shitty writer.

The thing about the colored background for text on FB is that it makes everything meme-ish. Plus I have a hard time reading text on colored backgrounds, it bothers my eyes. I don’t know. I just don’t like the trend.

I like windows, but I do sit with my back to mine.

I hate this flippin’ chair.

I’m waiting to hear how allowing the government to use drones on domestic soil is a good idea.

“The best way to reenforce [sic] white cultural dominance is to make white culture the only one we can all share. Stop doing that.”

Wow. OK. That was a waste of a read.

Pack it up and drive it to the Compound, please.

Like I would say no to pizza. Ever.

Maybe they’ll have little pastries. They usually have little pastries.

I have a feeling they really wouldn’t have a problem with my Halloween wardrobe.

Why does everything have to take so bloody long???

You talk too much.


Shouldn’t this man be getting some kind of professional psychological help? Why would you do this to yourself? It’s horrifying.

Well? Am I???

I think my phone is watching me right now.

From what I understand, we just stole everything from everyone else.

Nope. Still don’t care about brioche stitch.

I really have to stop saying ugh.

I’m reasonably certain that you’re taking that way too literally, dude.

Still haven’t renewed my certification. I have until the end of November, right? I think. Maybe.

I need a donut.

I’m not very good with the waiting.

5 days, 4 hours, 17 minutes, 37 seconds til Haloween!!!!!


There is something at work in my soul which I do not understand.

41.52 frankenstein ~ mary shelley

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