nobody here but us chickens

Jennifer you are not the only reason my head is boiling and my hands are freezing.

037 wm 872237.52 (fireproof, the national)

I’ve used this line before.


That’s the place to get to—nowhere. One wants to wander away from the world’s somewheres, into our own nowhere.

037 wm 8679 037vwm 869137.52 (women in love, d.h. lawrence)

Random Wednesday

wm8491I don’t know. I think there are probably at least a handful of ways to rock.

One day, I’d very much like to drive Route 66.

OK anything BOMB. Stop calling things bombs. It’s dumb. The only acceptable use of bomb is as an adjective. You’re the bomb, baby! Or, you know, when referring to an actual explosive device.


“How do you do it?”

“I think about Aaron Eckhart naked for a minute before I respond. … I’ve never actually seen him naked, but I’ve seen him naked enough to be able to fill in the blanks.”

It’s hard to have a discussion when everyone’s response to your post is “I totally agree with you, that is such a good point.” Come on.

I thought that said “When I noticed how articulated she was …”

Trainspotting sequel???

On point. On fleek. On model. All of them. All of them must go.

OMG hilarious.

What?! No one told me we had liberty AND freedom!!!

Mitch Pileggi’s eyebrows look weird.

Non-fiction, Non-fiction, Science Fiction Double Feature

Yo. Yo. Ma. Gabba Gabba, MTV Raps.

Why does my knuckle hurt?

tengo que haga un esfuerzo excesivo mi cerebro

What a strange man.

Wait. Maybe this is the universe trying to warn me about something.

I’m not looking forward to this lunch.

It’s too bad you can’t still get Sears Homes.

I kind of miss the house my dad built. I would move back there. Looks like they sold off some acreage though. So maybe not.

I’m just giving you a look right now. You know the one.

I seriously might have to unfriend you. You seem to grow more obnoxious by the minute.

Fine. Whatever.

I would not mind going to the Club Soda reunion. But I will not wear my Club Soda t shirt. That would be too weird.

“Well, sure an individual has to take responsibility for making the choice to use drugs, but the drug dealer holds some culpability as well.”
“The drug dealer is just a means of distribution. The drug dealer is not responsible for the individual’s choice to use his product any more than Meijer is responsible for my decision to drink Dr. Pepper 10.”

OK. Lunch was alright. I hate riddles though.

I might cry real human tears over Cascade.

I still think my route resembles Indiana.

Bill Knapp’s chocolate cake is my faaaaavorite.

I’m totally embarrassed to say that I did not even realize this was Andrew from Buffy. But his Instagram is hilarious.

I need some kind of pressure band for my skull.

I know what I think about it.

kust ion fages

I did all of the dishes. All of them.

This is just not cold enough. I think tea would be better I guess.

That is just not right.

I kind of wish the damn family room was Stormageddon proof so that the TV watching was in the family room instead of my bedroom because then my bedroom would not be full of stinky children all the time throwing my pillows on the floor and shoving the top sheet down to the foot of the bed and then I could go in my bedroom and indulge in an episode of Supernatural or, you know, some other brainy type mom show in peace. And stuff.

I do love the occasional run on sentence. Sometimes it’s appropriate.

I’m standing at the island in the kitchen fighting to keep my eyes open at 7:37 p.m.

My seven key is sticky. Always has been.

I’m reasonably certain I should not be wearing this shirt.

Oh I just remembered. I’ll be in Chicago next week.

I ain’t no now you’re messin’ with a Nazareth Misfits mashup. You better think about it, baby.

You just came out here to head butt me didn’t you? Demon child.

Um. I’m really struggling to understand how you can categorize Marx as a hero.

The goal is to work through ALL of the stash yarn before buying more. I’m confident that I will fail fail fail. I do have to make one exception – there’s a baby blanket that needs to be made. But I am going to try. I even cleaned a whole bunch of stuff that I admitted I would never ever use and donated it to Miss W’s partnership school. But ideally, I’d like to work through what’s there. And in the future only buy yarn for specific patterns. No matter how pretty and soft and squishy and yummy it might be. I can be yarn smart! I can! I swear! Also yarn won in knit-alongs totally doesn’t count.

Well. That was a monumental waste of time.

And those were the days of roses, of poetry and prose …

036 wm 863736.52 (martha, tom waits)

I don’t wanna have to learn to count, I don’t wanna have the biggest amount, I don’t wanna grow up

036 wm 867036.52 (i don’t wanna grow up, tom waits)

little man never hurry, take it slow – things worthwhile need time to grow, little man

036 wm 867536.52 (little man, tom waits)

Random Wednesday

wm8607I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love this Mumford and Sons album.

OK, can we please retire the phrase “truth bomb” now?

And while we’re on the subject, I think the term flash mob is dumb.

This guy has used “fois gras” more than any other human I’ve ever heard speak. I think he thinks it makes him sound intelligent. Worldly. Of course that is undermined by statements like “We’ve all seen videos of alligators taking down zebras in Africa …” Dude. There are no alligators in Africa.

Can I just tell you how much I loathe Sharepoint?

Oh it’s Florida Georgia Line. I had it backwards. That’s how much I care.

“When humans want something really really bad – we lie.”
“Because. That’s how you become president.”

I’m sure this is the road the Mister believes I’m headed down with my mugs.

Sometimes I forget how much I love Jesus and Mary Chain. And I just don’t know how that is even possible.

Man. Why do you think that you’re simplifying things when you’re actually making my life harder?

Who wears these lip colors? Not humans, that’s who.

Stop with the mouth wide open fake smile. Stop. It’s obnoxious and stupid.

I have absolutely no energy whatsoever. None.

Why did Rudolf Hess fly to Scotland during World War II? I don’t know. Why are you asking me??

I’m not sure why I’m here.

That fireplace + Stormageddon = disaster of epic proportions.

I think living in a Frank Lloyd Wright house would be profoundly depressing.

I don’t like that new Instagram logo. It’s lame.

I’d give you details, but I really don’t know what this meeting is about.

I still miss Flickr.

I don’t ask that question very often any more.

Of course it’s a First World problem. That’s where you live.

Damn. My ice melted.

This is one of the best brownies I have ever eaten.

Wait. The Smithsonian has nude photos of Dubya and Hillary?

Not together. ew. It was SCIENCE. ish.

I only skimmed that article but it makes it sound WAY more sinister than it really was.

I don’t really understand that whole Gwen Stefani-Blake Shelton thing.

Wow. I guess I’m doing this lunch thing totally wrong.

That’s a water stain. It’s terrible.

I need a snacks. Ha. Apparently I need more than one snack. Or a large snack. Feeeeed me.

Someone needs to stop the Gwyneth train. Please.

OK yeah, that’s pretty funny.

Can I have a nap too? I don’t think a nap is too much to ask.

Um. It does not feel like 72 out there. That is some crazy talk.

That did not go at all according to plan.

I wonder if other mothers feel a tug at their insides, watching their children grow up into the people they themselves wanted so badly to be.

035 wm 8619 035 wm 8583 035 wm 857535.52 (keeping faith, jodi picoult)

Happy Mother’s Day, chickens!

Random Wednesday

wm8528Fine. Who has time to teach anyway?

“Lucifer in the flesh.” Now that is hilarious.

Y’all act like this superdelegate thing is something new, something that just got cooked up just to screw poor Grandpa Bernie over. You’ve been using this system for 30+ years. It never seemed to bother you before.

“Team Ironman, definitely. I don’t go for a trader.”
“But what if he’s got really good deals?”

I’m struggling to understand how a band like Georgia Florida Line has fans. They’re like Nickelback but pop country. 100% God awful.

This is the cutest. Just watch the video.

Holy wow that’s pretty.

I really hope you’re not asking me to do this literally insane thing that I think you’re asking me to do.

Turn your music down. No one wants to listen to that crap.

I have really not gotten very far at all.

I really cannot get that Nazareth song out of my head.

They are all pronouncing hygienist weirdly.

That there says “alumni”.

All that trudging to and fro in the wind and rain make me long for a nice cuppa tea, this really great book on the American revolution, a warm snuggly blanket and a 4 hour nap.

I am getting none of those things.

Helps if you type in the right email, Jennifer.

I have no idea what that means.

Well. As long as they don’t get to take a plane ride, I guess I don’t care.

I totally forgot the monks were going to be here next week.

hyper hypo hippo lippo lipo typo psycho potato

Helena Bonham Carter is my spirit animal.

“So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.”

Now you’re messin with a

I don’t have any cheese, I’m sorry.

That was an unnecessary qualifier.

OK. I’m completely over this day.

Yes. That worked so well the first time, please, go ahead, try it again.

Maybe I’m just tired of sharing.

I like enthusiasts of any kind.

034 wm 8570 034 wm 851934.52 (my year, roald dahl)

I’m reasonably certain Miss W is tired of me and my camera.

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