nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday

wm5284I don’t know about objectifiable. Certainly objectionable.

Oh! I like these little arrow tabby thingies.

“What did you get?”
Notion duty.

So I’m listening to this God awful Michael Sandel podcast in which he’s asking his audience about health care and coercion, etc. Some guy stands up and talks about how we can’t have a functioning democracy without an educated citizenry. People can’t participate in a democracy if they don’t have a (public) education, if they are uninformed on the issues. Apparently he doesn’t know anything about this country and the fact that the vast sorry majority of the electorate are uninformed voters. The vast sorry majority of the electorate do not take the time to learn about the issues and the impact of the pending legislation and the actions of the people being elected. But yeah, public education is super important. Sure.

The common thread here? “It’s not fair.”

I’ve seen all kinds of liberal outrage over some lion no one’s ever heard of. I’ve seen not one blink of a liberal eye over the selling of fetal body parts. Y’all have some interesting priorities.

glad i deg

I think I was sort of hoping it would turn out to be some beautifully, unexpectedly visually poetic treasure. But it’s just a regular Instagram, with nothing terribly compelling about it at all.

Stupid tiny donuts.

You people are ridiculous. I mean seriously. Ridiculous.

This conversation took an unexpected turn. And now I am sad. I can’t help it that I can’t be more human than the human that I am.

I won’t say it if you won’t say it first.

Faen. I need to switch to that from my current F word.

I would like a manicure.

But. Captain America and Iron Man don’t even *wear* capes.

Curse you, Hammer Chicken!

“DNA doesn’t mean much. ‘less you’re being tried for murder …”

I thought that was a fancy cake.

I thought that said Michigan photo bomb.

There. I win.

Sunflowers are my favorite.

Dock! This totally made me think of you!

Cow eyeball man isn’t real, y’all.

Hell’s Bells. That first Batman cake is SWEET. No pun intended.

So many voices so desperate to be heard.

I found this interesting.

Ugh. I think the guy that’s secretly living in my building made fish last night after everyone left. I hate that.

I miss Rocky Road cereal.

chop suey cthullu

“Public education is the Soviet agriculture of American life.”

How do you know you can’t see them if you can’t see them?

W, looking at Evil Spock: “You can tell he’s evil by the eyebrows.”
“Dude. You can tell he’s evil by the goatee. Those are his regular eyebrows.”
“Really? I thought they were evil eyebrows.”

I bet you’ve never actually read that comic, have you?

I don’t know why people think Rothbard is anti-capitalist.

This dude cracked me up. “The people that know you don’t really like ya anyway.”

You spelled edition wrong.

Ha. Lake Monsters.

Ha. Benedict Cumberbatch. I knew it. “Not content with being blessed with a singular mind you proceed to behave in as anti-social and provocative a manner as possible … You’re not quite the imperious snoot you’d like everyone to believe you are, and you’re all the better for it.”

“Independent study eh? What are you studying?”
“I’m sorry, but that does NOT sound exciting!”

I’ll take the moon phase bracelet please.

Just when I think I’ve experienced the single most annoying thing ever, I get two, not one, TWO mosquito bites on the same damn elbow.

Sorry lady, but you’d have to pay me to go to that bar, and I know you don’t make that kind of money.

I miss letters. Still.

Nope. No one seems to be noticing.

Marshall Crenshaw! I want to go see Marshall Crenshaw!

What an asshat.

Wait. I think I might be in the wrong story.

Wow. These people never compliment my outfits. Thanks, lady.

Stupid humidity. Stupid hair.



I emailed the coach, the athletic director, and the president of the university. I don’t give a furry rat’s ass about how we look on ESPN, but I do care about the Invisible Need Project. I can’t believe I just did that. I bet they all ignore me.

Yeah, this is pretty much hilarious and true.

OK, “mic drop” has officially entered the Overused File.

Now it’s stuck in my head. sigh.


I miss those frames the you used to be able to put on your Instagram pictures. I wish they’d bring those back.

you were far away and i didn’t ask you why

It’s not a secret message from my teeth.

It’s a good thing that saved before I hit the stupid power switch with my toe. It’s a pretty hefty Random to lose to dumb.

It’s all very silent film-esque.

I wish I had Jen’s hair. Not me. Another Jen.

I wish I could lose this 25 pounds.

I wish I didn’t wish for things like that.

I think I’m being phased out of my family.

Oh hey, that’s my aunt’s husband. Best in the world.

I dunno. I’ve been watching a lot of Medium. Honing my psycho skills. Or something.

Wow, everybody really likes this shirt. It is not one of my favorites. Ironical.

OMG, Chris Christie. Go home. No one is going to elect you. No one.

i would have to have been a thing?

That’s not like someone else’s CULTURE and I get to appreciate society and Thank you!! ~ JenniferBot

Well that was fast.

But I don’t want a mammogram, ma’am.

Oh my God, that was hilarious.

I kept my tinfoil hat, too.

Ha. Slutty drowning victims. I never like Nagel either.

“What is that thing you’re typing into?”
“My blog.”
“So you just, like, type random things into it and post it?”
“Um. Have you met me?”
*conversation with Miss W.

Oh my hell. I el oh elled.

Hey. I said it was an embarrassing music request, didn’t I? Yes I did.

I guess everybody needs a hobby

Is that all there is?

This will be a lot of very pissed off at the end.

and it’s a sad status quotient, waiting for the sky to fall

wm5189~saddest quo, pernice brothers

Random Wednesday

wm5182I got nothin today. Must be a good day to work on databases. Mindless.

I don’t think we can afford you, Neil Gaiman. And that makes me sad.

I think Neil Gaiman is a far better use of monies than Gloria Steinem or Anita Hill. He’s certainly more relevant.

So much bullshit comes out of her mouth I wonder if she even knows what the truth is.

It still surprises me that people don’t get my humor at all. #blessed

Publish or die!

I think the word I was actually looking for was perish.

Who the hell is Chely Wright?

The Ugly Duckling? Really?

You are Morticia Addams. Your tastes are eccentric to say the least, like Morticia from “The Addams Family.” You’re able to let your children explore life freely, but you are always there for them at the end of the day. You’re unique and not like the rest!

Damn skippy.

Actually, I think I took that quiz before already.

Well huh.

“They learn by testing, so they’ll have to take a test before they leave.” Um. What??

Diversity diversity diversity we’re not diverse enough we need more diversity diverse diversity diversity diversity!!!!!!!!1!!

No, non-liberals don’t count.

I don’t know about this season of True Detective. It’s just so … overwrought.


I’m trying to listen to this Night Vale podcast, and I’m just not really feeling it. Maybe it’s the migraine dregs. I don’t know. It’s just not grabbing me at all.

Also I don’t think I can listen to podcasts at work. I think podcasts might be strictly a car thing. Also I think it might be related to the fact that I can’t listen to audio books. I just tune them out after about 5 or 10 minutes. And since I can’t plug the iPhone that isn’t a phone into the car to listen, I guess podcasts are out. So OK then.

You are Lady Macbeth “Screw your courage to the sticking-place and we’ll not fail.” You are a strong, powerful, charismatic personality. People do what you say…or get the heck out of your way. You are practical, matter of fact, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. Your single-mindedness can make you a bit of a loner. Three course meals and fancy cocktails aren’t for you – you’re far too practical for that frou frou nonsense. Be careful that, in your drive for excellence, you don’t push everyone away. You might need friends when you least expect it.

erm. Hmmm. Out, damn’d spot?

syrup pants

I knew there was something wonked with her hair! Didn’t I say there was something wonked with her hair?

Interesting interview with Alan Moore.

Well. Now I’m going to have to buy this shirt.

I wouldn’t mind being objectified for a while.

I haven’t made a single FB post since Sunday. Huh. I wonder if anyone’s noticed.

do i look like a liar. do i look like a liar to you.

Seriously. Stop sending crap out before I proof read it.

I am not loving this bologna sandwich.

I’m pretty sure I need a skirt in this pattern.


I have completely lost track of what I was doing. I need caffeine.

Gah. Michael Sandel. I do not enjoy this man. Not even a little.  Better that one should die so that five could live?

Um no, you moron. Shoving the fat man on the track is straight up murder.

But I guess I can listen to TED talks while working. That seems to work.

I do not even know.

Sorry for Corey Feldmanning you.

No that wasn’t a euphemism.

What the hell did I just step on?

Now I want a donut.

I had no idea that even existed. I am going to make full use, post haste.

I wish I could talk to the dead. I wish I could read minds.

Watts! I love Watts! I love that movie.

That is not sitting well in my stomach. Ugh.

ugh ugh ugh

Random Wednesday

wm 4993Oh. My. God. It’s like someone sat down in my head for like a minute and said, “Oh yes. I know precisely the type of tea mugs you need. Indeed, I know just the thing.” And then created this. Just for me. If ever I needed a thing, this is that thing.

this is my

Oh right. It’s the return of the weekly meetings. Whee.


I don’t know what the hell I sat in or where I sat in it, but I’m grateful that I am not wearing white and that it came out of my dress pretty easily.

Half of a half peeled potato.

“Peter Frampton is the first person I ever unfriended on Facebook.”

Gah. There’s not much worse than ice cubes that taste like whatever food has been in the freezer for the last ten years.

“That’s the deal. They buy me cigarettes, I buy them ice cream.”

I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen.

This just breaks my heart.

HA! My homeschool room might look that pristine and perfect for all of 5 minutes. Until my kids walked through the door. Keep dreaming, Buzzfeed. Also, do people actually have dedicated rooms for homeschooling?  Also some of those rooms are verging on the feel of a real classroom, which is something I’d say the majority of homeschoolers try to avoid.

I wish I had some pizza.

mistakes were made.

Where can I get some pizza?

I guess I’ll just eat this here bologna sammich.

I just can’t, with you. You make me tired.


Anti-Capitalist Libertarians are not actually anti-capitalist? I just don’t know how you can call yourself a market anarchist anti-capitalist and then offer crap for sale.

Wouldn’t organized behavior be anti-anarchist? I haven’t read your book, I’m just wondering based on the title.

I don’t understand you anarcho-anti-capitalist types. I’m not a huge one for rules, and we all know how I feel about government intervention and regulation, but I do realize the need for very basic rules, which by their nature require a form of organization. I can’t see a world without civil society, and I can’t see how you can create civil society out of anarchism. And I can’t see a world without capitalism. Or I could. It was called the USSR. And we saw how well that worked out for everyone. I don’t know. I’d say convince me, but … I don’t think that’s possible.

Can someone just make one of these for me? I’ll pay you. You know. On account of I believe in capitalism.

I was not on a boat, down on the river.

I just work here.

Sorry. Michael Douglas is not a “hot dude.”

I do not understand you, LinkedIn.

These Reese’s Pieces must be old, because they do not taste like they should. I suppose that’s the Universe’s way of telling me I shouldn’t be eating this crap anyway.

Have I mentioned how much I really hate potlucks?

Wait. What even is a “libertarian socialist”? I mean how is such a thing even possible?

Apparently a bologna sammich is not enough food. Starvinggggggggggggggggggggg.

I can’t read this crap. I’m trying and I just can’t.

Dammit! These animal crackers don’t taste right either! They kind of taste like grass. And dirt. What the hell?

Alligator man isn’t real, y’all.

Huh. That’s kinda weird.

Sham! Scam! Baloney! Shambaloney! Shamone!

People get so worked up over libertarians. It’s hilarious.

I just don’t think a flipping email saying that class has been canceled is too much to ask.

I need a sanctuary city to escape all this societal lunacy.

Also I need to turn this air conditioning off.

Ha. Ha.                           Eggs.

Oooh! This Boneyard Shawl I made is sooooooooo cozy and warm. I think I might have to keep this one for myself.

“Who raised you???”
“Surely not! My child would never speak to me this way.”
“It was you. You and dad. You did this to me. I’m the victim here!”
And yet she refuses to take drama class …

Boxed macaroni and cheese is about to not taste very good at all on account of they’re fixin to take all the taste good chemicals out of it.

I bet Nick Gillespie is reading this and saying “Don’t get me started on those anti-capitalists! Just don’t even get me started!”

Is that Leonard Cohen? I think it’s Leonard Cohen. Yes. It is Leonard Cohen. I like Leonard Cohen.

“Why does my phone want to autocorrect everything to ‘bat’?”
“Because you’re talking to jentober.”

Random Wednesday

wm4920This place makes me want to shave my head.

The humidity here aggravates my head pain. I’m trying not to complain, but sweet zombie jesus, it’s terrible.

I keep reading that as Smooch-a-Pooch Saloon. It’s salon.

I wish I had a donut. And some iced coffee. And millions of dollars.

I can have, please?

You got: Zoë Alleyne Washburne. You’re a pistol. You have zero time for liars and needless drama. You’re driven, goal-oriented, and have excellent judgment. If there’s a conflict, you know how to deal with it diplomatically without wasting time. You’re also quick as a whip, and extremely loyal to your close circle of loved ones.

I’ll take it.

Oh hey! There’s a Dunkin up the road!

I actually lost track of what day it was. Weird. I feel like I’m in limbo.

I was all set to have that chocolate iced for breakfast and someone ate it. Dude.

Bacon is obviously the answer here.

Is it because I burned the shit out of both of my hands making your bacon?

I was puffing out some air from exertion.

That sounds kind of wrong out of context …

Wow it’s hot. Too hot for the two miles I just walked pushing Stormageddon in the stroller while he snoozed away. Next time he’s walkin’ too. Lazy little bugger. Just kidding!

I don’t like that answer. Next!

I want to be thin and beautiful with my sweaters and things perpetually falling off my thin and beautiful shoulders in a sexy yet vulnerable way that only thin and beautiful women see to be able to convey. But I’m not thin and beautiful. I’m a curvy smokin’ hot nerd. And that’s cool too.

Ah yes, Indiana’s Bucket Android Lake.

I thought that sign said Fartville.

“They put weird lights on those signs.”
“They put weird everything everywhere. I’m Brian Fellows.”

This looks soooo good!

“There’s a fine line between city planning and arson.”

It’s fascinating to me that there can be a thunderstorm at very nearly the exact same time every day.

“Nothing happened! I don’t know how she did it, but she did ‘nothing’ weirdly.”

Who the hell is Ariana Grande?

Sooooo what you’re saying is that my Facebook posts are age appropriate?

Oh my God, Jim Butcher. Write more Dresden now! Seriously. Best series ever written. Ever. E.VER.

Dear Lord, that might be the single worst commercial I have ever seen in my life.

The only time we see commercials on television is when we’re visiting people.

I don’t actually care about the woman and her Old Navy tank top. I don’t care about the girl and her mother. If you want the world to stop putting so much emphasis on weight and beauty standards, stop bloody contributing to the noise.

I do not believe vaccines should be mandatory, but I do believe that you should have some liability for your actions. That woman did not have to die.

OH MY GOD, somebody who crochets needs to make this for me.

I’ve always wondered what my head would look like bald. I have an oddly shaped skull. Well. It feels odd.

“I bet your whole Goddamn property is whimsical!

I want the couple on the bridge please.

“Your bag is filled to the brim with despair and misery.”
“Of course it is, it’s my bag.”

el oh el These remind me of stories my uncle tells about working for the airlines.

Who takes a nap in the handicap stall?

lurking in silence

Oooooh! If I actually spoke to other humans, I’d super want this.

I love skirts so much.

Just eat the waffles before you starve to death.


Don’t you start. I’m not looking for validation. It was what my brain said after it saw a billboard.

I don’t think alligators make much noise.

It’s altogether too quiet in here, which can only mean one thing …

I’ma be in a boat, down on the river.

thursday soundtrack – hooray, hooray

wm blurgalveston – david nail
bring it on home to me – sam cooke
a thousand miles from nowhere – dwight yoakam
geese of beverly road – the national
until the levee – joy williams
calling cards – neko case
digging shelters – neil halstead
i found a reason – cat power
one more last kiss – ivy
down in the valley – the head and the heart
she always takes it black – gregory alan isakov
your song – ellie goulding
far from any road – the handsome family
say you do – dierks bentley
somerville – the pernice brothers
safe and sound – taylor swift featuring the civil wars
highway don’t care – tim mcgraw featuring taylor swift
i don’t recall – lavender diamond
silver lining – rilo kiley
jen, nothing matters to me – irving

Random Wednesday

wm4380“You know how people talk about unconditional love for your children…. Isn’t that just a fluffy name for Stockholm Syndrome?”

I hate refillable water bottles. I can never drink out of them without dribbling. I think it’s the width of the mouth of the bottle. Also it’s possible I’m a dork.

I’m reasonably certain you didn’t mean that the way it came across, but yeah. And so the Mister sent me this, because funny.

Magazine: “Maybe smoking doesn’t kill after all.”
B: “He didn’t die from smoking! He died from a Hell Fire Missile in the face! Everybody knows what he DIDN’T die from.”

Oh my God. Go home, Ted Cruz.

It’s always an “activist court” when you disagree with the ruling, regardless of which side you’re sitting on.

OK, it’s not that I hate Captain Janeway so much as I hate Kate Mulgrew.

You are: 0% Hippie You are soooo not a hippie, and to be honest, you really don’t see the appeal. You like showering regularly and enjoying the convince of modern life. Attending a multi-day music festival with jam bands and hallucinogens is your definition of hell. You like things clean and organized and you like having access to private bathrooms. And why would someone want to purposely have hair so dirty that it clumps together into dreads?

The convince of modern life? OK. But yeah, that’s pretty much right on.

I want to know who put me on Ted Cruz’s mailing list. So I can punch you.

The best comment I’ve seen about this photo: “It’s like a sociopath detector.”

I don’t know how I feel about this blue highlighter.

Caitlyn Jenner is way better at high heels than I am.

el oh el

I just think it’s weird when Canadians start expressing their opinions on the American political system, as if they had intimate knowledge of what it’s like to live in a Constitutional Republic. I certainly don’t go around talking about how I think Canadia should run itself.

I’m always thoroughly convinced for a good minute that they’re planning to abduct me and take me off to a re-education camp. I know, it’s hilarious, but I’m totally serious.

MATH: The Final Exam

Life had an unusual number of redheads in the episodes.

This cannot possibly be a for real article. It has to be a joke. Right? Because OMFG.

disco passionate

Aaaaaand breathe a very deep, very big sigh of HELL YES. Math is over.

Huh. I watched this movie and have absolutely no memory of Nicolas Cage in it at all. And he was the lead.

I don’t know. I just have some issues with endorsing that big a pile of bullshit.

Oh hey! It’s July 1st. New payscale goes into effect today.

Western looked at what I do and decided that I have been significantly underpaid, lo these many years. Underpaid. Who knew? Oh wait …

Why the hell am I so hungry?

There is only so much dumb a girl can take, really.

I honestly cannot decide if I like Glen Hansard or not.

After listening to whatever the hell that was I’m thinking not.

Ask me why I always vote no on school funding increases. Go ahead. Ask me. It’s because of bullshit like this.

haven’t lost my voice

Um. I’m reasonably certain that this form was not submitted on the 29th of October, 1930.

Oh my God. I can read whatever I want right now. But there are so many books piled up waiting for me that I can’t decide! I CAN’T DECIDE!!! sob

OMG Hilary Clinton. Go home. Just go home.

Um. Huh. I’m saying that a lot today.

Oh my God. I’m so tired. Sooooooo tired.

I’ve always thought this house was hideous from the outside. Now I know it’s hideous on the inside as well.

Just in time to say goodbye.

I love this shirt so much.

Damn. I should have bought some milk.

milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk

OK. OK OK OK. Dresden it is. Stop yelling at me.


It’s soooooo easy to fall asleep when I’m trying to get Stormageddon to fall asleep. For me. It’s easy for me. He’d stay up all night if I let him.

That was weird.

And that was perplexing.

Dude. Trust me on this. My proofreading skills are worth every penny.

I am so not prepared to be in the car for that long again. I am, however, prepared for the deliciousness of Chick-fil-A. We really need a Chick-fil-A.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

wm4882~Scott Adams

Random Wednesday

wm 3629This guy is awesome.

That just seems so patronizing to me. I don’t know.

I don’t think you really thought that acronym through very well.

Let me know if you have more noodles Monday.

“If I had to pick one brutal dictatorship to live under, it’d be North Korea’s.”

It’s almost as if Random had magical powers of suggestion on the universe … I need millions of dollars! I need millions of dollars! I need millions of dollars!

I love this shirt so much.

You are something of consequence.

New Gchat is weird and the menu is messing me up and I don’t like it. You hear that Google? I don’t like it!

This might just be one of my new most favorite things ever.

Man. Life was such a good show. I wish they hadn’t canceled it.

YES! Um, Justice Sotomayor? It’s not about retaining “some” property rights. It’s about retaining ALL property rights.

Some are

Man. I never know where I stand with that woman. People say I have an attitude. Please.


“Yes, of course we have people in Michigan,” this flag says. “It’s just full of people. That is why we have a moose and an elk holding up this sign with a picture of what appears to be a jovially waving yeti on it. But everyone else here is people. And we totally know how to spell TUBER.”


“Let’s all go out for blended coffee drinks!”

“Don’t you want a bunch of new friends? Don’t you want ’em all to know where you are all the time?”

General anesthetic scares the shit out of me. Not even kidding. The thought of having zero control … God. Horrifying. And this isn’t even the worst that could have happened.

Sometimes I care so little about a subject that even when I am required to provide an opinion, I’m stumped. I do not care. I cannot even begin to formulate a response. I got nothin’. Total blank.  That’s pretty much my university experience summed up, right there.

With some notable exceptions. But still.

Well now it looks like a vagina.

Yeah. That’s pretty damn creepy.

I just think you should proofread your shit before you hit that publish button, that’s all. I speak from experience, yo.

Um. Toddlers are squirmy and disruptive because they’re toddlers.

Apparently there is a mouse living in my truck. Miss W named him Ted.

I hate days when I feel fat.

Huh. I remember doing something to my foot that hurt. I have absolutely no memory of what it was. Apparently whatever it was drew blood, which I clearly did not notice at the time.

I’m a mess.

I need a week’s worth of sleep and a solid 24 hours without crushing skull pain. I don’t think that’s too awfully much to ask, really.

Now there’s a real hero for you.

Surely I cannot be the only one who couldn’t make it through 100 Years of Solitude?

If you don’t like Gone With the Wind, don’t bloody read it.

Current weather: Migraine headache. No! Really?!

It’s likely my MacBook battery life is going to dictate my publish time this evening.

Math is almost over. Math is almost over. Math is almost over. Math is almost over. Math is almost over.

Wait. Am I doing that this week?

Oh. Maybe they were talking about the movie. Well don’t bloody watch it then.

Feelings. Precious baby howler monkey feeeeeelings.

Just in cases.

I kinda want an iced coffee.

Mike Rowe is so classy. And sexy. And awesome.


Oh. Ha. I thought that said David Bowie.

Time to switch to a longer cable, I reckon.

But where did I put my cables? Hmmmmm?


Random Wednesday

wm4375I always feel like somebody’s

I just don’t even feel very Random today.

God, this place. I can’t.

Ha. This cracks me up.

Did you hear about the fire at the circus?

Wow. That is some kinda weird.

I hate papers. I always panic.

Purposely. Perpetually.

marked down as

Yeah, you were concentrating. Concentrating on cutting a bitch.

I keep thinking there’s a whole extra week in June and it is messing me up for real.

All I really want to do right now is knit and watch Netflix.

Aw. I love it when people do stuff like this!

Wait. I just read the words “summer yarn sale”. That’s like waving crack under a junkie’s nose.

It’s hard to be motivated when your job is not terribly motivating.

I love this guy.

Man. I love this guy too.

I need some kind of absorbent coaster for my desk. Oh! I should knit one out of some dishcloth cotton!

I think maybe I’ll post this tomorrow. I have so very way too much going on today. sheebus.

Seriously. This is starting to feel like All Summer in a Day.

I for real need a standing desk. This shit is killing me.

Oh! I think those are peonies in my yard!

What? Now I have to prove to WordPress that I am human? Whatever.

OK. ok ok ok ok ok. I surrender, migraine.

Gah. I would so much rather be on the lighthouse right now.

I’m feeling totally blocked on this paper. It’s a bad thing. I need a shove. A big ol’ shove.

Oh my. Wait. Is that a chocolate chip cookie on that guy’s pants? OMG that hat. With the feather. On yellow pants.  Kaitex. Bringing you the dad-bod before it was cool.

And it’s just that easy to distract me from this damn paper.

My cube needs more tiny dinosaurs.

We need new phones.

We need to sell this house.

I need to graduate.

I need to not have this migraine.

I need to write this paper!

Why yes, I did just use the word “fomented.”

“Hate is carried in your heart, not in your holster.”

Speaking of. I hope my head will cooperate with TWAW night. There is nothing worse than shooting with a migraine. Nothing. Not even child birth. I had a migraine when I qualified for my CPL. It was horrific. 90 some degrees, literally dripping with sweat, and my head in total agony. I’m just glad I didn’t vomit.

Um yeah. That is awesome. I should knit something like that. If I ever have free time again …

Wow. It’s remarkable to me how that works. Boom. 3 full pages. Just like that.

That’s single spaced, by the way, she said, not a little smugly.

“Never fall under the delusion that you are free from violent people because you are where you are. Bad men do not care where your knees fall.”

Um. I’m so sorry, your honor, but this young man had every right to go online looking for a date. You have no business sentencing him to this gross injustice simply because you do not personally approve of his behavior. This is despicable.

I say I need more tiny dinos in my cube, suddenly my Facebook feed is full of my friends posting photos of things tiny dinosaur related. And they haven’t even read this yet! (Assuming they actually planned to read this …)

Um. Why the hell are backpacks so bloody expensive??

What is a slide and what is its purpose. Well, class …


I cannot stop yawning. All I want is sleep. Days and Days.

days and days

I wish I could sing.

I wonder how much the November Rain video cost to make.

I wonder if Slash ever just wants his damn hair out of his face already.

Oh come on. The Flame was not Cheap Trick’s finest moment.

OK. I need to get out of this Youtubian rabbit hole.

More drugs! Not that kind of drugs.

Um. This site kicks ass. That is all.

All I really want to do ever is knit and watch Netflix.

But now that you’ve told me I can’t, all I wanna do is use the procurement card. I all of a sudden need eleventy things for the office!

Yes, that is my makeshift range bag. Where else would I store the ultra violence?

Yeah, I don’t think I could listen to Twist and Shout over and over and over and over …

Stupid brain being stupid and hurty. Stupid.


(you totally just yawned)

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