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Random Wednesday

I have a job interview in 40 minutes. Yes another one. I’m not terribly nervous this time.

I think I might have found a Jeep.

Don’t worry, it’s not real blood.

Halloween is 46 days away.

I would really like to go back to sleep.

I forgot my lunch today, which annoys me. I don’t like buying lunch.

I might be kind of a little nervous.

I don’t think I was meant to be a runner.

Why does it so frequently smell like bologna in here?

I’m getting a headache. It’s probably nerves and stress and a desperate need for Diet Coke.

I’m starving. I was going to order something but now it’s too late.

I think that interview went well. I’ve never interviewed with that many people before. I don’t think I would ever be bored in that position.

Sometimes I really wonder how some people made it through college.

I ordered food anyway. Pizzahuttacobell didn’t sound appealing. Neither did cafeteria food. So there.

Where is my food?

If I get a new job will I be able to do Random Wednesdays any more?

Lunch order fail. It never came, so I called. Where is my food? I said. He came and you weren’t there, they said. But I am here, I said. I am here, wondering where the hell is my food?

I like the longer Random Wednesdays.

I am unable to recall a single instance in which I missed a deadline.


Going to bed earlier is not helping my sleepiness. Maybe I need more iron.

I have Anthony Stewart Head’s album. I don’t like it as much as I’d hoped. I listen to it once every 6 months or so. He should have done a full cover of Behind Blue Eyes. That snippet he did on Buffy was dreamy.

I should knit more sweaters this winter. I knitted too many hats last year.

The True Blood finale was sort of blah. There were one or two things I didn’t expect, but overall, blah.

I like Emily Deschanel’s bangs.

My friends think it’s funny when they make me say “har”.

Anteaters don’t climb trees, and no one climbed up and put it there. I don’t know what’s making that noise. Yes, I realize you’re being funny.

I don’t care who you are, a meat dress is just never a good idea.

I don’t know why anyone is shocked that a Christian college canceled the New Pornographers. It’s more surprising that they were booked in the first place. They should have just let them play under a different name, like when CBS made the Jesus and Mary Chain play under a different name. The JM Chain or something. So they wouldn’t offend. Which is silly, really, but Calvin is a Christian college, I can see why this would be an issue for them.

Maybe I’m too monochromatic. I am dressed in varying shades of brown today.

Miss W’s teacher’s behavior color chart is making Miss W hate school. It’s complicated. It’s Miss W’s teacher’s first year with a classroom all on her own.

I never much cared for the hokey pokey.



  1. deb

    it's actually 'MANGE!', dear. for next time.

    On True Blood:
    I was underwhelmed by the finale as well.
    I did giggle when Sookie turned on the garbage disposal, I admit it.
    I have never wanted to punch Jason Stackhouse in the face more than I did this whole season.
    I believe I will be watching the next season all at once when it comes out on DVD.
    They kind of lost me this season.

  2. AntiJenX

    I didn't want to do the loud MANGE because I was trying not to draw attention to myself.

    It was totally giggle worthy when she turned on the garbage disposal. I couldn't agree more about Jason. I really, still, cannot stand Anna Paquin. The books are fun reads though 🙂

  3. deb

    yeah… according to Jesseh (she who watches my girls in the mornings) if they stick to the books, this upcoming season is supposed to be totally awesome. Especially if you like Eric Northman… which I DO!

    I hope Sookie steaks Bill. I'd keep watching if I knew that was coming.

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