(Edgar Allan Poe)

This weekend I took a road trip with some wonderful women.  We made our way to Baltimore.  Deb (aka the Redhead aka RoHo Diablo), Jenn (aka Hostile 99) and I (aka jenxmachina) met Danielle (aka danofthedead) in the city where she graciously showed us around her home turf for a couple days. Our friends Mike and Beth made appearances as well.

We visited Poe’s grave, which was the number one stop on my list.  I know Jenn was excited about that too.  We had scotch at the Annabel Lee.  We wandered in and out of shops in Fells Point.  We drove out to Annapolis and looked for the men in uniform at the Naval Academy.  Alas, with the pouring rain, they all wisely seemed to be indoors.
On the way home to the Mitten, we detoured to visit the Antietam National Battlefield.  And if you don’t know what Antietam is, you really need to brush up on your American history.

It was a fantastic weekend on the road with good friends.  I am so lucky to have been able to make this trip.