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Random Wednesday – At Home Edition

My Special K is soggy.

Oh lord.  It’s entirely too early for Lady Gaga, Miss W.

I shot over 700 frames in Baltimore.  Now I have to edit.

Ah, Ash Wednesday.  Lent.  I always sucked at Lent.  I should give up M&Ms for Lent.  40 days isn’t so bad.

Zombie target courtesy of the final HZRT morning.  I took RoHo Diablo and Hostile 99 out back to shoot.  They weren’t too shabby.  That’s one dead zombie.  Of course I shot too.

New Dresden out in July.  July is too far away.


Rainy morning.  Yes, please, melt all the snow.  We don’t need any more snow.

That’s some weird spacing.

I suddenly want brownies.

I have never been to Starbucks so much in my life.  I may actually experience chai withdrawal. Oddly, I drank very little Diet Coke the whole time I was away.

I really just want to go back to bed now that girlie’s off to school.  Such a sleepy rainy morning.

Annapolis is such a cool town.  I could totally live there, except there is no where to park.

I think our new governor should start pushing that whole “no state income tax” thing.  I’d be totally ok with that.

It’s so cold in here!

Need more tea.

Why is the spoon rest full of water?

Toasted peanut butter sandwich?  Yes, please!

Just say no to Newt Gingrich.

Probably I could turn this light off.

Going back to work Friday is going to suck massively.

How do I still have road trip Pringles left?  Pringles are dangerous.

I have become a lot better at excluding images when editing an event.  I am much more critical than I used to be.  Perhaps I could stand to exclude even more …

My internet is slower than erosion.  E ro sion.

I’ve been spelling Annabel wrong.

Evidentiary standards.

I hate having to un-knit a row.  Teeeeeensy stitches.

ARGH interweb suckage!

I wonder what I should wear tonight.

Traumatic brain injury, Adele.

Wow, I just realized how quiet it is in here.

Almost bus time. Maybe the house will feel warmer when I come back in.  Cannot get WARM.

“Four score and seven years ago you were supposed to die like Jesus.”  Some jackass in Miss W’s class to Miss W after she talked about Lincoln and quoted the Gettysburg Address today. I admit that my initial reaction was laughter.

Conditional grandparenting.  I suppose that’s one way to go.

Mark Steyn tonight!  Can’t wait!

You, too, can be a fan of the Hot Zombie Road Trip.

Four score and seven years ago I was totally running late.  Stupid homework.


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  1. deb

    those Pringles sounded pretty crumb-y when I brought them in from the car.

    and now I want a toasted peanut butter sandwich, thankyouverymuch.

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