nobody here but us chickens

Random Wednesday – Christmas Vacation Edition

i’m so lonely without you

mummy in the maze

I’m feeling deficient.

Food would be good now.

Goin’ back someday.

It’s chilly.  26 degrees is chilly.

Dresden, tea, knitting, a tiny Reese’s.  Vacation is good.

I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

My tea leaves look like a  galaxy.  An ocean of stars in my hand.

Why would I pay $14 for the privilege of jumping in Goguac Lake on this frigid day?

I was waiting only –

Over the river and through the woods …

Relevance.  Irrelevance.  Irreverence.

creak.  I sound like a cop.

Back in the car back in the car.

I like my cousin and his wife.  Those are good people.

I should just have a job knitting all the time.  I could do that job.

No one wants to take me to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I don’t know why.  What’s not to like about Daniel Craig?  See?  I totally typed his name without getting drool on my keyboard.

Is heaven any sweeter than?

I’ve been away all day.  This is impossible.

I think I’ll just post this tomorrow.  Randomly the wrong day.

This is the wrong frame of mind.

It was a lovely evening.  Some of my family likes me a lot.

She wore ah ah

I’m so cold.  Oh!  I was making tea.  I forgot.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

A kick ass mix cd for a kick ass girlie.  Good job, bunny!

I wish I had the discipline to write a book.

Maybe I should just go see it by myself.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gone to a movie alone.

I think we’ve failed at our first triops attempt.

Those eggs are bad.  Bad eggs.

My Die Hard marathon is a failure as well.  I have only managed to watch Die Hard and Die Harder. 

I’ve got the time to wonder why.

No one will even notice.

smug bastard

This vacation is going too quickly.

Half of my post just got lost.

We made it through Die Hard With A Vengeance last night.  Only Live Free or Die Hard left.  It’s the only one I haven’t seen.

I ♥ Bruce Willis.

Yes, Random Wednesday has carried over into Thursday morning.

Gloomy morning.

Eye charts and shoppers and loud.  No, I can’t open that eye any wider.

Before and after.

I am not eating tiny Reese’s for breakfast, tempting as that may be.

Have you ever?

Well that was an interesting choice.

You could come with me.

Maybe we can get a scholarship.

Those eggs are good.  Good eggs.

That picture is crooked.

Empty night.

New Year’s Eve.  That’s a good movie night.  With some Scotch.

It’s breakfast dessert.

Traded their memories.

I suppose.  I suppose.  Achoo!  I suppose.

What is your favorite color?



  1. bunny

    Yay! I had fun putting that cd together and making the cover.

    I’d like to say my favorite color is grey, but that’s my sister’s line. I guess black. Or green, which is actually a color.

  2. red

    I go to the movies by myself all the time. Well, I used to anyways. Nothing wrong with it, says me.

    I have never

    He’s crackalicious!

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