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I never make ordinary posts any more.  I post Random Wednesdays and the weekly Random Confederacy shot.  Perhaps I need more specificity in my world.  Perhaps not.  I don’t think it makes a lick of difference either way.  The point is I felt like posting.  And here I am.

The book in the pic (which was shot with my phone, oooh the quality!) is The Other Side of the River.  It is an interesting story, unfortunately the author puts too much of himself into it.  I’m reading it for an urban politics class, much of which is centered around Detroit.

I visited my new desk in my new work home today and ended up chatting with my new boss for quite a while.  It was a nice visit.  I can’t wait to make the move.  Three weeks!

It’s been snowing like crazy since yesterday, people were having trouble driving on campus.  (We should have had a snow day!)  I was crossing the road to leave and some students were trying to make it up the hill.  I was moving cautiously as the road was slippery and I was nervous about getting hit by this carload of girls.  My caution displeased them.  The front passenger rolled her window down and actually said to me, “Are you fucking retarded?”  I said “Really?  That’s how you talk to people?  Classy.”  Mostly our students are of a much higher caliber, at least in my experience.

And now I’m home and it’s a snowy Friday and I have a three day weekend to look forward to.  Knitting, studying, lots of tea, and maybe I can squeeze in a little Dr. No.  (I’m alternately picturing Sean Connery and Daniel Craig as Bond as I read.  Can’t go wrong either way, really)



  1. deb

    AMEN on that Bond thing. I definitely prefer the young Connery, so your Craig is safe. 🙂

    Enjoy your extra day off – I’ll be thinking about you while I’m sitting at my desk. 😛

    • AntiJenX

      Oh you know I’ll be around 😉

  2. Topaz Jefferstone

    It’s a crosswalk, not a free-speech zone.

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