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Random Wednesday – Ballroom Edition

i had some dreams there were clouds in my coffee

It’s always so cold here.

I still don’t have a tiara.

I had a tiara once.

The spam the spam the spam.  Sometimes it’s just hilarious.

Seems that I have been held.

Beta blockers were just a bad idea.

Do not push buttons on my phone if you don’t know what they do.  You break things that I have to fix.

Now that, that right there, that is the best news I’ve had in a very long time.  That is a pretty kick ass way to start the new year.

I’m so happy.  What a fantastic day.  And my head is feeling a little better too!

Mustaches aren’t as much fun as fake blood.  They just aren’t.

I should have grabbed a snack.

Tears of joy, I tells ya.  Tears of joy.

Clear your mind of the fog.

I swear they have the air conditioning turned on in here.  wtf?

I don’t like this pen.

Challenges.  I have to have challenges.

My fingernails are turning purple.  Cos it’s just that cold in here.

Lady, you really should have had your lunch before you came in here so that I didn’t have to listen to you eating it.

This will make you feel good.

If you must eat in here, stop talking with your mouth full.  It is truly disgusting.

Fella from Justified is an avid amateur photog.  Lots of photos from his trip to India here.  His don’t compare to my friend Heathre’s photographs, but his perspective is worth a look.

Licking your fingers?  Really?

I think I need to buy myself something pretty.

Ha!!!  Yes!!  I haven’t watched the Simpsons in years.  I am going to have to check this episode out.

Ooooh!  Nothing like finding the perfect gift for someone!  Yay!

I can tell you right now I’ve already had too much Diet Coke today.

cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes

I’m so excited.  I mean really really really excited.  Like Chris Isaak excited but even more than that, because this is way huger.

Now we need to hear some Chris Isaak.

Why am I getting email from Newt Gingrich?

It’s taking me forever to read Dr. No.  Mostly because I can only get to it between twelvety other things.

What???  No more chocolate Zingers???  Nooooooooo!


Holy wow!  I didn’t realize it was that late.  I will have to go back to the office soon.  sigh.

Good luck to my uncle, Toddzilla, in Vegas this weekend!

I have always disliked the word chamois.  It confuses my brain.  I know how it’s pronounced, and yet every time I see it, my brain stumbles.

It always kind of smells like pizza dough in here.  But there’s never any pizza in this building.

Oh, are the dead voting again?


I’m sure I’ve played this recently.  One of my favorites.

Miss W is experiencing Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids for the first time.  She’s not sure if she likes it yet.  I loved that show as a kid.

I got a new job today!  I got a new job today!  I got a new job today!!!!!



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  1. red

    new job = strong need for tiara

    yes, i know you won’t be in the ballroom any more but I don’t care


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