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daniel hannan gets me hot, and other true tales

i think that’s what i should call my book, should there come a time i actually sat down and wrote a book.  and if i did write a book, only 3, possibly 4 people would buy it and i could name those people right now.  but if i did write a book it would be full of things like how much i hate it when certain parents get all preachy about how other parents should raise their children, and how unfailingly infuriating liberal hypocrisy is, and possibly a piece in which i try to explain to certain members of my family that not only am i not a terrorist, racist, bully bent on holding my country hostage, i’m not even a republican.  but they wouldn’t read it anyway.  and i’ll never write that book.  so i think this will just be the title of this late saturday afternoon self portrait.

half of you are googling daniel hannan right now, aren’t you?

today was chilly swimming pools and pancakes and not enough tea and wrapping up an experimental photo project and a little hannan swooning and, of course, knitting, and actual snow! 



  1. Bunny

    And I would buy the real book, not some kinda Kindle bullshit.

    • AntiJenX

      See? This is why you rock.

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