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wmIMG_0598I woke this morning from a dream – a very odd dream involving Johnny Depp, a library slash record store, Duran Duran, and my best selling collection of 9 essays entitled “Daniel Hannan Gets Me Hot, and Other True Tales,” (which does not actually exist, though it’s interesting that that post was made almost exactly a year ago), and sat down at my dilapidated laptop to write about that.  However, the other side of my brain had different plans, and hijacked my post.

I started thinking about blogs, and how I often find myself following links from one blog to another to another and not very far down this rabbit hole of blogging mommas it’ll all turn into a huge hippie love fest of organic foods, crystal children, Obama fantaticism, self congratulatory while pretending to self effacement progressive parenting soap boxing.

Who names their kid Che, anyway?  I mean, aside from the implications of forever associating your child with the man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, it literally means “Hey!”  That’s kind of a dumb thing to name your kid.  Hippie.

On the flip side you have the ultra cons – these are much fewer and farther between – who are chock full of jesus, moral outrage, and values god dammit!

I need the in between blogs with small l libertarian mommas who do the best they can and just want the man, the progs, and the uber cons, to chill the fuck out and leave us alone.  With lots of photographs, because I’m always looking for inspiration in others’ work.

Are you out there, small l libertarian mommas with blogs?  Let’s have a scotch and hang out while the kids play with power tools, ride their bikes without helmets, and roam the back 40 unsupervised til dinner.  I’ll tell you about that dream.



  1. Marko Kloos

    Small l libertarian with a blog here…but a daddy, not a momma. Totally down with the Scotch and the hanging out and the unsupervised kids with power tools, though.

    • AntiJenX

      Excellent! Daddies are welcome too.

  2. Nancy.R.

    Name the time and place.

    • AntiJenX

      Sweet! I’m hoping you’ll also give me some shooting pointers, Nancy.

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