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Random Wednesday

wm0628I’m starting to miss summer.

You need a second job for your juice habit!

If I had another baby girl I’d name her Andromeda.

That’s probably a lie.

I wonder why Toddzilla doesn’t have a FB fan page?

This library book doesn’t have a due date stamped in it anywhere.  How the hell am I supposed to know when to return it?

What kind of madcap library are they running in Portage??

I ♥ our normal library.

Oh my God!

“No weapons real or imaginary???  That school SUCKS!”

Call me a gun nut all you want.  Who are you going to come running to when the Zombie Appocalypse happens?  That’s right.  And I’m going to laugh my evil laugh and slam my door in your face.

I don’t know.  The Following seems to be headed down the same path as The Killing.  It’s all designed around a very specific case and when that case ends there is no where else to go.

Also, holy gruesome, Batman!!

Some beautiful.

Yeah, I’m not sure I can forget it’s tongue.

I’m considering taking up cross stitch.  Because I don’t have enought to do already.

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

I think it’s ridiculous that wiper blades do not come in a package of two.  I realize that if you have a rear wiper you may only need one, so fine, offer some in single serving packages.  But also package them in twos and offer a discount.

Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person who could call in to work for a “mental health day” or something.  I have a ridiculous amount of sick time accumulated.


It drives me batty when you continuously fail to close the drawers in the filing cabinets all the way.

Shut up, I’m not Monk.

Epexegesis might have to be my new favorite exclamation.  Like ‘Jesus!’ with extra oomph.

Knitting is exercise!

“These strikes are legal, they are ethical and they are wise,” Carney said.  It bears repeating, because that statement should terrify you.

I’ve mentioned that I adore Bruce Willis, yes?

Shutter fatigue??

omg donut!

Going back to normal print after reading that large print book is going to be weird.

I probably need a patron saint of some kind.

Yay!  It’s time to move furniture!  My favorite!

That was also probably a lie.

Weird, sudden, intermittent, stabbing pain in my left temple.  It’s probably a tumor.

Apparently I can’t knit cables and read at the same time.

committee committed committing committedness commituity

I need to get off this committee.

A little flexibility would not kill you.  Really.

Oh my God you guys!!!  I love Bridget Jones.  I have literally laughed out loud reading those books.

Chris Rock is still around?

This is kind of hilarious.

266 days to Halloween!

I’d really love some Papa John’s pizza right now.

I guess I’ll bake some chicken instead.

woo hoo

bear x-ings next 5 miles

I wonder what that must have been like.

Really, short of starving myself …

Books.  Everywhere.

The word ‘haphazard’ always sounds sort of breathless to me.

Religions are entirely too complicated.

I’m sorry.  I’ve had kind of a bad day.

I’ll send you a card too.  I’m not stingy.  But you might not get it on a Saturday.

Maybe I should start a snail mailing list.

My dad could totally kick Obama’s arse.  But he wouldn’t even bother.



  1. redd

    if you can kill me with your brain then you can certainly divine book due dates. slacker.

    I agree about ‘the following’. i’m hoping the FBI cult chick ends up being an accolyte 🙂 TWIST!

    hey! you could send me Bridget Jones in you book-offloading project. I’ve seen the movies but never read the books 🙂

    • AntiJenX

      you would think …

      omg i totally think she’s already an accolyte and she’s just fooling everyone!

      ooooh! those ones are still at the old compound, i’ll see if i can dig them out for you! they are SO funny.

  2. crashcandy love random wednesday!!

    • AntiJenX

      yay! thank you 🙂

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