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Random Wednesday

no one wanted to sit beside her

It seems right that such a great sadness in our family should be followed by such a great happiness.


I finished the OWLS sweater.  I completely love it.  Of course, it’s entirely too warm to wear it.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

In every picture I’ve ever seen of Soundgarden they look like they’re either unbelievably disappointed in you or they’re fixin to kick your ass into next week.

I’ve been trying to find out if Mark Steyn is speaking at Hillsdale this spring for months.  This morning I find out he’s speaking next Tuesday.  Hope I can find a sitter!

so. tired. of. coughing.

Doing things like publicly tweeting the WRONG address of a man with the sole purpose of inciting harassment and possible vigilantism is reprehensible.  Spike Lee owes these people a very public apology and ought to be footing the bill for their hotel room.

I think this belongs in my kitchen.

Oooh the spring mega sale at Textbook Alley!  I finally got a Bronco Hockey jersey.  Those babies usually cost more than my car payment.  I love the spring sale.

“Send out the limo to meet there and don’t forget the free donut.”  I’m pretty sure that’s not what she said, but that’s what I heard.

His little mouth just kills me.

la la la la la

hold on hold on hold on hold on

That’s … not the word I would have used.

It’s the measure of a frog.

I am in charge of this calendar!  Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha

a miracle they say

Ooooh M&Ms!

I’m so sorry.  That I missed the point.

You just don’t have a clue, do ya?

Frost warning!  Batten your hatches!  Or something.

Well.  Ripped that fingernail right off didn’t I?

This is your friendly reminder.

I just remembered I have film at the lab waiting for me.  Yay!

I wish I had time for another daily photo project.  I also wish I had something like a Galaxy tablet or an iPod Touch to shoot the whole thing.

I need a vacation.

OW!  I just bashed my elbow.  Not on the funny bone.  The other one.  The unfunny one.

Every time I turn around, someone I admired turns out to be an asshat.  I should just stop admiring people.  That’s just a depressing thought.

I’m starving.

I did not measure the milk, but I measured the butter.


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  1. ScottO

    If I were anywhere near you, I’d sit for you. As much as I don’t want my own children, I enjoy other people’s children immensely.

    Well, I wouldn’t want them to forget the free donut, either!

    You mean, how many holes it has?

    Not a single one.

    Ouch! And thank you.

    I really, really want to update my iPod touch to a 4th gen with camera. Really.

    Ouch again.

    Nothing worse than unmeasured butter. Or is that unsalted butter? Whatevs.

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