nobody here but us chickens

there isn’t a girl alive who doesn’t have this look in her arsenal

she was just being silly, and it cracks me up.  she’s totally rolled her eyes at me before, and there isn’t a mother of a daughter out there who hasn’t gotten the eyeroll.  or will eventually.  they must learn it from us.

in other girl news, i finally listed a slew of photographic delight on my etsy shop, so go buy stuff and help support my photographery habit.  you know you want to.

one month left of the semester, probably the most action packed month of the whole class.  i’m feeling a wee bit stressed these last couple weeks.  deaths and births and sicknesses and never enough time in the day.

mother’s day is coming up.  buy your mom something pretty from my shop.  she’ll think you’re really classy or something.


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  1. Momma

    Yes, all of girls have that look in our arsenal. Most of us learn it from our mothers, so I agree she most probably learned it from you. And so you most probably learned it from me.
    I would say that makes us both excellent teachers…

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