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acorns and oak trees

last fall Miss W gathered some acorns.  she wanted to grow some oak trees.  so we wrapped them in damp paper towel, put them in a Ziploc bag, and hid them under the back porch all winter.  this week, we pulled them out.

they’ll stay in the pot in the house until the middle to end of may, then we’ll move them outside.  they should start sprouting some greenery in a few weeks (hopefully).  in the fall, we’ll plant them in the ground.




  1. Beth

    I love this so so much.
    I planted an oak tree for Zach which my Grandmother grew from an acorn. Then we had to move away from that house. But the tree is still there.
    I planted an oak tree in a pot on my porch when I won my own freedom. It has leafed out once again this spring. It is about 2ft tall, and 4 years old.
    May her trees become a forest!

    • AntiJenX

      Oh how awesome! I’m sorry that you had to move. I still would like to kick some ass for you over that whole mess. I’m glad your new oak is doing well though. Thank you 🙂

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