it’s been so long since you went away

Well there was no need to hiss.

Epic staff meeting day.

Sorry, I was feeling a little more Postcard from a Hooker and a little less Be True to Your School.

Ack!  Florescents.

It was my birthday.  I’m still open to cake.

It’s a love story, you see.

I did not bring donuts.  Someone should have brought donuts.  But not me.

This weather is not kind to my hair.  So hard not to chop it all off.

She said, “I hope you’re still writing.”  I don’t think this nonsense counts.

I don’t think anyone is going to notice what I put on my calendar.  Which is a shame.  Because it’s hi-larious.

Well.  It’s all in the delivery.

I watched the Tupac hologram (volume way low) and it creeped me the hell out.  Much like Michael Fassbender’s hair in Prometheus.  Robots are not to be trusted.

I have recommended the work of Neil Gaiman, my personal god, to three different people this week.  I’m linking because if you don’t know who he is by now, you need help.  Serious, serious help.


I want to be on that WhoSay site.  Mostly because in my own mind I’m entirely famous.  You know you want to know me.  (it’s ok to laugh.  i couldn’t even type it with a straight face.)

I think people freak out about dog eating because we keep dogs as pets.  It’s the same as horse meat.  Certain animals have somehow achieved a “sacred cow” status.  Sure, it’s gross that POTUS ate dog, but, seriously?  So fucking what?  At any rate, eating a dog is probably morally more questionable than strapping a dog to your roof.  There will never be commensurate outrage, but there sure is humor.

I don’t look that good in vests …

Oh man, I had to go back and catch up on Suri’s Burn Book and it’s awesome.

What a ridiculous thing to say.

Is it time for lunch yet?

Where the hell is everyone?

Argh.  I’m so frustrated with my hair.  I had a good month of awesome hair days and now I’m paying for it.

The Earth’s 400th birthday??  What???

Um.  Again.  What???

Ha hahahahahah ah ha

I don’t think I know you, dude.


fairy princess, don’t break your wings

I like this shirt.

people say

Oh dear Lord, yes.  Taco night.

Hell’s bells.  I am so hungry.



It reverberates in my skull, like a poorly aimed bullet, glancing off the curves and killing me incrementally.