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When we walked into the office of the school and told them who we were, they warmly welcomed us, eager to help.
When we told them we were there because we had joined the Homeschool Partnership, their attitudes immediately changed and they became altogether cooler.
I think it’s going to be an awesome year on the Compound.  New adventures in education in a way that works for Miss W.  Unschool, deschool, reschool, homeschool.  Schooling our way – which you know (of course) will be awesome – purely by dint of being, well, US.  And we’re really excited about the partnership school, we love their interdisciplinary approach to education.
Last year her teacher said to us, “We don’t know how to teach your daughter.”  Well, we’re not waiting around for you to figure it out.



  1. red

    you’re awesome. <3

    • AntiJenX

      <3 thanks babe

  2. Alan

    It’s pretty obvious they don’t know how to teach anyone. The ones that can, learn on their own and everyone else just goes through the motions.

    • AntiJenX


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