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Random Wednesday

So very tired.

Oh that wasn’t ironic at all.

Can it be fall now?

How many work orders can one girl submit?

2 months to Halloween!

I love pineapple.

What a nutty week.  I need food.

I’m freaking out.  I need to not freak out.

Can I please have a nap now?

63 days to Halloween!

OK.  You learn this anatomy and physiology while I watch a movie and take a nap.  Let me know how it works out for ya.

Well, you can always pop your eyeball back in …

I haven’t seen anything fun on the interwebs today.

1,502 hours to Halloween!

Oh right.  We’ve reached Heater in the Morning, Air Conditioning in the Afternoon season.

Ew.  I feel like I need a shower.  I can’t remember the last time I was that creeped out.

I wish I were a more Zennish person in general.

I wish I could do my nails.  I’m such a tomboy about that stuff.

They’re partners in ping pong, as well as lovers. … I got nothin’.

I do believe that a swarm of locusts has just blotted out the sun.

Yeah, I’d say kidnapping is probably a deal breaker.

People just make me tired.

90,029 minutes to Halloween!

I need a vacation.

I think horseback riding is an excellent idea for a class.

Ouch.  I hate it when I accidentally crack a knuckle.

Such tiny tiny stitches.

Yes?  No?  Eh.

I wish you lived here, Ali.

I think I’m feeling anxious.

My desk here is always a mess.

509,564,790 seconds to Halloween

I’m speaking in tongues.  It’s just like you said it would be.

Maybe you should take the drama class, Miss W.

But I don’t even like Neil Young.

I guess if I want peanut butter cookies I’m just going to have to make them myself.

Mice elf?

Mice don’t eat frogs!

I would have loved fencing classes.

I need more yarn, Monopoly Town.



  1. ScottO

    It isn’t too late to take a fencing class. When I took it for two semesters, the teacher was a little over 50 and there was at least one student about that age. And it was a lot of fun, even if I didn’t have the temperament even to riposte. Of course, horseback riding sounds fun, too!

    • AntiJenX

      They do sound awesome. They’re not for me though, they’re possible classes for Miss W 🙂

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