Carpet!  You are my nemesis!

Meetings.  Lunches.

I am so tired today.  I have so much cooking and baking to do tonight.  At least I don’t have to stay for the meeting with China.

Oh dear.

$100k a year to be the social media director?  I don’t know. That just seems like an overpaid position. But what do I know?

More than 26,000 students could not attend school yesterday in Michigan, so that their teachers could join the protests in Lansing.

Uh oh.  Stirring up controversy.

It’s funny that I can make a relatively innocuous and fairly vague statement that people so readily interpret in wildly inaccurate and different ways.  Why not just ask me to clarify instead of assuming the worst?

Also screw you for assuming the worst, meanhead.

Wow.  I’ve been away from my desk for almost 3 hours.  That really puts a crimp in Random.

But my lunch was good.

I don’t think that qualifies.

Greensleaves only sounds like Christmas music if it’s instrumental.

This is great, but it’s the public university issue that I disagree with.  If CPL holders can carry in public schools, they should be able to carry at public universities.  Particularly since that seems to be the place most of the active shooter situations occur.

Sparkly rainbow zombies?


I don’t know why I don’t just delete my Twitter.

Wish I had a river.

Bleah.  But no, it’s no good.  It has to change.  But bleah.

I miss having a stocking full of fun silly little things Christmas morning.

Allegedly my arse.

Added to my want want want list.

There’s still time to buy something pretty for someone for Christmas!

It probably sounds like that because that’s what it is.


Gack!  This cat puke smells like human puke.  That is not right.

But but but!  It’s not funny when Republicans do it!

Crap.  Now I have to make a cake.

A chocolate cake.

My dad always put an orange in our stockings.  That was cool.

Don’t worry, Red.  I’ma read while I bake.

Powdered sugar on the bus.

What???  Don’t speak ill about the Taliban???

I have met some truly fantastic people on the internet.

Oh brother.  Why not just drink it straight outta the bottle at that point?  Sheesh.

And neither are you.

I get the weirdest spam.

Serenity ornament where?

Blue Bonnet, celery, and potatoes.  Um.  No.

Stop pestering me!  I’m reading it!

Very bitey.

Oh ho.  You wish you had some of this chocolate cake I just baked.  It’s gorgeous.

If I knew you were comin …

It’s all interconnected, intertwined, intermingled.  Interrrrrrrrr

little justin timberlake

Oh.  Sorry.