~The Art of Mending, Elizabeth Berg
The end of the semester is nigh! I couldn’t be happier.  One last final exam tomorrow night and I am free.  I am 100% for sure taking next semester off.  I must.  Else I will snap.  Whatever will I do with all that time??

I’ll tell you.  Finish cleaning out the old house to get it on the market and SOLD.  Catch up the list of 30 or so books I’ve been wanting to read.  Mark a few items off the to knit list.  Get some more community service done.  And so on.

Anyway.  I’ve been busy busy busy in the meantime.  I got another good chunk of my honors thesis tucked away this weekend at my grandmother’s house.  I spent a lovely couple of hours with the above ladies and discovered a new little lady is on the way in a few months!  I can’t wait to meet her.

We shot the Infamous Townsend Christmas Card today!  Boy are you in for some awesome.  This might just be our best one yet.

I’ve started reading In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin since I don’t have any more reading to do for school.  It’s ok.  Not my favorite book ever, but worth a read.  Particularly since it shows very clearly how reluctant Americans and the rest of the world were to believe that there was anything “bad” happening in Germany.  The war hasn’t started yet.  Much of the detail was taken from the journals and letters of the American Ambassador at the time, and his daughter.  But I’ve only just this minute learned that there is a NEW Jodi Picoult – out in February!!!  I love her.  I really really do.

Miss W has now played Kirsty MacColl 7 times in a row on the stereo.  It’s time for an intervention.