wm0487I got rid of one meeting but I still have two others.  Two long others.

le sigh

“Why does your vagina have a tail?”

Seems like that should have been in the forecast.

Dalee needs magazines!

There is something sort of satisfying about pulling a sweater completely apart.  I thought it would give me hives, but not at all.

There is something wonky with my teeth today.

Oh that is so much better.

Cake AND pie.

“The weeks tripped by with tremendous haste.” I swear I’ve read that sentence in at least a dozen other books.

I thought it said “Oscars hottest gays.”

When I turn 40 I want all my friends to fly in, bring their families, and spend a long weekend on the Compound shooting, and drinking Scotch, and having the best time ever.  Yep.  That’s what I want.  Start planning.

Anne Hathaway just kind of gets on my nerves.  I really don’t like that girl.

I really did not want to read this book.  I cannot now decide how I feel about it.

I always type abou tit first and then have to correct it.

It’s French-ish.  Abou tit.

Oh.  Maybe I’ve said that before.

Oh my God, you guys! New album out in May from the National!!! I’m so excited!

Seriously, I can’t NOT do two spaces after a period. It’s physically embedded in my brain.

“If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That’s ridiculous. If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid about?” Clint Smith

There was a Law and Order spin off called Trial by Jury??

I want to work at the Horrors College!

repent all your sin

That was one delicious brownie.  I only ate two bites.  I don’t know how I managed to restrain myself.

Arrrrgh!  This weather!!

OK, this is cute.

Honestly, I wish Norman Reedus would just wash his hair.

“All remembrances are assignations of significance”

Morrissey was so under the radar for so many years, and now all of a sudden he’s back, and totally still wearing the crazy pants.  All heterosexual men enjoy killing each other and the Duck Dynasty family are animal serial killers.  Sometimes people should just stick to what they do best.


Sorry.  I’ve always been rubbish at making friends.

Well, my hair looked nice before I stepped out into the snow storm.


Honestly, I’m almost afraid to take Friday off.  I’m afraid of what they’ll do to my building if I’m not here to prevent disaster.

I go to these meetings, they give me papers, I throw the papers in the recycle bin.  Stop giving me papers.

There’s a MANUAL???

This this this this this!!!! I love that Sugata Mitra is doing this. He is SO right on.  It’s awesome that he won the TED prize.

Pardon my language here for just a tiny moment, but Dianne Feinstein can fuck right the fuck off.


el oh el

I couldn’t finish 100 Years of Solitude.  Sorry.  I used to be a firm believer in finishing every book – just in case!  But then I read that book about that idiot kid who went to Alaska to live off the land and died and it was SO VERY BAD.  And I realized that there is just only so much time to read on this earth, why waste it on something you loathe??

Seriously, that Alaska kid.  Christ.  And the way people elevated him as some sort of great hero of our time.  He wasn’t a hero.  He was a moron who set off into some of the most dangerous territory in the world with zero training, zero preparation, and zero back up plan.  Say what you will about me for saying this, but he pretty much walked right up to death, shook his hand and said, well, let’s hit it.

I wonder if you made your snack out of apple sauce and string cheese … not together, but as two components of the same snack … if they would then somehow be miraculously filling?

“What becomes of our individual consciences?  Why do we not stand up for what we feel? … Very simply, we are programmed to obey authority even against our own consciences.“  And that right there, is why we see all these stories about lemonade stand busts, or not being allowed to serve venison at a homeless shelter, and there is this quiet outrage, Fox News reports on it once or twice, and then everyone settles right back down into complacency.  This is how we have gotten to where we are in this country.  Over-regulated, over-mandated, our civil rights and liberties, our constitutional rights, slowly whittled away.  And what do we do?  We fucking acquiesce.  Everyone says “Come and take them” and “They’ll take my guns from my cold dead hands”, but when Big Brother comes knocking at your door what will you really do? You’ll hand over your armory just like everyone else.  This is who we are.  This is what terrifies me.  This is the agonizing irony of a country that fought so hard and so long to be free.

I probably should have just made a separate post for that eh?

I feel a whole doctoral dissertation coming on or something.

This is the third time in the last year that Milgram’s study has popped up in my readings.

That woman’s pants are very green.

I feel like we should get #hzrt royalties for that app or something.

Oh my.

Why is there a moose in the jungle?

Ooooh!!!  Yes please thank you!!

Get down, Walter!  You are not a human!

Being a hipster must be exhausting.  It just looks like it’s such hard work.

Googly eyes!

I thought it said elusive tools.

I need some replacement pussy willows.

really truly really