~Ben Franklin

Every day a new article is posted about some absolutely absurd occurrence in a public school somewhere. Student expelled for gun shaped Pop-Tart. Student suspended for gun shaped piece of paper.  Student subjected to psych eval for talking about a Hello Kitty bubble gun. It’s appalling.

And this goes back to what I said in Random this week about our acquiescence. Stop taking it. Right now. Stop allowing these absurd things to happen. Stop allowing your schools to up-grade under performing students’ GPAs. Stop allowing your schools to expel or suspend children because they’ve used their imaginations. Stop allowing your schools to fool you into medicating your children. Stop acquiescing.

Every time I see a new article about the absurdity labeled “public education” I am more convinced that making the decision to homeschool Miss W was absolutely the best possible decision I have ever made for her. At home and out in the world she is actually learning, and is free from the steady, not so subtle, indoctrination of a world firmly rooted in fantasy where everyone is “friends”, everyone gets a trophy, and most terrifying of all, everyone is conditioned to acquiesce to mediocrity.

Harrison Bergeron and benevolent dictatorship are not things I will ever teach my child to aspire to.

(And to think I was just going to tell you about our Saturday of learning about electronics and beginning germination of Venus Fly Traps and Sundews.  Go figure.)