wm5352I wouldn’t say “ghoulish” really.


So.  Hugo Chavez is dead.  That can only be filed under the GOOD category.

Counseling. For students traumatized by a Pop Tart allegedly shaped like a gun. That is the single most absurd thing I’ve heard yet. This country is in the throes of mass hysteria. This, and possible ergot poisoning, are how things like the Salem Witch Trials happen. This country needs to put on its big girl panties and calm the fuck down. Before it’s too late.

stop acquiescing

Chocolate chip cookie!  My favorite cookie!

OK it’s tied with peanut butter.

Someone else made me.

I have to go to the cemetery.

This was a sort of interesting read. I’d have to disagree with the reasons not to idolize Whedon, though I could list a few of my own. The perpetual arguments about feminism – What is feminism? Who is a feminist? This is hurtful and degrading and demeaning to women! Are, frankly, somewhat tiresome, as are most of the people forming the arguments. Whedon has done far more good than bad toward advancing positive female role models/superheroes than anyone else I can think of.

The word AMAZING has lost all credibility.

Happy to be missing out.

Water the plants!

Please can it be spring now?  Please?

litre liter litre liter litre liter

I really hate making brochures. But I hate it more when someone else starts it in Word and then wants me to edit it.  Publisher exists for a reason, people!


Now that is cool.

I generally don’t wear fingerless gloves as it’s generally my fingers that are cold.

Oooh I love Tony Stark!

Oops.  I should probably unlock that.

Weird that Geeks of Doom is just now posting a review that was written in November on Cold Days, which was released in November.

I hate folding brochures more than I hate making them, but not as much as working on brochures in Word.

Why doesn’t everyone use the Scheduler feature in Webmail? It eliminates 76% of your scheduling nightmare. Stop emailing everyone you want to meet with asking if these dates work for them. Work smarter people!

Pandora is playing an awful lot of the Cure on my David Bowie station.

Gary Johnson’s going to be at Hillsdale!  I might need to go.

238 days til Halloween!

Yes.  Yes I would like Mexican for lunch.

Have I mentioned that I kind of love Rand Paul?

Oh God.  I just remembered Glass Tiger.

I went to the cemetery, dad.

I’m telling you right now, if Rand Paul decides to run, he has my vote.

Oh, I lied.  THIS is the single most absurd thing I’ve heard yet.

Seriously, the David Bowie station is playing very little actual David Bowie.  So weird.

“The Fifth Amendment is pretty clear and it’s pretty plain. It says you can’t deprive people of their life and liberty without due process. So it should trouble every American … It’s not good enough for the President to say, “I don’t intend to assassinate Americans unless it’s convenient.” ~ Rand Paul

No, really, you guys.  Birthday.

You can get all the assurances from the President and the Attorney General that you want, the fact remains, the law now exists. This is the very terrifying problem.

The water joke made me chuckle.

Wow.  Now that’s a name.


“To those who would say it’s a battlefield: to hell it’s a battlefield. This is our country.”

So this is turning into “RANDom Wednesday” apparently.

Hot dogs and potatoes.

What is he eating?

I’m wearing jeans again tomorrow. Dress code be damned.

Shut up, it’s spring break.

I wish we got spring break off.

Walter! You need a pen! Stop eating everything!

I need to pick out some buttons. Should I alter the button band or no?

Ha “Randpage”!

Ugh.  I’m being all fan girl.

This book is creepy already.

Just the buttonholes.  Not the whole band.  I don’t like that style of button hole.

Oh this is fun!

I love my treadmill when I’m not trying to run on it.

Dear Cat, you are not starving to death.  Chill.

It’s not my fault Wayward Son has been stuck in my head for a week.

I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

I am not looking forward to the public presentations. I hope almost no one applies for the position. We all know who we want to get it anyway.

“You can rest assured that if your dad is being agreeable it’s because he’s lying.”

There should be a t shirt.

I still need a sleep mask.