wm8381I’m feeling much less optimistic this morning. My natural cynicism is kicking in.

Oh Dear Lord. “A tragic accident after a church quilting event in Muskegon is now under investigation. Police say Olive Edlredge was run over and killed by her own car Wednesday.”

WHY did I NOT know that Chris Isaak does a seriously fanfreakingtstic cover of I Want You to Want Me???? (video not appropriate for everyone)

Wait. Did I know that??

Yes, please!

“To serve the common good.” Why not just go ahead and say it like a good little communist? “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” If they choose him, it will be a catastrophic failure.

What the hell is a Macklemore?

Giant snails are just another reason to avoid Florida. euch!

You’ve probably already seen it, but this made me a little teary.

CANNOT wait for this album. At least with this one I am guaranteed not to be disappointed like I was with Bowie and MBV.

Whoever told Robert Downey Jr that lederhosen were a good idea should be fired.

What David Sirota really means is “Let’s hope the bomber was a conservative, christian, white male.” He’s wrong that “white men” haven’t been denigrated or targeted or placed on government watch lists as potential terrorists. Pretty simple research could have told him that. “White men” and gun owners in general are being vilified all over the country right now because of the actions of a few. Libertarians, Ron Paul voters, “fringe groups,” etc., have been placed on DHS terrorist watch lists. Sirota’s real problem, as with the rest of the far left progs, is that they so desperately want and need us to be the bad guys, and we so very rarely are.

Enough enough enough. Get a damn hobby.

the trouble is

It was supposed to be thunderstormy today. It’s very much the opposite of that. I was kind of looking forward to thunderstormy.

On the plus, none of my usual Wednesday meetings are happening today. AND it’s Old Dog night! Good day!

I like wish lists. They’re convenient for people who want to give you a gift because you’re awesome, and they’re nice to look at and say, “I think I’ll start saving up for this item,” for yourself. Everybody wins.

Target. So silly.

Neon yellow.

Maybe if CISPA passes, and everyone loses ALL privacy, the progressive left will finally start to listen.

It’s getting gloomy!



I feel marginally better about this as Gaiman is actually penning the script, but am still fairly dubious. And nervous.

No, no, I meant sink. Not skink.

Yeah, I’m not really being at all productive right now.

We need a musical interlude.


I’d love it if Youtube would quit with the anti gun ads before videos.

Wow, that’s some down pour.

I like old u2.

Oh my goodness.

Almost Hobbes!

“I accidentally called these girls prostitutes in front of them.”

catching sparks off you

Nothing quite like rounding up chicks in a thunderstorm. At least they were in the pen and not loose in the yard.

I don’t know. Offish Old Dog night. The food wasn’t as good as usual. The singing bartender chick wasn’t as good as usual. Just offish.

Any half-witted troglodyte can see she is the only possible choice for the job.

Still not actually starving, cat.

Barefoot Neil. Hee.

The display in the background is the same one that was on my campus right outside my office last week. I think it’s ridiculous that she was arrested, but I also think it’s ridiculous that she couldn’t just settle down when they asked her to. (Language NSFW) And I think she knew she was pushing the cops on it and daring them to cart her off.

Artsy types are so dramatic. This is where my Vulcan brain comes in handy. It keeps my artsy soul from going overboard … most of the time.

I got really behind on 3 people doing stuff.

his boy elroy

I have such admiration for the photographers who are using the old processes. They produce the most beautiful images. I wish I had the time and the money to be able to delve into it too.

I thought that pic of George and Laura Bush with their new grand baby was so sweet. So much happiness in those faces!

And then sometimes I poke my head in that group and it’s just a bunch of asshattery with everyone patting themselves on the back for being so aloof and removed. You know what? Sometimes, it is actually OK to be fucking human and be affected by a tragedy, even if it didn’t happen to you personally. Mocking everyone else for wanting to find some light or hope or a damn human connection just makes you a bigger asshat.

Well, really. Did you expect anything less?

you and me

I’m going to have to shoot some film. I need to get the Yaschicamat out.

Yup. That kid invented a 240something letter alphabet. Damn.