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Random Wednesday

wm3878Just say no to neon yarn, people.

But I don’t have $25,000.00 to contribute to get Jim Lee to paint my wall.

Boys are more likely to be struck by lightning than girls.

It doesn’t matter if the prices come down if you still can’t find ammo anywhere.


I would like some Chex Mix without the actual Chex.

Ohhh. It’s the Legend of Zelda. That’s why it sounded so familiar.


Every time I’m fixing to start a new class there are suddenly 37 new books I want to read, but won’t have time for for months. le sigh

the future looks awful dim

Go have your ridiculous conversation somewhere else. And stop speaking in sentence fragments. My head hurts. You are not helping.

There are days when two monitors is not actually enough monitors.

No, you are not, Alex Chilton. Shush.

You said Goddanged. But I read it as Goddamned. 3 times. I wonder what that says about me. It sounds better in my head as Goddamned. Just so you know.

I had a much harder time than was necessary typing that sentence.

I love them!

The Super Friends’ Super Fund

All that I am saying, is that if you are that incompetent on a computer, you shouldn’t be poking around in areas where you might “accidentally” delete things that should not be deleted. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.

Dammit, man! It’s freezing in here!

See? We totally could have been BFFs, me and Kennedy. Kennedy and me.

I love the Instavids with the sound turned off. They’re like tiny ethereal dreams and poems. I wish I could make them. Here’s my 35 second contribution via Youtube.

While I think this project is creeptastic, it’s also quite fascinating.

Did I say the thing about bees or did I just think it?

I don’t think he even noticed. I don’t know how you can not notice something like that.

Ah hell.

Something smells like cinnamon gum. It’s nice.

I’d very much like this song to be out of my head.

Quiet, phone! It’s 7:00 in the morning. There is no one here.


you should know me better than

They have a definite Eggleston influence, but don’t quite hit it for me. Worth looking at, though.

I love Eggleston.

Whole Foods is now in bed with Monsanto, eh? No, really, I swear, I’m not laughing.

!!! Donuts!

Who is this Wendy person and why are people standing with her?


You staged a sit in to stand with Wendy? Shouldn’t it have been a stand in?

This is disturbing, and this is why I will continue to be an advocate for my right to self defense.

“YOU. Do not need to lose any weight. Eat a donut.”

I wonder if the ACLU would take my case.

STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP walking into my office and immediately speaking to me WITHOUT KNOCKING. Stop now.


The woman is not wrong.

I just. REALLY. Do not like Lena Dunham. I just don’t.

“How are you this morning?”
“How come no one ever says, ‘Apricotty?'”
“Well, that’s not really the flavor I’m going for.”

Multiplied by eleventy.

I didn’t know Michigan had a Shakespeare Festival.

Sooooo, it’s not “feminist” to do something you enjoy, simply because it’s “stereotypical”??? This is why I hate femifascists. How utterly ridiculous.

It’s always the women. Men don’t do that kind of ridiculous criticism. Men don’t care. If the women are happy, the men are happy.

Who was it, again, who got DOMA instituted in the first place? Oh, right. Democrats.

I really don’t want to eat this food. I just want the donuts. All the donuts.

Foul gelatin!

This is beautiful and makes me happy.

Oh shut up, so-and-so!

Tween. Oy.

Neon Yarn People.

I’m fairly certain I spend half my work day responding to email. People should send less email. Write a nice interoffice letter instead. Put a personal touch on it.

Put a bird on it.

How did I get ink all over my arm??

I’m not that forgettable, am I??

The cute! eeeeeeeee!

Should I stop at Walmart and get some pizzas and bikinis?

No, not Wallchart.

“No! I like it in here!”

Well. That’s kind of stinky.

Ha. Governor Zoolander.

I don’t know if I like this stuff or not.

It’s making my nose feel like it has to sneeze.

Ugh. That is precisely why I don’t keep a journal.



Rain! I love the rain! I shall make some tea and find a blanket because it’s freezing in here.

Migranal. Not really doin’ the trick.

Must remember the eggs!

Come on, Internet! You can do it!

A whole car. Ha!

… I could really use a new car …

I had completely forgotten about the zombie boy who likes turtles.

We lost Beaker.


Gahhhhh I am so bad at these games. I should find Alice again. I was really good at Alice. And Medieval. I kicked Medieval’s ass.

It’s all wonky. Wonkified. Wonked. WOnkeD.


Say it in the E.T. voice. OuCH.

Need more something.

Aren’t you

The last time I remember seeing it was in Texas.

Teach Yourself Norwegian!

The study/home-office/geekery is in desperate need of a maid.

I got a rock!

“I’d rather be a man of honesty & integrity than a man with a full head of hair and up to no good.”



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    “If the women are happy, the men are happy.” You damn right.

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