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The San Jacinto Monument is 12 Feet Taller than the Washington Monument

In case you missed it, because you’re not connected with me on Facebook or haven’t been paying attention to my blathering about travel or something, (although I suppose I never specified here where I was going), I spent the last 9 days in Texas for work. (I love my job) I got to meet 3 of my internet friends in person, which was absolutely wonderful. (Yay, Internet!) I did a lot of volunteer work. I saw some pretty fantastic stuff. I got to go to NASA, you guys! All in all, an exhausting, but phenomenal experience.



  1. sounded like an amazing trip!

  2. Amandalewis

    June 5 at 4:03 pm

    On purpose

  3. YAY!!!!

  4. I really should have brought the real camera.

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