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Wow. As an aside, she says she “just want(s) people to think about what these bullets can do.” As a responsible gun owner, I can assure her I do, and if that’s what it takes to protect my family, that’s what it takes.

This is what I hate about art. Or maybe just artists. And I’m speaking here as a fine art photographer. I don’t believe that an artist should tell you what message they want you to take away from their work. Every single person who looks at any single piece of art is going to take away from it something different. That’s how it should be. You can create a magnificent work and give it to the world and let the world take from it what it will. But as soon as you start telling the world what it’s *supposed* to see, how it’s *supposed* to feel, you’ve managed to destroy what might be THE most important aspect of your work. It shouldn’t matter to you what I take away from your work. It should only matter that I take away SOMETHING from your work. It can mean whatever you want it to mean to you, you can create it for whatever reason you want. Chances are someone, somewhere will have the reaction you want them to have. But art should NEVER be about the artist forcing the audience’s reaction. If I don’t agree with your message, it becomes nearly impossible for me to separate something that is breathtaking from something I wholeheartedly disagree with. And when that happens, you have failed.

I love this.

Why do we call it Pangaea?

I have a great deal of admiration for this woman.

ARGH. THIS is why I didn’t go into the sciences. So confused. So lost. I hate you science.

atomic number 7

“The chemical analysis that determines the quantities of parent and daughter must be painstakingly precise.”


Look at all the different architecture. Look at it!

plate tectonics, baby

Poor Mrs. POTUS. Thinks she’s in a really nice prison. I have good news for her! We can let her out on an early release program!

I am not a comic book character.

Registering Miss W for  partnership school classes is about twelvety seven times more complicated than registering for my classes at the university.


Maybe I should take Latin.

you can read me anything

Most of these just made my stomach go “Urg.”

Aw! Best flowers ever! Good job, T’s husband!

Oh, that’s why we call it Pangaea.

Ack! The cuteness! And check out her earrings at the end. Adorable.

The stripper was Amanda’s idea. I just thought it was a good one.

I’m changing my blog name. Moneypenny. Jentober. Jentober Moneypenny.

OK, not really. Too late for that nonsense.



I’m going to invest some money in the stock robot.

You’re crowdsourcing your existence.

How tall is Rand Paul?

She just always seems like she needs a shower.

Are you SERIOUS?

I love the Audrey Hepburn shot.

Apparently no one thought it was important to proofread this lab manual either online or in the actual book. There are a couple of very impactful mistakes here.

I am just not good at science. Despite my ruthless logic.

Yes, I would like a smart phone.


Free. On demand. Ugh.


The plural of thesis is theses. Thesis. Theses. thesis theseseissisesesises

Webmail is spamming me about installing their spam filter.

It’s nothing short of infanticide. That is a fact.

The current incarnation of my perpetual migraine.

Now I want BBQ.

I should live in

Hmmm. Wait. What?

I hate that word.

It’s funny how the internet works. There’s always some jackass that comes along and has to make some assy remark on something you post because he thinks he’s flipping hilarious.

My brain is broken.

Two browsers at once!

I’m just not sure that that is my tribe.

Old timey.

It is my Instagram, after all. You wouldn’t be following it if you thought it sucked. Unless you’re following it so that you can mock me. I suppose that’s possible. Damn. Now I’m afraid you might be mocking me. You’re mocking me, aren’t you? Jerkface.

I can’t get enough of that song.

Now that’s just crazy talk! Calm down there, sister!

1 out of every 15 people that have ever been born is alive today. Damn.

That’s quite a paragraph.

No, seriously. Chex Mix without the Chex. Chex is just not delicious. At all. Who invented this crap?

don’t wanna miss

I’m a little more sensitive than you might think.

That was a sorry excuse for a rain shower. It better not be all humid now.

bitchy bad bangs

let us

Too much pink.

My tummy is not happy right now.

But. I want an Independence Day brisket!

You seem like you’d be a really fantastic letter writer. I wonder what I can do to coerce you into being my pen pal.

magnificent carcass

I’m so excited about my Halloween costume this year. I just have to figure out what I did with that collar …

Oh, we’re #8 in the country for unemployment now? Nice. When Granholm was in office we were back and forth between #1 and #2. Worst governor ever.


I want to visit the National WWII Museum.

I am simultaneously over and under qualified.


I love Ron Swanson. No. 21 is how I felt when I went to Whole Foods for the first time.

Oh ho!

I don’t have a bag of top soil. I have 6 bags of mulch. I think you are confused.

I might have to have some Johnnie.

I’m in the mood for pumpkin bread. Also a nap.

i’m not, and i don’t, and it looks like i won’t be

You should be reading this strip. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to convince Chris to draw me one day.

I’d be a terrible Science Officer. I clearly belong in Command.

Oh, right. Solar system. Poor Pluto.

What the hell did I do with my reading glasses?

Shut up. I only need them when I’m wearing my contacts.

Shut up. I am not old.

I don’t think you’re picking up what I’m laying down.

Ack! I hate it when I overfill the kettle.

Oh no. You never wear blue boxers on Wednesdays when it rains. That’s purple boxer day.


parade parade parade we’ll go to the parade, and we’ll be asked to sign petitions by liberals. parade parade.

I will be so happy when Summer II is over.

Honestly. Why do I bother.

It’s the Allied Star. It’s not the Captain America star. Though the Captain America star is the Allied Star.

I’ve only been there twice.

Peeping goat.

It’s a little stuffy in here. Can we take things back to the cool, rainyish low 70s, please? I’d really appreciate it.

Speaking of Captain America, Happy Independence Day!!!!!



  1. Liesel Tower

    You want my old iPhone? I’ll trade you for some of your art. Problem is, of you’re not with Verizon you’ll have to unlock it somehow.

    • AntiJenX

      Can they be unlocked? I’d be interested in making a trade!

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