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the as yet unnamed tablet – a contest of sorts

wm3926I name things. My old camera that died a horrible tragic death of Uncontrollable Shutter Syndrome? (That is not a real thing) The Canonista. My current camera that I do not love quite as much as my old camera? (Shhh! Don’t tell.) Rupert Jayne, affectionately Ripper, for short. (If you’re not a Whedon fan, just never mind.) My current vehicle – the Big Blue Jeep? The Tick. (The Big Blue Bug of Justice – and if you’re not familiar with the animated series the Tick, you need to remedy that situation right now. Trust me.) But my tablet? My tablet is a year old and still doesn’t have a name, poor thing. It’s just not speaking to me.

So I’m proposing a contest of sorts. I’m not a big enough blogger to have kick ass sponsors who give me awesome stuff to give away to you, (Insert wistful “Maybe someday!” here), but I am a photographer and can offer up a print as a prize. (Actually, I’m not sure if that’s more of a motivator or a deterrent, we’ll see.)

Name the tablet, people! Here are the rules:

Don’t be vulgar, I use these names in public.If I don’t like any of the names, no one wins. (Hey, it’s my tablet, I have to live with the damn thing.)
Tablet appears to be genderless. This opens things up for you lot.
To enter, comment on this post.
Enter as many times as you like.
Winner will be announced … July 30 in a separate post. (The 31st is a Wednesday, Wednesdays are taken.)
Winner will receive 1 (one) 5×7 print of the image of their choosing from my Etsy shop. (Feel free to just go ahead and make a purchase while you’re there perusing.)

Go forth, and have at it.



  1. Hank Blake

    Take Two.

  2. Ellen-Mary Keough O'Brien

    When I see people using tablets I always think of Star Trek Tricorders. So name it Tricorder.

  3. Kaylaaa

    I formally submit Tabitha for consideration, along with TAB. Not Tab, TAB like the diet soda. All jazzy and retro.

  4. Jenn

    Codex. Darth Rosenberg. Speed Acer.

  5. Supergirl

    Ace or Ace Frehley

  6. Joseph Griffin Lee

    Oh, goody goody! I have a tablet! I will name him “George” and I will love him and pet him and squeeze him…

  7. Jenn

    Agatha. Calliope. Tabula Rasa.

  8. AJ

    As it is an Android, or Droid, tablet I would submit either Data (ST:TNG) or C3PO (SW). I would shy away from using R2D2, as he was a bit “moody” and that is not a quality one wants for a tablet.

  9. Sarah McLaughlin


  10. redd


  11. Infid_al

    I don’t think you’re going to beat the previous suggestion
    of Tabula Rasa. Is there a consolation prize for seconding the best suggestion? 😉

  12. JA Castillo (@JA_Castillo)

    I may be too late, but what the heck! THX 1138…HAL…Nobody Owens (or Bod).

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