santa w2013 has been a weird year for me, photographically. I barely touched Ripper. Except for a few fairly epic photo marathons like the Texas trip and a Saturday afternoon drive that ended up at the car museum, I’ve shot almost nothing. Even the 634 project has, sadly, felt more like a chore this time around. (I think that is largely because my life seems to be the same thing every time it’s time to shoot a day. Not terribly exciting for those looking in, I’m afraid.) (Also, I really miss the format of year one. The diptychs just kicked ass. I would love to do that again.) Maybe I just needed the break, I dunno. But I think it’s been good. Better not to shoot at all, than to shoot what I’m not happy with.

I’m thinking that 2014 will be a much more prolific year. I’m planning to wrap up my honors thesis. And of course, there is the addition of Stormageddon in the spring, so there won’t be any shortage of photos there. I have a couple of ideas for new series as well.

That said, I’m so excited about this year’s Infamous Townsend Christmas Card. It’s so completely us. It’s fantastic. I can’t wait til you see it!

In the meantime, here is Miss W, goofing during intermission at the Nutcracker, wearing her dad’s reading glasses. “And people say these things make your vision blurry!” “Um, they’re just reading glasses kid, so, not so much.” She didn’t much care for the performance, but she stuck it out.