wm0630Um. OK.

That’s an old photo of Miss W, by the bye. We don’t have any snow at all, currently.

Man I hate Detroit.

love love love

Alan, your observation, while correct and I have worn my hands are lethal ASSAULT hands, Allison. -JenniferBot

The word “craftivist” needs to die. In fact, the whole concept. Ugh. They just ruin everything!

This just pissed me off.

It was not something I’ll repeat.

I always type pumpking first.

I dreamed she had come in while we were all gone and emptied her office. I was rather disappointed to find that this was not the case in reality.

I am not ready to deal with that stuff. Just not awake yet at all.

at the lie-berry.

Oh my goodness. It’s Doctor. Not “Dr.”

Noooooooooo. You cannot substitute cheddar for provolone. They’re not remotely the same.

There is too much mustard on this pita.

Office consensus: hipsters suck.

Man. That is just not cool.

I always use TARDIS because it’s an acronym. Loads of people use Tardis. I dunno. That doesn’t work so much for me.

How about if you just stop criticizing the bodies of women who have recently given birth, regardless of what they look like. Assholes.

I have thoroughly neglected Random today. I’ve been very busy, you see.

Santa tonight!

Going by the name “Gal” is like going by the name “Che”. It’s dumb. It’s one thing if you’re someone’s “Gal Friday” it’s another thing entirely to use it as your actual name. But. Maybe that’s actually what her parents named her. What do I know? I’d never even heard of her before today.

I don’t even know who most of those people are.

Jared Leto kind of repulses me.

Dear God. Just. No. No no no.

Stop losing the connection, bloggy baby. It’s not cool.

Half a donut is OK, right? Of course it is.

Whenever someone brings up Ice, Ice Baby, I have to cleanse my brain with this.

One class done, one to go. Then sweet, sweet temporary freedom.

I just love this.


I thought everyone knew goats eat everything. It’s pretty much what they’re known for.

Registry. Registry. Registry.

Oooh! Building Coordinators’ Luncheon. They gave us $25.00 gift cards last time!

This totally made my day.

I don’t understand those jumper romper things. You have to take your clothes all the way off to pee. Who wants to do that?

I’m looking forward to this hair trim.

Well, helloooo, Little Justin Timberlake!

I should just buy everyone the Houston Firefighters Calendar for Christmas.

I dunno. I felt a little dirty posting that Homeland Security Internship information.

Yes, watch this.

Yes, yes, yes. You’re quite welcome.

I just think Nick Gillespie would enjoy Random just as much as the rest of us. That’s all.

Why do students email me at night wanting answers regarding things that happen first thing the following morning? I’m not your instructor. I’m not salaried. I’m not paid to answer your queries after 5:00.

And yet … I’m always answering queries after 5:00.

I need an intervention.

I just don’t think those mice should be driving that car.

I look forward to the day when I will be able to put on socks without suffocating.

The calendar still isn’t done. I still can’t have Scotch or Paul McGann. I should buy myself a new poncho to snuggle my woes.

Your presents are just going to be late, that’s all.

I highly recommend Jo Nesbø. Go read some.

What? They’re squirrels? Well squirrels shouldn’t be driving either!

It is spectacularly difficult to read out loud when your lung capacity is significantly diminished.

What? Why is my phone buzzing?

Aw, what a kick ass text!

You know what would be really awesome, asshat? If you would just pay your bleedin’ bill. We’re not running a flipping charity here.

I think comparing Snowden to Thomas Paine might be the tiniest bit of a stretch, but whatever.

The other mothers think I’m weird and I have no idea how to talk to them.

I forgot to water the plants again.

Shut up. I’m a better mother than a gardener.

Make it so.