Image-1Apparently I’m just here to take up oxygen and a desk.

I am not having a good morning at all.

I don’t care about your poinsettia!

I think I’m always in need of a finger monkey hug.

These are adorable.

Why do clothing designers assume that pregnant women have no use for pockets in their pants? I hate hate hate clothes with no pockets!!!

Also my pants keep falling down.

I really don’t care when you shop. All those people being “forced” to work on Thanksgiving? I’ve worked a few. And I was rewarded for it financially. Most of those people being “forced” to work are perfectly OK with it because of the bump in pay for working a holiday. You can be as morally outraged as you want, obviously, but I think it’s a little ridiculous. Even many of the conservatives that I know are over the top about this. We’re still, barely, living in a country where capitalism matters. We have the freedom, still, just barely, to choose when and where and how to spend our money. (Unless we’re talking health insurance … ) Stop being so bloody self righteous about retailers giving the public exactly what they’re gagging for. You don’t want to shop? Don’t shop. But stop telling everyone else what to do.

I think I should stay off the interwebs today.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure they had to write a rebuttal, but I have cut down the TARDIS tea leaves look like wedding dresses. ~ JenniferBot

This conversation is completely fabricated.

I need a desk like this.

Yeah. That drives me a little batty. I can’t help it.

Why is it that all the “Hot @ Harper” books in those emails they send me are trashy romance novels I have no interest in reading?

Have I mentioned how much the phrase “self care” creeps me out? Because it does.

I love this cup and saucer.

Why is it that once you bite the inside of your cheek once, you KEEP biting the exact same spot over and over and over and over????

My life would be so much easier if everyone just made wish lists.

Sugar cookies are vile.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What on earth would possess you to use my electric kettle for COFFEE??? What is WRONG with people??

I love ponchos.

Cashier: “There’s a sparkly gold spider on your hat.”
Me: “Yep.”
Cashier: “Spiders are not my friends.”
Me: non-committal smile
Cashier: “I mean I’m not an arachnophobe or anything!”
Me: “mm hmm”
Cashier: “I just really don’t like them. At all.”
I have this ridiculous conversation all the time. And I’m not taking my hat off for you.

Oh. My. God.

I pretty seriously need a nap right now.

Scotch and Paul McGann.

I cannot stop yawning.

Dammit! How do I have TWO passwords expiring at the same time?

Woo hoo! I get to leave early!

mail mail mail mail mail mail mail

I don’t really want to drink my tea out of a bowl.

Huh. We’re getting a Costco.

When your notoriously picky eater gets out of bed at 11:00 at night with a list of new foods she thinks look delicious and is anxious to try as soon as possible, of course you say yes, but not tonight.

Oh good, the world can start turning again. Ashton and Demi are finally divorced. … Still not sure how they ended up married in the first place, but whatever.

I wash my hands of the entire affair.

I shall go home and knit! Yes! This I shall do!

I prefer Thanksgiving to Easter. I would happily forgo Easter altogether, to be perfectly honest.

I’m making pumpkin bread as soon as this pie is done. Yes.

I wonder why only certain holidays have music.

Not that I really want Thanksgiving carols.

It was just like

I hope Igor appreciates the humor that was intended in that paper.

So I guess that’s why you can’t get the Halloween M&Ms with the little skullies on them anymore? So seriously lame!

“I’m going to be ritually slaughtering and eating this goat later, but for now I just want it to be warm.” I’m not judging. I just thought it was amusing.

I could really use a massage. For serious.

4 days off. Sooooooo ready for 4 days off.

“ARGH! My pants will not stay up!”
“So take them off.”

“Susan J. Demas: Mitt Romney finally beats Barack Obama, more than a year too late” Honey. The mayor of Toronto has a higher approval rating than Obama, and he smokes crack! Bless your heart.

Posting your in jokes on FB all the time is so dumb.

I hate it when I get bored with a knitting project. I am not allowing myself to move on either. Dammit.

I really need this song in my library. Again, stupid video. But I need this song.

Ugh. John Irving. There’s another one for the list. Look at this metaphor! Let me bludgeon you to death with it!

Oops. Dozed off for a bit there.

“I am a turkey!”

I’m not sure how “Christian” it is to produce a yoga DVD that you’re calling “Christoga.”

Also, that’s just a dumb name.

Oh, this is not the lens I want to use at all.

I would like to get a new lens. It’s been a long time since I got a new lens. I know people who have upgraded two camera bodies since the last time I got a new lens. Not that I’m jealous or anything …

Shut up.

I suppose I’ll start posting the jentober christmassy music thing on fb next week. 25 songs I not only tolerate, but actually like. You’re welcome.

Oh! I should do the calendar this weekend!

What happened to Kim Kardashian’s nipples in that God awful video??

Someone should buy this moth. I have no where to hang the damn thing.

Argh! I can’t print from this PDF reader. I need the Adobe thinger.

Little Miss Jesus.

No. I don’t care for oatmeal atall.

I should sell the calendars this year. I’ll put them on the etsy. Which. You know. Go buy stuff. But you might need a calendar, so maybe wait til Monday.

I don’t get the salt on your caramel thing. It does not appeal to me.

I might almost be ready for Charlie Brown Christmas. Almost.

For the moment I’ll stick with my Norwegian murder mystery

And now my dislocated ribs have increased their dull ache to screaming pain. It is time to lie down.

Don’t over do it on the bird tomorrow, people. You really wish you were here.We make the best turkey ever.

Happy Turkey Day from the Compound!