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wm0728dianeI was thinking you needed a monthly reading assignment. Like an informal interwebby book club. But no wine, cos I don’t drink that stuff. We can have Scotch though. Or Tennessee whiskey. Maybe some bourbon. Or tea. Tea is good. Especially since I can’t even drink Scotch right now. sigh. You drink some extra for me. I’ll have tea and these tiny cookies. Because who doesn’t like tiny cookies?

But back to the bookish point! We’re starting out on a short month, so here’s a long book: Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. I’ve heard nothing but good things. The first time it was recommended to me was by Fee Waybill many years ago, though I have no memory of how we got on the topic. (Here is a terrible photo of Fee playing with our dog. She was a good dog.) He counts the series among his favorites. Since then, several other people have mentioned it. I got my copy from Alibris for 99 cents. Plus shipping. Which, all together, was still less than $5.00 total.

So skip a trip to Starbucks and pick up a copy. Or don’t. I don’t care. It’s not like there’s going to be a quiz. Sheesh. I’m going to read it, with or without you. Just as soon as I finish Hidden America, which I’m reading for work. (It’s OK, not great. Mike Rowe did it better on Dirty Jobs. mmmmmMikeRowemmmmm)

You’re balking at “assignment”, aren’t you? I understand. Let’s call it a suggestion. I suggest you read this book. There. I have to go stir the chili now. Happy reading.



  1. Ellen-Mary

    Excellent book! The miniseries was very good too. Perhaps they can do a remake with Mike Rowe in the cast. mmmmmmmmmm

    • AntiJenX

      I haven’t seen the miniseries either! I will have to watch it after I read the book. I could totally get behind a remake starring Mike Rowe. yum.

  2. ScottO

    Wow, we had chili tonight, too!

    I never actually met Mr. Waybill, but I was about 5 feet away from him at the Reindeer Lodge on Mount Rose Highway about 20 years ago. Seemed like a nice enough fella.

  3. AmandaLewis

    I ordered my copy today.

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