wm0006blowoutThis has been stuck in my head for days.


It’s not “the” Ukraine. It’s just Ukraine. I know, I always want to add a “the” too.

I didn’t even know this existed!

Doc Martens on the Doctor! Hell yes!

Exclamation point!

You know what this frigid cold needs, don’t you? Donuts. Many donuts.


It’s so bloody cold. It’s just stupid bloody cold.

If we never drove on ice ever we would be housebound for 6 months out of the year. Please.

Bust. You just get worse every time you email me. I didn’t think that was possible.

No one wants cookies for breakfast.

I will be glad to be done with these Common Read candidates. I’m really looking forward to starting Lonesome Dove.

How does this even happen??? How is that car on FIRE???

Also, 4WD does not make you immune to the laws of physics. Yes, you can still lose control on ice. If you don’t know how to drive on snowy or icy roads, DON’T DRIVE ON SNOWY OR ICY ROADS.

I have to stop paying attention to the south now. I’m sorry. Bless your hearts. I know you just don’t know.

When did the Cure get a woman? Oh wait … heh. Never mind.

“Have you been missing Dollhouse?” No. No I haven’t. Because that show sucked.

I completely forgot Tom Greene even existed.

I had no idea NFL cheerleaders were paid so little. I’m really surprised.

Yeah, no seriously. Loving the new Doctor’s wardrobe. Completely.

That’s just. Ew. ew ew ew. No.

I think I hate fake pockets more than I hate just straight up no pockets. I mean, at least when there’s no pretense I’m not trying to put my hands in there. I already KNOW it doesn’t exist. It’s just mean.

I typed “decrible”.

Stop putting an apostrophe in “the Crowes”. You are pluralizing, not giving them possession of something. Come on.

Stupid Olympics. No new Blacklist til you’re over. No one even likes you, Olympics. Why do you have to spoil everything?

Whee meeting. Whee.

A thank you?? Unprecedented!!

I’ve now used that word twice this week. Which is twice more than I’ve used it in the last year.

Woah. Heavy deja vu moment there.

Wow. You do not need to sit that close to me.

No seriously. It’s like the area right outside the door to my cube is some magical space where people just PAUSE to have these loud, epic conversations. Stop doing that. STOP.

I just don’t find Liam Neeson all that impressive, I’m sorry.

No. I don’t know. Really.

I can practically hear you seething all the way over here. Please move on to your huffy stage. Let’s just get this over with.

Sure it’s 51 days until spring. But how many days till the snow melts? Yeah. Got you there, didn’t I?

Barn cats do not know how to behave indoors. This weather had better start warming up soon.

Dear Lord. What the hell happened to Prince?



“Remove blood stains from clothing with Coca-Cola.” But. Coca-Cola stains clothing …

That was nice of Chick-fil-A. I wish we had one of those here.

I need … something. I don’t know what. But something.

“Middle school girl, big girl body.” Yep.


In all seriousness, I’m sorry ya’ll are having a hard time down there in Georgia. Really.

Every time I make headway on one emergency, another one pops up.

Maybe I need a Coke.

Someone I used to know said something to the effect of government being better than business. That person is a moron.

I think Nick Gillespie is actually a super huge secret fan of Random Wednesday and never misses a post. Shut up, it’s totally plausible.


We need music now.

I dunno. Would have been nice to have been able to have use of it while you were gone. But whatever.

You never heard about the Yugo?

Honestly, at this point I just stop reading your articles and posts as soon as I hit the first misplaced apostrophe. Life is too short to waste on crap that hasn’t been proofread.

Please copy and paste to avoid typos.

No really, all I can think of now is Guns N Roses lyrics. This is a disaster.


29. Only 2 more to go! I can do it!

I need to admit that I am never going to finish reading that article and just close the damn tab already.


I need to take my contacts out. Right now.

That was delicious. I should not have eaten it. But it was delicious.

Why does everyone go to Florida all the time? What’s so appealing about humidity and giant insects?

Ew. I hate flan.

I cannot take these cats much longer. I don’t know how people live in a house with more than one cat. I would go insane. Which is odd, because I have actually lived in houses with multiple cats in the past. The older I get, the less I like cats. That’s just a fact.

I almost did it again. I almost went to bed without poking publish. What is with this brain? Oh right.

and so I …