wm1407I, for one, am over the welcoming of any overlords, thank you very much.

It’s the internet. It kills the horse and starts beating it in nano time. In the old days we had grody to the max for a good year before it was slaughtered.

They’re putting Yooper in the dictionary. I won’t say “eh”.


I think that song that she’s really famous for sucks, but this tweet is pretty great.

The gravitational pull of my belly has begun to attract satellites to orbit the planetary girth.

The lady in the blue coat is my favorite. I love it when they make the argument for you by mistake.

Secondhand book. That seems about right.

Wow, every time I think I could not loathe Gwyneth Paltrow more, I read another Paltrow quote. And it’s a shame, really, because I quite enjoyed several of her films.

This is such a cool lamp. Too bad it’s so spendy.

“Libertarian ideology is dangerous, destructive, and will enslave us all. Exposing the lies, fallacies, and backwards thinking for the benefit of us all.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh dear. So much dumb.

These are beautiful.

I’m starting to feel like the humans in Wall-E, all round and riding around on hover chairs. I just need a Super Big Gulp to complete the look.


That was as unpleasant as always.

I haven’t been at my desk all day. Sometimes that’s alright. Sometimes.

I sincerely hate these people. The fact that this has been going on for FIFTEEN YEARS makes me physically ill.

I am really looking forward to the disappearance of that particular pain. OUCH.

This will give you the heebie jeebies for serious.

I can’t make up my mind about this yarn. I think it’s maybe wrong for this project, but maybe not quite right for this other project. I CAN’T DECIDE. dammit.

Man I love it when the porch is clean.

I have reached a very critical stage of pregnancy. It’s called “You do not want to fuck with me.”

Now I just need the ground to thaw so I can put up a pen. A PEN! A glorious pen.

I don’t actually care about baseball.

Wow. That is a serious stink. Good Lord. It’s enough to gag a maggot.

I would be napping but I have to help with math. I am not the right person to help with math.

I guess I’ll just keep going with the first project and if it turns out that it’s looking like total crap, I’ll frog it and use it for something else entirely. Because now I’m pretty sure I need a tweed for the second project I had under consideration.

I’m so tired.

I really need to dye my hair. I should do that today. That would require a trip to the store. The thought of which makes me more tired.

Plot twist?

I find entrelec kind of fascinating in a soothingly logical sort of way.

Well at this rate, I’m not confident I’m going to get to meet Greg Gutfeld Friday.


I should have just gone straight to the massage table. Yep.

I keep forgetting it’s Wednesday. For a while I thought it was Thursday. The last couple of hours I’ve been thinking it’s Friday. It’s so confusing.

Nancy Sinatra’s still around??

Oh, I totally forgot about that.

I can’t even comprehend how your house is that clean all the time. It’s kind of scary.

I dozed off for a bit there. So sorry.

It would be random of me not to post this tonight. But I suppose I will anyway.

iTunes is the crashiest damn thing ever.

everybody tells me this is