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Random Wednesday


I’ve decided I need it.

Because some animals are more equal than others.

I dunno. That’s kind of a grody park.

I can’t believe my leave is almost over. sob. I don’t want to go back! I don’t want to go back!

Faeries with little bitey teeth.

Stupid pants.

I make no apologies.

Stop taking your rifles into restaurants to prove your point. You’re not helping. You’re just making an ass of yourself, making us look bad, and unnecessarily scaring people. Who the hell needs to open carry a flipping AR-15 ever anyway? Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do something.

Oops, combined emails again. Slow it down, jentober.

I’ve never really been a fan.

Is there another filibuster happening? I love a good filibuster.

I usually read balaclava as baklava first. It’s very confusing. No one wants Greek honeyed pastry on their head. Well. Probably.

Yup. Those are some cute beagles.

18% is kind of a lot.


Lots of fun stuff here. I’m in love with the rooster skellie.

That tea kettle belongs in my house. But not for $60.00. That’s just nuts.

Stupid weather. It’s either freezing or roasting. I need a median here, people!

When do I ever not want pizza?

This is really neat.

hmmm. I tend to avoid the alcohol gels most of the time precisely because I don’t want to encourage antibacterial resistant bacteria. Banning crap is almost always unnecessary though. More nanny statism.

Who cares? Heart sucks anyway.

I love you, Reese’s Pieces.

I need to restock the birthday card stash.

You love them. You know you do.

Ugh. I’m at a loss for a knitting project.

Ugh. My needle broke in the middle of the project I was working on.

Ugh. UGH.

I love Skippyjon Jones. That cat is hi-larious.

New York or San Francisco? I think I’d rather avoid both states, thanks. Way too much government. Waaay too much.

I haven’t touched my thesis in ages. I’m a terrible student.

Teddible. Teddible.

I hate knitting limbo. So very much.

It’s reached sauna levels.


Howdy Doody, right?

So. Much. Sweat.

Wow, I haven’t been to ebay in a while. It took me way too long to find the change your password page. What the hell?

Stalkerazi. For reals.


Stop me oh oh oh stop me …


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  1. ScottO

    I think it would be neat to see a video of 5 years’ worth of photos from that fire study, in chronological order. Maybe I’ll put a reminder in my phone for 5 years from now…

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