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Random Wednesday

wm3209Stormageddon contemplates The Law.

Calexico was made for dancing babies around living rooms. That is a fact.

This is appalling.

Lorelai Gilmore. Hmm. Yeah, I can see that. That’s a weird way to spell Lorelei though.

a minute in the

Maybe I shouldn’t buy another Jeep. Maybe I need something slightly larger.

Man I love my Jeep.

I’m going to have to get new cushions for those chairs.

I should take a nap.

This summer is not going to be kind to my hair.

Guineas are loud.

I hate cleaning the bathrooms.

I only have a few days left. SOB!!!


I think stepping on a plug lying on the floor is probably more painful than stepping on legos. You cannot change my mind about this.

Is it time for lunch yet?

Yoga ball chair. Yes. Must order.

I need one of those jobs that I can do from my house.

“Rain will start in 81 minutes.” Wow. That’s really specific.

No staff meetings for June either? OK.

trudging slowly

Yes, he is a dick. But he’s fantastic live, and it’s a great song.

Separate the art from the artist. You have to.

Gosh. I’d like to help you, but …

Some necessary tools acquired. Skirts to be made!

ARGH! Why are you such a pain in the ass?

Sheesh. The temperature difference between yesterday and today makes today almost seem chilly.

This is an excellent read. “Elliot Rodger didn’t become a killer because he was a misogynist; he became a misogynist because he was a killer. Just like Eric Harris didn’t become a killer because he loved violent video games; he loved violent video games because he was a killer. Just like Adam Lanza didn’t become a killer because he loved guns; he loved guns because he was a killer.” Exactly.

I love you, Reese’s Pieces.

And I love you, Harry Dresden.

Um. I don’t know why you’re claiming you can’t reach me. I replied to your email three days ago.

this is the coastal town

That was the shortest nap ever, Stormageddon. Sheesh.

Miss W needs to get an iPod so she’ll stop taking my iPhone. Or I need a fancy iPod. I don’t much care which, as long as it has front and back cameras.

Bad Temperor

I need to get back off that habit.

I wish I could learn crap through osmosis for reals. It would save soooooooooo much time.

A whole week long day camp about making things out of duct tape?? That. Is. Awesome. Who wants to donate to the cause?

I keep saying I need to bust out the film camera and I keep not doing it. My heart just isn’t in it any more. It’s just not the same when you’re not actually in the dark room any more.

I miss being in the dark room all day. I really do.


come armageddon, come

I need a snack. I have no idea what to have for a snack.

This is all true except I’ve never heard anyone say buggy instead of shopping cart, and I would argue that we do not sound like we’re from Chicago. Chicagoans sound totally different to my ears. However the description of the pronunciations in that section is accurate.

Wow, my glasses are super dirty.

My Google is not broken.

Hipsta Camera. Yeah, I caved.


My eyes are sleepy eyes.

Brush yo teeth.

Come back tomorrow.

It’s not firefly season yet.



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  1. ScottO

    Depends on whether you drop them on a carpet or a tile floor. Or did you mean guinea fowl? 😛

    I was discussing separating the art from the artist last night. (There is no such thing as coincidence.)

    I’m disappointed you didn’t time the rain. Or at least report on it. 😉

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