wm3176Huh. Don Johnson is aging really well.


Hell’s Bells! I REALLY need to dye my hairs.

Could someone pump up my yoga ball for me please?

I love these.

Oops. Forgot to turn that scan back on.

i think they’re on to me

I did not know you could still get latch hook kits. Crazy.

This is so awesome. The look on that baby’s face while he’s eating is hysterical. I like this dad.

Prince is starting to look like a middle aged house wife from the 70s. Someone help him.

I’m torn. Not exactly the view I take of women and geekery in the far future … Also I have to take exception to Neko’s Leia wig with the Trek uni.

Why didn’t I know about Parenthood? I loved the movie. Now I love the show. Also, Bonnie Bedelia’s hair in this first season is making me want to cut my hair again and just go with the fro. The Mister did say “embrace the frizz” …

nothing you can do

Sheesh! Constantine isn’t starting until almost the end of October.

Honestly. How can you not understand this?


Yoga ball chair is almost a go. I just don’t know what the hell these two parts are for …

This is such a stupid shirt. La Breda’s cats are offended.

Huh. I thought Mads Mikkelsen was Norsk.

Absolutely stunning.

OK, honestly, what would make you think that a PowerPoint presentation would actually qualify as an honors thesis?

Good God.

Oh that’s what those parts are for! That makes sense.

Oh, but I guess I still don’t know what those are for.

My abs are gonna be awesome. Also my posture. My posture really needs this kick in the ass. This chair is maybe an inch too short. Damn. Oh well, you’re only supposed to sit on it for 30ish minutes at a time anyway.

bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy

Huh. I didn’t even know we had a women’s rugby team.

it takes an ocean not to

I’m very tired and very distractable today.

I let my tea sit a tiny bit too long. Damn.

Hmmm … to MacBook Pro or not to MacBook Pro.

It’s a little chilly today.

I should make cupcakes. I haven’t brought a baked good in to work in months.

i won’t

It was arbitrary. I arbitrarily chose them. Because arbitration or something. Albatross.

Oops. Forgot to turn that scan back on again.

Yeah, I guess I really only like the one song from that “country” band.

Huh. Apparently I missed two seasons of Fringe.

It’s the beard guy.

The NRA is not wrong. You asshats who insist on open carrying rifles need to stop. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahp.

I was thinking about knitting, but I’m afraid I’ll just fall asleep.

Sweet Jesus on a breadstick.

Magical John Dudley

I never could wear those jelly shoes. They hurt my feet.

Stop saying hubby. Just stop. I’m totally serious about this.

all we’ve gotta do is

I’m not fooling to get any sleep Toni ghost.

Ooooh! The Tick is almost all paid off!

Then I can turn around and buy a new car all over again. That excitement was short lived.

Awww, I love Ellen.

Jesus, it’s like standardized testing for babies.


buzz buzz

Spongestorm Squaremageddonpants


you’re the only thing i ever

OK, that’s hilarious.