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Random Wednesday

wm3449Kind of metaphorical or something probably.

I should have worn pants today. It’s too chilly for this skirt.

I wish I had some M&Ms.


I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I only really like Matthew Sweet when I hear the occasional song accidentally. I can’t just listen to that Girlfriend album all the way through any more, and I can’t put those songs in regular rotation.

Th Qaeda and tou

“Why haven’t I heard the baby yet? Is he OK? I hope he’s OK. Did he wake up last night? I can’t remember. Oh no. What if I go in there and… oh, there he is. He’s screaming now. I wish he’d sleep a little longer.

There is so much wrong with this whole thing: “The network also ordered Girlfriend Intervention, a racial twist on Bravo’s classic Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, about “four wise, poised and stylish African American women, who, in each episode, help a white sister seeking a complete makeover to restore her confidence and inner glow.”

I don’t think I would call human trafficking a “social justice” issue. A human rights issue, yes.

I don’t want to get a new ID. I like this ID photo.

But what if I don’t wanna walk down to Electric Avenue and then take it higher?

little runaway child

Tori Amos needs a glasses intervention.

I wish someone would put on a comicon in Kalamazoo. They could call it Kalama-Con.

OK, I’m getting REALLY excited about Constantine. Also Outlander. I can’t wait.

I love the Goldwater supporter, the rain on the window, and the guy in the trenchcoat on his belly on the beach.

Firm Moxie. Fighting Resolve. The Empowerment to Push. The Means to Hold. Sincere Backbone. Solemn Gumption. Breathing Leadership. Living Sense.  Fearless Spine. Courageous Grit. Dauntless Temerity. The Mettle to Fight. Patriotic Moxie.

Ha I read the Confidence to Steer as the Confidence to Sneer. hahahaha

Oh this is so fun.

I’m not liking this Pandora station as much as I did yesterday. It’s bringing up conflicting nostalgia-s.

I really wish I’d worn pants today.

Kalamazoo Promise expands its offer for FREE college and people still find a reason to bitch about how it’s not good enough. So typical.

I wish I had some M&Ms.

We should adopt a Marine dog. Maybe it’ll keep Walter in line.

So yeah, MacBook Pro.

God, I hate the Eagles. I hate the Eagles as much as I hate Jimmy Buffet. And I really fucking hate Jimmy Buffet.


Rock you like a

Oh here we go again. If I’m on lunch, I’m not bloody here. Come on, people.

My abs are not amazing. Shouldn’t my abs be amazing by now? Stupid yoga ball not also being magic.

When is season two of Arrow going to be on Netflix? I need my superhero soap opera fix.

I don’t think anyone got my “cool glove” reference.

it must be

“He likes to play curmudgeon on the internet.”

Um. Libertarians are not opposed to charitable acts. They’re opposed to forcing others to be “charitable”.

Also I’ve said charity so many times in my head in the last couple of minutes it doesn’t sound like a real word any more.

“No one wants fat illiterate kids who do drugs.”


Jesus, stop with the “Mony Mony”. It wasn’t even close to Idol’s best song ever. Not even close.

OMG I just died.

Louise Brooks giving Helena Bonham Carter hair care tips. Yes. That’s exactly it.

Please. Do people actually feel sorry for the Clintons? Really?

I wish I had some M&Ms.

I wish that she would come back. I love these photographs. I go back and look at them every so often.

I don’t understand how some blogs have huge followings. Like huge. And mine does not. Specially since mine is so much cooler than some of those others. Just yeah. Stuff.

“That’s not ‘fuck-all’, it’s EVERYTHING on Wednesdays.”

Foxes are bold, man. Bold.

Flyng. First Edition!

Outdoor survival class. Cool.

“You have a Batman costume, I have Melissa Manchester.” Can’t really argue with that logic.

Yeah, I don’t really drink beer.

rain rain rain i love the rain

Ugh. Richard Dreyfus? Really Parenthood? Ugh ugh ugh.

I hate it when it’s muggy.

Remind me to go to the lab.



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  1. badmin

    it’s just Eagles, there’s no the ..

    makes them that much more annoying imo.

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